I know that a lot of people refuse to enter Primark. Maybe it’s just that you don’t ever like anything they have for sale, you don’t believe in the ethics or you dont have one near you, but i’ve come to realise the main reason, is people just don’t have the patience. Shopping is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, i certainly do it to unwind, de stress, a bit of retail therapy and a lot of shops offer this. Primark however, is mostly always CHAOS. Clothes on the floor in piles, shoes scattered everywhere, people packed in like sardines and sweating like fat men. It’s mostly always a very unenjoyable experience, you go in, you grab, you scuttle, you fight, you queue for 20 minutes then you run outside for a breath of fresh air.

This was until me & mum were up early one weekend, and decided to go to Primark, only to discover how to make shopping in there enjoyable. So here is my run down of the things which equate to you having a somewhat more pleasant experience in the shop.

1. Find a Primark near you which is of a relatively good size.
There is a Primark closer to me than the one i visit, but in the nicest of terms…it’s absolute crud. So me and mum actually drive 30 minutes down the motorway to a flagship store in Bristol (4 storeys high). You arent going to have as much fun if you aren’t spoilt for choice. We only visit once a month, as it’s obviously not the most convienient to get to. I find that if you go to Primark too much, it becomes boring. You want to be able to go and see completely different stock to the time before.

2. Get there early!
Oh, trust me, i know it’s hard to get out of bed at 7am on a weekend, but it is totally worth it, and you are home by midday so can have a little snooze. The Primark in Bristol opens at 8.30 on a Saturday. So we were in the car by 7.55 and on our way. The Motorway was empty, the carpark was empty (we always get the perfect spot) and there was just nobody around. The thing i like most about going early, is that everything is perfectly in it’s place, and new stock is normally out. The hangers all have the correct sized clothing on it (a primark faux pas) and its even in order of smallest to largest front to back. There is no mess. You also know what getting there early means, most importantly, there is hardly anyone there. Not everybody is crazy enough to be up so early on their weekend. In fact this morning, i think it was only me, my mum and about 2 other women. Perfect.

3. Don’t use your “Primark Head”.
Now, the “Primark Head” is what i call grabbing things and throwing them in your basket because “EVERYTHING IS JUST SO CHEAP”. Since you pretty much have open reign of the shop, chill the hell out. Think about things a bit more, Will you wear it? What will it go with? Do you really need it?

4. Try things on.
I never used to try things on in Primark. The queues were always too long, there were too many people, it was too hot and i just could not be bothered. When in a pretty much empty shop, there is not so much pressure to leave and no queues. I really do like to try on most of the items i have aquired in my basket, and normally, to my surprise, sometimes they don’t fit right (the size 8’s have increased slightly) or they might look pants, so i can put them back knowing i made the right decision trying it on before buying it. It’s also a good oppertunity for you to envisage what you might pair it with. Obviously if you live near a Primark, you can skip this and just return everything if that suits you more.

The good – Hareem Print Trousers – £11, Black slinky jumpsuit – £15 (I absolutely love this), Jumper – £9

The Bad – Both dresses were too big for me. Purple – £15, Navy Blue – £13

5. Check the quality and the Sizing.
The quality in Primark really differs, there could be a lovely batch of dresses, but some could have wonky buttons and loose threads, and others might be okay. Make sure you have the best one available. The sizing is also a funny one, some fit bigger than they should, and others tighter. Again, another good reason for trying things on.

6. Leave Relaxed & Go For Breakfast
After you have found what you want, paid (in the non queues), and left. You will find that it is just starting to get busy. (We left around 10.30/11am) and you can either jump back in your car and go home. Or, go have yourself a delicious breakfast like we did.

Then go home for a snooze and put away all your new bits and pieces… :)


    That looks like such a good Primark! The Primark near me has everything on the floor (like you said) it literally looks like a jumble sale! Love the tips ♥ misskirstyadores.blog.spot.com

  2. Katy

    haha I always use my primark head and never try anything on, I get home and half the things don't even fit! Definitely going to in early and try things on next time, thanks a lot! :) xx

  3. hannah

    in all fairness, bristol primark is one of the best :) it is i believe the 3rd biggest square footage wise and bigger than oxford st, always well stocked and even when it is incredibly busy it's not horrendously messy. i nearly always come out with something from there.

