I’ve seen a lot of people doing Monday Summary’s (Or those of you who do a different day of the week summary) and i thought since I had a somewhat strange day and possibly have a bit more to say than normal, i would do one. I don’t know if it will be a regular thing, but let me know if you think it should be. I will call it “Someday Summary” as it will never be one specific day :)

♥ I am wearing this Primark Bow, bought for £1 and i have had so many compliments on it. It cheered me up.
♥ My boyfriend made me smile a lot today
♥ I’ve been drinking too much Raspberry Ribena..it is by far the best drink ever.
♥ An Indian man randomly came into the shop today & started telling me about my life. He talked about my past relationship and my new one and what i had in store for the future. Then he just left. He was weirdly accurate. It freaked me out a bit, but even if this man was speaking gobbledygook, it put me in a somewhat positive mood.
♥ Currently reading LLYMLRS and Anchors Ahoy
♥ Burning candles now that it’s getting more wintery & I’m loving it. I am a huge candle fan. My room is filled with them, so finally i can dust them off and BURN BABY BURN.

  1. Ellie

    your hair looks gorgeous here :)xxx

  2. That bow looks lovely on you, quite pin-up-ie! Lol the thing about the random guy made me laugh, quite creepy though, you're totally right! Raspberry Ribena is the best invention ever, right next to Vimto ;) xxx

  3. I just decided to do the same thing and your post popped up the second I finished rambling about it, I'm doing mine Wednesdays:) xxx

  4. Lol, I love ribena too! My teeth ache when I drink too much though! Don't you get that? And the toothkind one is just pants compared to the orginal!
    And that primark bow is super cute, I dont think I could rock anything like that though!

  5. Alison

    I'm loving burning candles too!

    Also love this Primark bow… I've been looking for one like that for ages!

    Is it ok to follow you on Twitter btw?

  6. you hair is beautiful up like this, maybe a quick post on how you did it? i'm sure it's really easy, but would be nice :)

  7. OH EM GEE!!! You are stunning my darling, I know everybody says that, but its because its true. You hair looks amazing and it makes me realise I seriously need to start whipping myself into shape :) x

  8. Lovely pictures and the bow is great too!
    Nice post, do it more often :)

  9. aha i love this post:)
    i have a similar bow but in a pretty pink floral detail.it's sweet:)

  10. bee.

    That bow looks lovely in your gorgeous hair (: I'm totally with you on the whole candles thing!

  11. lovely hair bow soooo cute!


  12. Awh cute bow and pretty pretty face! x

  13. Jess

    I bought the headband the other day and I love it too. :)


  14. Liz

    weird about the random indian man but loving the bow. i love primark, so many bargins!!


  15. Pretty please can you do a little tutorial on how you got your hair to stay up like that?! :) xx

  16. Lauren

    New reader here!

    Oh my goodness, pretty please post a hair tutorial! :-P

    You're so beautiful, Zoe.

  17. You look adorable :) Love the bow! And someday summaries should definitely be a regular thing :) x

  18. ur hair looks AMAZING lovely :)
    how did u get it to stay up like that? xoxoxo

  19. Ah! Love your hair!!


  20. Holly

    you look adorable<3

  21. Shayla

    I'm really gla you seem to be getting back into blogging again, missed seeing your blog come up in my dashboard! and of course you look gorgeous as ever!

  22. I agree with Shortiee31, i would LOVE if you did a tutorial on how you did your hair like that. My hairs quite long and i can never get it into a cute bun like that!

    You look amazing and i love the 'Someday Summary' idea :)

  23. Katie

    I love that bow from Primark! May have to go in search for it :)


  24. this is completely random, but i noticed that your birthday is one day before mine!! haha

    ohh and i love the bow (:

  25. mw

    oh wow , u look stunning – love ur hair up , and the bow is kute ! <3

  26. Great post! Love the bow :)

  27. C.

    This hairstyle is so great ! It inspires me :p

  28. Nicola

    You really do have thee most beautiful hair I have seen!!! xx

  29. what did he say you had in store for the future?

  30. loooove your hair on these pictures! :) xx

  31. ohmygosh your hair looks awesome.
    really glad i stumbled across your blog! xo

  32. MJ.FTW.

    omg your eyes are soo prettY!!

    nice hair too =)

  33. I started reading your blog yesterday after Lily (LLYMLRS) suggested it.
    Your blog appearance is so adorable!
    You seem like a really lovely, down to earth girl.
    I'm going to read back a few more posts to catch up on what I've missed!

    Roza <3

  34. Erin

    Cute hair and wonderful Monday! :)

  35. Ariel

    Love the bow, adorable xxxx

  36. Oh my gosh! I LOVE your hair!how'd you do it like that? :)

  37. I know EXACTLY what you mean about the candles. They just make me feel better ( :

  38. oh, zoe, please stop being so wonderfully beautiful. you're making us all feel bad! xxx

  39. joanna

    A random Indian man came up to me as well! He told me about my life, and my personality and a little about what the future would hold. It felt so strange, but I'm kinda glad it happened.

    Did he give you a little red ball thing? Apparently it brings you good luck :)

  40. Adeline

    That's such a cute bow and I probably mentioned it a few times already, i LOVE YOUR HAIRRRRRRRR <3

  41. ioanna

    great post! i love your hair! omg rasberry ribena! i was obsessed with it when i was a little girl!

  42. Vicky

    Love your hair in this post! xoxo

  43. My husband and son love Ribena. We only have the blackcurrant in Texas, but I'll watch for the raspberry.

  44. The bow looks really cute and what a bargain!

    I like your lampshade too

  45. definitely love these should definitely be a regular "Someday summary" =D gorgeous as always!

  46. Cait

    you have had such a random day! the hairbow is so cute :o)

    please continue doing these posts!

  47. Kimmi

    So cute pictures! : )
    I like your header!

    greetings! c:

  48. chan?

    lovely photos,
    i also enjoy LLYMLRS :}
    i am your new follower, :}


  49. wantt your bangs gorgeous girl.<3

  50. Kara

    This is a good idea… i may have to follow suit… plus the bow is cute too! :) x

  51. What products are you wearing in this photo Zoe. You're soo pretty :D

  52. lo

    this is soo cute, ur hair always looks awsome :) xx

  53. so cute :) love that bow, love this post

  54. hadley

    Pleeese post about how you got your hair up like that? It's adorable!

  55. Just found this post via google, LOVE this. I need to know how to do this hair!

  56. Oh, Goodness!!!
    I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. your hair is really cute, and i love the bow…
    and this man, he woulda freaked me out to. haha.

  58. star79

    Love your hair!!! It looks fab like this too. How did you do this style??? xx

  59. I once wore a similar hair bow (in the same colour as your blog background and silky)to school and my so-called ''friend'' laughed at me, and told me I looked ridiculous, however I still admire the hair bands, and you look lovely in yours :)

  60. LOVE LOUISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Zoe, I'm just curious, since it has passed 4 years now since that Indian man told you about your future. How accurate was he? ;) Wish the best for you <3

  62. Did the Indian man’s prophecy come true?