I love playing Scrabble, it’s what i call a good “brain game”. Although, gone are the days when you’d sit around with friends/family on a regular basis playing old school board games…it’s more “drinking games”. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear scrabble though ;)
I’ve seen scrabble jewellery popping up recently, rings, bracelets, necklaces etc..and i definitely knew i had to have something of the scrabble variety, as i actually don’t own any personalised jewellery.
When reading Victoria‘s blog VIPXO, i noticed that she had decided to start making and selling her very own personalised scrabble jewellery. BRILLIANT! I love it. It looks good worn alone and amongst other bracelets.

If you fancy your very own personalised scrabble jewellery, email her at [email protected]
Bracelets range from £4.50-£8.50 depending on the length of your name/what you’d like on it.
Rings are £4 (she’s still waiting on the bits to make the rings, so you will have to wait a wee while before you can grab one of those..I am definitely going to get one)
P&P is free :)