  4. Louise

    I love going in early too, I hate crowds and people! I haven't had money for a while so haven't been to Primark and after seeing your photos I want to go now!

  5. Loved this post Zoe! Your photos are so beautiful, and always go perfectly with what you write. Good ol' Primark, although my local store don't have any of that lovely knitwear you've featured, boo ): xx

  6. Vicky

    Brilliant bits of advice here. I live in London but I make the trip to Romford to visit Primark every so often! The Oxford Street branch is always way too hectic for my liking and I hate the feeling of being rushed.

    Absolutely love that black jumpsuit!


  7. Kara

    this is really helpful:) might actually give this a go tomorrow morning! xx

  8. Nicola

    i love you! what setting is your camera on??

  9. Hear, hear! 100% spot on, girl! This is the only way to 'enjoy' the Primark experience :)

  10. Louisa

    Omgosh this is such a helpful post :) the primark near me is sooo packed and the queues are outrageous haha :) I think may do this with my primark because its a fairly good size and I could get some really nice things in there if I tried :) Loved the Hareem pants! xox

  11. Chloe

    i go to the one in bristol too, i went there at about 11, when its busy, but everything was still so tidy. I think if you enter a tidy environment, you're more likely to keep it tidy :) xx

  12. Jean

    So jealous this looks like so much fun the closest primark to me though is 45 train journey away so kind of awkward but I might try it because I am totally on of those people that can't handle it normally :)x

  13. ganjie

    aww you want to make me go primark now <3
    should really use the tip trying things on!! as i do have things in my colset that i don't wear from primark :/

  14. Jackie

    Thank you SO much Zoe! I'm going to London for the first time in two weeks and Primark is on my list of "awesome UK stores to visit" haha so this was extremely helpful for a tourist like myself.

  15. Laura

    Compared to my local Primark, that one looks like Harrods!!! xxx

  16. Zoella.

    @Laura – Haha. It doesnt look so tidy when it's not first thing in the morning. But then i refuse to be in there past midday. xxx

  17. I love the Bristol Primark, it's so much tidier and nicer than others. I'm going to follow your tips next time I do in!

  18. God your pictures make it look like an oasis! I don't think the Manchester one could ever look like that..even first thing!

  19. Hannah

    such a good post! and you hair looks gorge in the pictures :)

  20. I love Primark! The one in Leeds is massive! Lovely photos xo

  21. Caz

    Love this post, Primark is only good early in a morning. I wish I had a flagship store near where I live :)

  22. Jess

    I have never seen Primark look like it does in the photos! My nearest Primark is in Oxford Street, so it's always busy.


  23. haha so true!! love what u bought =)

  24. Cool! The Birmingham city centre Primark sucks and people literally step on your shoes. It's even har to get out of there. Puah! :)

  25. Dannii

    You made a trip to Primark seem like the least stressful thing EVER! My Primark near me is absolute chaos, so I avoid it! Wont be anymore though, an early trip is defo being planned :) Great post Zoe xx

  26. That primark looks huge! Thanks for the great tips :) And by the way, your hair looks amazing! I can't wait until mine gets that long

  27. I have literally taken one step in and promptly back out again for the reason you've stated above! I feel tempted to actually go into Primark now haha :)

  28. this primark looks amazing! x

  29. i loved this post, so so clever! :)
    i always go in primark early too, everyone literally fights for items!:)

  30. Gem

    This is such an amazing post, the store in Birmingham has just been re-vamped, but it's still not as spacious and clear as this, I think I will try and get up early though, as I love shopping there, and like you say it's just crazy busy and you feel like you can't breathe. A couple of girls pushed in front of me once and I was like, I'm not having that, so went back in front of them and they started whispering that they were gonna 'knock me out' over a primark queue place!!! Pathetic. Fab post girlie, proved very muchly why you are in my list of fave blogs!! xoxo

  31. Megan

    The Primark you go to looks lovely! The nearest one to me is about 45mins away so I don't go to often but when I do it is like a jumble sale! xx

  32. Oh that Primark looks amazing compared to the one I visit.. I don't even have a store where I live so I have to travel an hour to Ipswich and it's pretty much a shit hole! x

  33. Brilliant idea for a post :) really enjoyed it! great quality photos too! xx

  34. Emma♥

    woaah, the primark looks almost bare, i shall definetly be going in there earlier if that's what it'll look like :D xx

  35. I'm so gutted I moved away from Bristol about a week before this Primark opened! Our local Primark is pretty big but no chance of it being empty even just after opening. Fab tips all the same! Doesn't just apply to Primark either.


