Sorry that i’m updating you on my not-so-exciting life again this evening, I wanted to show you a few bits i’ve bought recently but I got back from work & it was dark, so that will have to wait until tomorrow when I can actually take some photos in good lighting.

♥ The photos above were taken last night, My brother (Joe) was off to a masquerade ball and I was off out for drinks with my girlies. We don’t have many photo’s together, and any that we do have, are either stupid or old. Look how much we’ve changed! In the old photo, I believe I was about 5 & Joe was probabaly 3 or 4. I do hope you appreciate my crazed expression (I promise i’m not posessed) & my equally terriffic jumper. I just want to squish my brothers chubby little cheeks. I also find it quite funny that aged 5, i am sporting naturally ombred hair…
He will be off travelling on Wednesday & I’ve helped to create a blog so he can document his antics. So follow that HERE. Nothing on it yet, but he will be doing a post before he goes, and obviously posting lots whilst he’s away for 3 months.
♥ My week is getting slightly better since Wednesday’s “Bleurgh” post. Lots more work & distractions & a few hours of peeking sunshine.
♥ I have rekindled my love of Ebay. This is never a good thing. First purchase of the year on ebay is an oversized, vintage farm yard animal jumper. Not everyone’s cup of tea i’m sure, but I would quite like to wear it with leggings, my boots & a bit of a messy barnet up-do. I’m sure i can work those farmyard animals somehow.
♥ Currently reading A Twenty-Something & Thats Peachy

  1. you two have the best eyes! xx

  2. How gorgeous are you seriously!!

    But me and my bro are the same.. my mum always wanted a pic of us together and she knew we were both at my little brothers friends 21st and actually text my 2 best mates telling them to grab us both to get a pic :)

  3. Now he's taller than you. :)
    I love taking photos with my brother but we don't use to very often. :|

  4. you and your brother are terribly cute!! and red lipstick suits you a lot! i just started a blog, you and other bloggers made me wanna star my own blog, hope you'll have a look :)

  5. Alaina

    wow zoe :)
    how on earth did you do your hair like that :O ? what did you use to create those curls?
    what foundation and mascara are you using? – so, so beautiful :( not at all fair – hmph!

  6. Holly

    your family are incredibly attractive<3!xx

  7. Rose

    That is such a lovely photo of you and your brother! I wish i got on with my brothers like that. you both have the most amazing eyes!!! x

  8. hannah

    you are gorgeous! i am in love with your hair (:


  9. Carina

    your hair is really pretty, love the curls!

  10. Emily

    Your hair looks stunning in the pictures! I wish I had more hair so I could create such a big fringe look! xo

  11. Your hair makes me stupidly jealous, you look lovely.
    thank you for mentioning my blog on here ! xo.

  12. such a cute picture!look at the height swap haha :)

  13. Gem

    You really have the look of Alyson Hannigan, lovely pictures xx

  14. Awww you two look so alike! Would love to see what your animal jumper looks like – pics when it arrives?? x

  15. Shabna

    Zoe you are so beautiful! Can't get over it haha. I follow your brother's twitter, I'm so jealous. I'd love to go travelling.
    Hope you have a lovely week! Can't wait to see the jumper XD

  16. Aww you two look so cute!! Both when you were young and now :)

  17. You two are so cute! I love your little boots in the older picture of you guys!

    xo, Jay

  18. I love the ombre hair on you, it stands out so much better with black clothes xoxo

  19. megan

    aww, lovely!

    oy, ebay. i occasionally go through a phase of only wanting to buy one-of-a-kind pieces and grow OBSESSED with ebay! a farm yard jumper sounds too cute!

    p.s. i just found that you have this blog! i was going through youtube editing my subscriptions and saw your name and said "aw, i miss her videos!" and then i realized you had this blog! it's lovely, so glad to have found it.

  20. jenny

    I think I may just steal your hair!


  21. Lucky

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the first pic of you with your brother!!! ♥

  22. Rachel

    Those are such sweet photographs – makes me wonder what it would have been like to have siblings!

  23. lo

    aww such sweet pics :) xx

  24. The baby picture is so adorable!! You look gorgeous, your hair looks incredibly long and shiny and just perfect. Hope your brother has a fab time travelling xx

  25. Gorgeous pictures, you are seriously stunning!! xx

  26. I sent your brother a big facebook message about some places he might be travelling to and what i did when i was there. I sent it off my friends account – Jessica Hanney. As mines accounts messed up at the mo :'(! Anyway. I hope he got it ok. I know how daunting it was when i went but he's going to have an AMAZING time travelling.

    May x

  27. Zoët

    These are such lovely photos :)x

  28. aww yall look too cute! and your hair is gorgeous!

  29. Sadie K

    Just discovered your blog and I have to say I couldn't stop reading it! Your hair looks amazing, I love ombre hair and I am seriously jealous of how nice it looks, I can never get my hair to curl like that it is too perfectly straight :(

  30. adorable <3

    and seriously lucky him traveling and all.

  31. Jess

    you both look like movie stars! so gorgeous!

  32. xoxoida

    Wow, both of your brothers are now travel bloggers! I'm getting easily inspired to blog more and do more photography because of you siblings! <3

  33. Emmy

    Gosh how cute you guys look in the pic!
    Since last year looking at your blog i wanted to start my own blog. Now i finally made one it still needs work done but Plase Check-out my blog

  34. Steph x

    You are so gorgeous Zoe! I want your hair! <3

  35. Dorey

    Very cute pics Zo! You definitely don't look crazed in the younger one haha

  36. mw

    u both got the gorgeous eyes!!!

  37. Nx

    im new to the whole blogging thing! yours was the first blog ive found and i lovvee it! :)


  38. you & your brother are both so lovely (:

  39. Your brother is so HANDSOME!!!
    and your are so pretty
    just found ur vdo on youtube, I've never seen your face clearly in your blog lol

  40. your hair look sooooooo perfect Zoee =) i like reading your posts soo much

  41. Your eyes look cute !

  42. Love your hair! xo

  43. Lian

    This is just the most adorable blog post I've ever seen so far. The fact that I feel like I really know you guys after watching almost all of your videos make me feel proud of what you've both become. I don't know exactly why. I just do, if that even make sense.
    I love you guys both =)

  44. You makeup looks great x

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  47. Kayluna

    Aw old photos of you and Joe are too cute! I can;t believe it’s been years since his last blog post, lol.