I love playing Scrabble, it’s what i call a good “brain game”. Although, gone are the days when you’d sit around with friends/family on a regular basis playing old school board games…it’s more “drinking games”. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear scrabble though ;)
I’ve seen scrabble jewellery popping up recently, rings, bracelets, necklaces etc..and i definitely knew i had to have something of the scrabble variety, as i actually don’t own any personalised jewellery.
When reading Victoria‘s blog VIPXO, i noticed that she had decided to start making and selling her very own personalised scrabble jewellery. BRILLIANT! I love it. It looks good worn alone and amongst other bracelets.

If you fancy your very own personalised scrabble jewellery, email her at vipxoblog@gmail.com
Bracelets range from £4.50-£8.50 depending on the length of your name/what you’d like on it.
Rings are £4 (she’s still waiting on the bits to make the rings, so you will have to wait a wee while before you can grab one of those..I am definitely going to get one)
P&P is free :)

  1. Your bracelet looks great – such a cute use for Scrabble letters. I'm useless at the actual game of Scrabble but love Victoria's jewellery and the Scrabble letters on her blog. x

  2. Gem

    I have one, love mine :) xx

  3. Saw this on aborter blog too and i Totally love it! I wanna get one :)

  4. Cute! I love playing scrabble on facebook!

  5. So cute! I'l have to get my hands on one of those bracelets one day :) x

  6. Vicky

    I love this idea, so cute. xoxo

  7. abby

    I love it! my W ring was only £1.25 though and the necklace £1.95.. Good ol eBay ;) xx

  8. Emma♥

    wow, i love scrabble jewellery :)♥

  9. Jess

    These look lovely!


  10. umm, tempted to grab myself one>.<
    so cutee, lovely idea.

  11. beautiful bracelet!

  12. wow, very cool! I must make that myself, but then a necklace or so. just figuring how to get a hole in the stone

  13. Kellie

    Such a cute and lovely idea


  14. SO cute! Love quirky little things like this :) x

  15. franki

    I got one of these last week – I love it! x

  16. Abbie

    What a gorgeous bracelet! Ive got scrabble tile earrings, and I love them! I'm glad to say that my family still play scrabble and board games when we are all together especially at Christmas!

  17. Honestly I´m no scrabble fan… :D but the bracelet is too lovely!!

  18. You can get the rings at dollybowbow, but i think they're a little more expensive. xx

  19. Emma

    your photos are always so artistic!

  20. Scrabble is my favourite game like EVER! And the jewellery is so cute! Im also partial to a game of dominoes, massive geek alert! x

  21. Jay ♥

    scrabble = l.o.v.e

    When we go on a girly holiday, scrabble is a must. Every day, over a cuppa tea – sounds very grannyish! xx

  22. Sam

    I'm in love with this scrabble jewellery!

  23. Keira

    I love it! Thats such a neat idea.

  24. Ciara

    i got a scrabble ring and my friend asked me why i would buy a science periodic table ring ..air head -_-

  25. Zoe

    Wow! I love this! Scrabble is ace, I would really like Scrabble Mugs spelling out my name x

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  27. I love this! Its really cute,it looks quite vintage aha,love your blog+videos! :3 I'd really appreciate it if you checked out my blog
    (: x http://www.tweettwooo.blogspot.com

  28. Shouldn't be too hard to make it yourself! I might try, though it won't be so pretty as that one :/

  29. very lovely..your very addicted to scrabble, just like me..but i haven't tried making like this..maybe i should try making some bracelet that is made of scrabble..great job

    scrabble words with 2 letters