  36. Fern

    what an awesome post. And your Primark is amazing, the one by me is diddy and bearly stocks any of the good stuff that they stock in big ones! xx

  37. Lauren

    I really enjoyed reading this :)

    It looks so empty in there – kind of like you'd hired the shop out for the day haha. I love that jumpsuit – it looks amazing on you.


  38. Giulia

    There is only one Primark in Belgium, super close to the borders with Germany and Holland, and a 2hours drive from Brussels… I leave the chaos to your imagination. And I can never seem to find all the awesome things you bloggers in Britain show off .__. it's as if they decided that the continent did not deserve so much after all XD so yeah, grab and fight for your life and pay is pretty much all we are allowed here. I envy you :)



  39. Leigh

    This is totally true. As a primark employee I can honestly say it is so stressful but at the end of the day when the shop has closed it it bliss. I can just wander round in peace and everything is in a nice tidied order. I think it it lack of respect because it's so cheap, you don't see people dumping things on the floor in more expensive shops such as M&S or Debenhams. Great post x

  40. I love looking around shops first thing in the morning when they're empty! It's so much better than having people shove past you!


  41. bee.

    Love this post (: I also shop at the Bristol store – it gets so so busy!

  42. omg i love this post haha, my local primark is always packed and it stresses me out with all the people and clothes on the floor, plus its not great. I wanna go in the next one but it scares the hell out of me with soooo many people. *must get up early*

  43. Your Primark actually looks like a shop…I am in awe!
    Oh and that jumpsuit..please whip it off and send it to me right off your back..i'm going on holiday in two days and I want one! :)


  44. Hannah.

    wow i want to go to this Primark! looks amazing!
    we have a horrible little one near us :(
    great post! xxx

  45. WOW those pictures make it NOT look like a primark. I would never have thought that was a primark store. I once got to the one at oxford about 11am and it was empty but at that time i didnt have anything i wanted to get. thanks for the post x

  46. Cait

    if i ever go to the uk the first thing i am doing (after checking in of course) is going to primark! all of you uk bloggers talk about it but i never imagined it would be that big! that's awesome. great picks!

  47. Lucy.

    What a great post! I wish the Derby store looked like this!


  48. Sherrie

    That Primark is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! mine is so messy and i agree its so quiet first thing in the morning :) x

  49. I have a Primark literally 2 doors up from my work. I find thats its definitely easier to go in the morning, and also, because the aberdeen one is 3 floors, the top floor always has the shorter queue (although I think more people are cottoning on to that idea)

  50. Hannah

    Brilliant advice. And I love the Bristol primark! I shall definitely be getting up early to visit one when I'm back in england! xxx

  51. miley

    i think i would love that store. its all so organized!!

  52. Amelie

    Thank you for this Post !
    I'm going to visit London this Monday and I will arrive at 7 o' clock and I think I'll go directly to Primark !

    Greetings from Germany ! Love your Blog <3


  53. Takane

    Is that the cleanest Primark EVAR? or is it just because you went in the early morning? XD

  54. Zey

    thanks for this!

  55. Great post! Sounds a TON like Forever 21 here in the US. Loving the ombre hair btw! :) x

  56. hahaaa. lovely post.
    your primark looks so organised and snazzyy. tbhh, mine looks like a jumble sale. xx

  57. i wish i lived in the UK to have a primark:( at least from what i can see in the pictures, it looks like a shoppers heaven..

  58. aside from trying things on I pretty much do most of that!! I'll never be conscientious enough to visit primark dressing rooms!

  59. Is that really primark in the pictures? never seen it like that before lol! Great tips!

  60. this store looks amazing. why can't it be in the usa!?!

  61. Amanda

    If I ever go to the UK, first place I'm going is Primark! :O

  62. This is a fab post! Very good tips. I have never seen a Primarni looking so damn tidy!

    I might have to try getting there for opening time next payday so I can fill my boots with stuff!


