After my recent Superdrug haulage, a lot of you wanted a review on the foundation and the blush in particular. Since I have been wearing both everyday since they were added to my evergrowing collection I decided to *attempt* to photograph my face for you & to give you a mini review of each.

L’oreal Studio Secrets HD Foundation
This is not cheap. At all, in fact probably the most expensive “drugstore” foundation I have come across (there may be one that is more expensive – I just don’t know about it). It retails in select Superdrug shops for £16.39. Cheaper than a lot of high end brands but definitely a lot more expensive than any other low end brand. Firstly, if you don’t like using a brush to apply your foundation, skip this. Pretty standard. The coverage, although it’s not stated anywhere, is definitely not full. I’d say it was light to medium but buildable. Perfect for me, but i know not everyone is comfortable enough with anything BUT heavy coverage. The website states that the foundation captures light and delivers a flawless satin-soft result. This is true, in photos I think the foundation looks fab. I can see why they called it the “smoothing HD foundation”. However, if you have oily skin, or mega problem areas, stay well away from this foundation unless you have a primer or you use lots of powder post application, as it really is a very dewy-looking finish. Which personally, suffering with dryer skin than most, is my favourite finish. I started off really hating this foundation. I hated the streaky brush marks where the brush hadn’t softened enough, I wasn’t overly impressed with the packaging (clicking the bottom to push the foundation out just wasnt working, i found myself clicking for flipping ages, and then my clicker broke, which then meant everytime i wanted to click it up, i had to pull it back down first). I very nearly gave up on it, and thought “what a waste of flipping MOOLAH!”, but my clicker started working again, and product came out 10x easier and the bristles had softened so applying it was a lot easier. I would definitely love this produt a lot more, if there was more than just 17ml for £16.39 (almost £1 per ml – ridiculous) and possibly just with a pump application. I like the brush, but it’s not essential.

MeMeMe Blush in “Coral”
I don’t have as much to say about this one. Mainly because I just love it & you all need it in your life. It’s extremely pigmented, blends well & looks so pretty on. It retails in Superdrug for £8.50 which could be a little steep for a lower end brand once again, but it’s very obvious that this is a mimick of a Benefit blush, which retails for over £23. I own both & can honestly say the only difference that I have noticed between the two, is that Coralista by Benefit has a much pinkier undertone and is a little more finely milled, thus blends a lot easier. It also has a diddy little brush & a mirror underneath the top lid. The only gripe I have with this, is that it takes up a lot of room in my makeup bag. That I can live with ;)

  1. Holly

    the blush looks so gorgeous<3, what lippie do have on in the picture zoe (:?xx

  2. Holly

    Love the look of the Coral, i need this xx

  3. April

    What lipstick are you wearing in the picture? It looks lovely :)

    xxx April

  4. Lauren

    ooo ive been looking for that mememe blush but none of my local superdrugs stock it.. typical haha i will find it!

    Lauren x

  5. KLEE

    wow your skin looks amazing in that picture! definitely going to try the blush. ps you're beautiful :) xx

  6. ♔ mw

    the blush is pretty, i love coral shades- u look gorjus as always <3

  7. Sarah

    definately want to get my hands on the mememe blushes! although i have put myself on a mini spending ban as i'm thinking of buying an iphone 4 pretty much out right on friday :) so really it's not my self control that's going to put me on a spending ban, it's just that i'll be three hundred pounds poorer lol

    looking forward to your next posts as always :) xx

  8. maphi

    it suits you so much xx

  9. It does look amazing in the picture! Your skin is gorgeous x

  10. Rosie

    You look lovely here :) I didn't realise it was that expensive but it definitely looks good on you! I'm completely addicted to my Max Factor Colour Adapt Foundation but might need to give this a go in the future!

    Rosie x

  11. i need that Coral blush! not sure whether to try the foundation, i'm worried because most liquid foundations make me breakout!

  12. Your skin is amazing. Wow.

  13. I adore the lips, and you have flawless skin.

  14. Emily

    Your eyes are so bright! I love the colour of that blush, I think I might have to pop in and get it! xo

  15. Tara

    I think I need to check out these blushes, the coral one looks so nice! xx

  16. Rachel

    Its like Benefit and it also has a little mirror? I've been humming and harring about the MeMeMe blusher – but my mind is now made up – I'm getting it!

  17. Aysh

    Thanks for the review on the foundation hun, very helpful :) lovely pic also! what mascara do you use?

    Aysh xoxo

  18. I got the blush the other day and I absolutely LOVE it! It's so pigmented! I once bought Georgia hoping it would be this beautiful! I did look at the rouge version too.. maybe that will be my next buy. You look stunning in that photo, I'd have sworn it was touched up by Adobe, that's how good your skin looks! xx

  19. Third time I've written this comment! it keeps going funny :( lol but..
    "what a waste of flipping MOOLAH!" really made me laugh! haha..
    and the foundation looks perfect on your skin, flawless xo

  20. Ele

    you are stunning x

  21. hannah

    you look flawless!! so gorgeous!!


  22. Brill thanks for the reviews! I think I'll give the foundation a miss but that blush sounds fab :)

  23. You are too pretty! The fondation looks lovely on you and i love a dewy finish! I might get it but it is quite expensive :/ Thanks for the review :)

  24. Your skin is flawless!! Everyones blogging about the mememe blushes.. I REALLY need to jump on the bandwagon with that one! xx

  25. Great review! I would love to purchase that blush, but I don't think it's available in Canada, sadly. I think I'm going to pick up the Benefit Coralista instead if they are indeed similar.
    What mascara are you wearing?


  26. Eliza

    Your skin is gorgeous!
    that blusher looks so pretty, loveeeeee

  27. You look so gorgeous! Your skin is flawless and it glows without looking oily, I have yet to achieve that look. I just found your blog not too long ago and I really enjoy it. The Coral blush is really pretty, I wish we had it in the US. Maybe I will try the Coralista.

  28. I've been wanting to try that blucher, really nice to read your review.

  29. Thanks for the reviews. I'm really tempted by the blusher – the corally colour is just gorgeous.
    Your skin looks so glowing and flawless in the picture. x

  30. Huummm maybe the foundaton is expensive because it comes with a brush :S For one side is like good, you dont have to carry around the foundation and the brush, is 2 in 1, but at the same time, makeup brushes "gather" bacteria :S and you need to wash them every now and then, unless that brush comes off so that you can wash it, I don't think its a good idea >.<

  31. Zoët

    Your skin looks flawless, love the blusher as well xx

  32. Lulu B

    Your skin looks amazing! loving the simplicity of it all! :o)

  33. I love that foundation, but wish they did it in a bottle as I prefer to stiple it on!! Your skin looks amazing!

  34. Sylvia

    Hi Zoella,

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee your makeup, your look reminds me of: less is more. the lipcolor def adds the BAM into it! =]

  35. You look gorgeous in that photo, flawless skin! Love the lip colour, what is it?

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  37. You look so pretty! I'm loving your lashes! :)

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    You are always so pretty! I wish I had your looks! I too am a Loreal fan and use as many of their products as I can afford. If this one is as good as you say it is then I'll definitely give it a try!

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