  63. I live in Bristol and that Primark is the best one I have been to, and I have been to quite a few lol.

    I get there early on a Saturday morning too and its so quiet.x

  64. agree with this post completely, i only ever go into primark very early in the morning when it's empty and everythig is still tidy. i don't bother going in if it's busy cos i know i will only get annoyed!

  65. Holly

    you look fab in your outfits! i love primark<3,xxx

  66. haha. I i love living in bristol :D.

    I was in that primark yesterday and got really overexcited at your pictures cox 'i was there'. :D


  67. Jenny

    My local primark is a tip! The people have such a lack of regard for the items, and the past two times I've been in there, police have actually been in there chasing the pikey shoplifters!

  68. Phoebe

    I accidentally managed to do this when I got up too early for Uni. It's like an entirely different store when no one else is there. Need to track down that cream jumper.

  69. Great post – I love the pictures of Primark looking so pristine and empty! It really does pay off to get there early and beat the queues.
    Love the jumpsuit that you tried on – amazing for £15! x

  70. C.

    I lived in Coventry for a bit, and Primark was okay there, even though the queues were waaaay too long for my liking. This post makes me a bit nostalgic since I don't live in England right now :)

  71. when I go up to Bristol I think I might have to do this :) It looks so clean, I've never seen it like that before :) xxxx

  72. Sophy

    this is the primark by where i live :) and ive never seen it this tidy before!! x

  73. love love love your blog!! and loving this guide to primark shopping, some people find it so easy but i don't! the primark nearest me (Brighton) is so messy and nothings in the right order so i find it so hard. but these tips will help i think so thanks xx

  74. Hayles

    Ah, this is my Primark! I go in after work about 6pm in the week, and its a little busy sometimes, but usually quite tidy and I find a lot more stuff than I used to :)

  75. Abbie

    Love this post!! I always make a point of getting to The Leeds Primark more or less as soon as it has opened, it's the only way to avoid having to wade against a huge tide of people scrabbling around for bargains! At midday it's unbearable! xx

  76. chan?

    what an amazing looking Primark,
    i love Primark and this was helpful,


  77. As a student I tend to find the best times to go are during the week. For instance I may visit my local one tomorrow (Monday). I also bear in mind that I need to beware mums/buggies and the lunch hour rush so about two in the afternoon works best I reckon! xxx

  78. Cylia

    this is so awesome:) haha. I love this. I don't go to the primark that often, just because we have one primark in the netherlands.. and its 3 hours away with the train for me! but I'm craving to go back now.. just because it's so CHEAP. and I will definitely next time chill the flip out;)! I usually don't buy a lot of things at primark anyways.. just 3/4 things.. but this post was fun:)



  79. Coming early to primark is really THE rule when you want to enjoy your primark shopping :)

  80. This is such a good post
    I love primark, but mine lookslike a bombs hit it constantly. I might try going early in the morning but I doubt it would make much difference haha


  81. I live in Leigh, There are like 8 Primarks on Radius of about 5 Miles/20 minuet bus Journey.
    It's traumatic, you can never find anything, and hardly recognise what's new stock. Bolton was newly renovated. It the first Primark in Britain and it was the worst. It was like walking into a poundshop, it was small and evertyhing was the Basics, it's been refurbished recently, But it's still low stocked.
    Sometime i get the train to Liverpool, It's amazing…for Primark. It's like 7 floors or something and everything is set out nicely, though i do it rarely because of travelling, but this has inspired me to not be lazy and just go with travelling.
    Plus, if i do that, i get to spend my Day at Liverpool 1, were Cath Kidson is big for buying.
    I think this post was lovely.
    Plus, the Bigger sized and organised, and ealier you go in, Primark seems like a better quality shop than a jumble sale :)

  82. I went to the Bristol Primark for the first time last week as I've just started Uni there. I couldn't believe the size of it. I was a little overwhemled to be honest!


  83. This post reminded me of what a babe you really are. You make me want to primark my little heart out. I'll do it one day. I promise x

  84. primark in birmingham is a madhouse
    good tips!

  85. Are you joking! Why would anyone not like that store! Im from Australia and we have nothing like it here. We have department stores but they are not up with the latest fashion. I wish I was able to go to a place that nice and that cheap!

  86. Love this post! Good things to remember :) x

  87. Nube

    It's funny to confirm that there's not such a big difference between how Primarks around the world work!!I really have an issue controlling my "Primark head"…That white jumper is insaneee!
    Thanks for the advice, really loved your blog!

  88. LOIS

    hahahaha i have never seen a Primark so tidy before! Maaan I really miss shopping in UK. We don't have Primark in Berlin. But it's supposed to come soon. Really looking forward to it. Love your guide! I keep breaking rule number 3 when I go to Primark ^^

  89. I'm definitely trying this! :) <3

  90. Annie

    love it! I have been converted to your way of thinking!

  91. Great post haha i definetly learnt much! I absolutly loved that the jumpsuit..i dont think i would have been able to spot it in primark! I wouldnt have the patience to look through the various racks of clothes..argh! x

    By the way im new to the blogging community! always been a fan of your blog..keep up the great work hun :)


  92. ONNEEEEE HUNNNDRREEDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

    mwahahahaha xxxxxxxx

  93. Emma.W

    I went to the Bristol Primark when I was visiting Bath in August, and it is the nicest cleanest, most organised Primark I have ever been to! Everything is better in this store. The products are so much better than the Primark in Basildon, Southend and even London.

    I remember spending hours in that store, and I was just amazed. I got there at about 12-ish? And even then it was just so nice. I wish I could go back but it's not possible :C

    You certainly picked the best store!
    And your tips are great, thanks a lot! C:

  94. Omg that's a huge Primark! I live in the Netherlands and we only got one Primark! And that's not comparing to this one.

    haha loveee for primark <3

  95. Holy crap, 'my' Primark is never merchandised like that, with the shoes/bags/accessories accompanying the clothing and there are tiny 4 sided stands covered in jewellery in mine, whereas it seems to be walls of it in yours. I've never been to a Primark like that, ever!

    As a sidenote, I had the opposite problem with the navy pussybow dress, gorgeous but too small (big boobies), would love the printed one you tried, but haven't found that yet.

  96. lo

    great post, that jumpsuit looks awsome!xx

  97. I love this post! All of it is so true, although my local store usually has lots of good stuff and I have to walk through every time I go to work! Needless to say a lot of my money is spent in there! xx

  98. Fab post, love that jumpsuit. Whenever I go to Primark I always try to go early or on a weekday if I can!

  99. Haji

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  100. Sana_A

    AHHH I am so jealous of that store! I live in the US and we don't have anything like that! And if it was that spacious, it would never stay so organized. Shoppers would destroy it!

  101. Hey great blog by the way :D you have really nice fashion aswell ..where is your tan satchel from? its really nice and do you know if its still in stock
    thans xovintagerose xxxxx

  102. a

    I have those exact harem print trousers and i love them….yet to wear them when it gets warmer tho :)

  103. Oh my! the US doesn't know what it's missing! i want this storeee :)

  104. Thank you for the tips! Can't wait to go visit a Primark! I'll have to travel since there isn't one in the US! -.-

  105. that primark looks AMAZING!!
    Ours is so…. old fashioned and old.
    this one looks so modern and actually quite expensive looking. LOL
    amazing tips. now all I have to do is persuade my sister or mother to get out of bed really early and come with me to primark :D

  106. My favorite store !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. WOAH! that is the first ever time I've ever seen Primark like this. So clean :D

  108. woah! i wish the primarks near me were that big!haha x

  109. Jen-Jen

    I am a huge fan of your videos on youtube and I have often heard you speak of Primark. Seeing these pictures and reading what you have to say truly make me want to explore this store someday! Unfortunately, we don't have Primark in the U.S.. So I will just have to wait for may next trip to the U.K.!
    OMG the pictures of the purses, shoes, and jewelry are getting me so excited to go shopping that I just can't wait! To bad the dollar isn't doing all that well against the pound at the moment… oh and there's the whole "i'm like thousands of miles away" part.
    Haha Please keep the videos coming :)

  110. haha this makes so much sense!! Primark does my head in at the best of times, but I might have to give this a go :) xxx

  111. Ell

    I really hate you youtube gurus for making me discover Primark XD

  112. I'm surprised you didn't get asked to leave the store! You aren't allowed to take photos in Primark of the stock or anything (I work there, unfortunately). That is one of the tidiest stores I've seen, looks great! I'm glad you noted that at the start of the day the stores are perfect, but after the customers stampede it's a riot! Not the fault of the staff but the inconsiderate customers that make it a mess, I think it's 'Primark mob mentality'

  113. Sofia

    Primark here only opens at 10, so I have less than an hour before it gets busy.
    Also, the only primark store near me is a lot smaller than that one.
    Another tip to shopping at primark is to check the colours when you get to the street, with all the lighting sometimes colours look really different when in natural light.

  114. Zoé

    An empty Primark looks weird :) Anyway, thank you sooo much for the tips ! I live in France wich means I get to go to Primark like 3 times a year, so each time is quite an adventure (-; Loooooving your style, your blog, your videos and you as well =D You got me into fashion, clothes and shopping <3

    Zoe ^^

  115. Ah, Primark in Bristol looks really nice! The Primark near me is pretty much, as you say, a mess! I don't usually go there early though, so I'll probably try that the next time… I also have never bothered to try anything on, and I have used my Primark Head a few times… This post actually helped me a lot, so thank you Zoe! :D

  116. I would adore if Primark (Pennys) near me looked like that :O In love I am :) I differ between 2 different stores as one is far better but harder to get to as I don't drive :( I know this is an old post but thank you for the tips and tricks .. *Noted!! :) x

  117. Anjie

    Hi, what an excellent insightful well written post! greatly appreciate it. I second to everything you said. when you follow what u have said, its true it can be a joyous experience. Sometimes i hate primark because it drives me dizzy, its like going into war zone- especially the London flag ship one. when i do go in, i wear my gym clothes, have a good lunch before and tie my hair back!
    I love ur tip, have a nice breakfast and feel relaxed! love the post! c

  118. Wow I have never seen Primark that tidy :D Thanks for the info, next time I'll be there when it opens in the morning :P

  119. Jante

    I love how everything is soo proportional when it comes to the meals, compared to U.S standards. Darn you!

  120. Jante

    I love how everything is soo proportional when it comes to the meals, whereas the U.S standards are gigantic! Darn you!

  121. Zoe.

    Hey Zoe, I know you probably wont see this as the post is fairly old but I discovered you a week ago and have watched all you vids and read a lot of your posts. Not trying to be a stalker but my name is Zoe and I live in Bristol-no lie. Believe it or not?! And have a similar 'random' personality and am addicted to Primark too. I just wanted to say your lovely and pretty and I love your work. Keep it up. x.
    I currently dont have a blog but you have inspired me and put a smile on my face day after day!

  122. Zoe.

    Hey Zoe, I know you probably wont see this as the post is fairly old but I discovered you a week ago and have watched all you vids and read a lot of your posts. Not trying to be a stalker but my name is Zoe and live in Bristol-no lie. Believe it or not? And have a similar 'random' personality and am addicted to Primark too. I just wanted to say your lovely and pretty and I love your work. Keep it up. x

  123. Thanks, this blog post was really helpful! I never thought of going to primary early. It's always so chaotic!! I hate when you find something you love but it only is left in size 20 :( I guess this can be easily avoided by going earlier though.

  124. Bristol is the best Primark! and I've been to that little cafe, they do the best all day breakfasts! x

  125. Nicole

    Great post!
    What did you mean by the ethics? xx

  126. What can I tell you about Primark? It’s with out a doubt the best value for money shop in the UK market. Primark’s grace our high-streets all across the country . I always love to shop there.
    Current Fashion Trends

  127. Emily

    I'm not too sure,but I think it means like who makes their clothes and if they get paid the right amount because the people that make the clothes are from poor countries :) xx

  128. Emily

    I'm going shopping on Sunday with my mum and I was thinking of ditching Primark before this:P I got to this by following a link from your primark haul video and I will definitely be getting some suede leggings! lillythecat2012.blogspot.co.uk xx

  129. I know that this may have nothing to do with anything, but how do you know what to write about on your blog?

  130. Wow very informative post. And great blog. I love shopping at Primark/Penneys. That looks like a great Primark I must check that one out next time I visit the U.K :)

  131. Overslept for going to Bristol today and got to Primark later than planned… Soooo busy! Especially in the lead up to Christmas, should have followed your advice :) xx

  132. Kim

    I love shopping in Primark so thanks for all the advice it will make it a lot less hectic and chaotic!

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  134. Aria

    Cannot wait to move to the UK! Also there should be a contest Primark shop with Zoe and Louise.Or just a group meetup in Primark!:)

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