This post is somewhat out of the ordinary. But as my blog subtitle suggests, i may sometimes just want to express my thoughts or opinions, and i hope that some of you get involved and join in with me :)

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Whilst having a lovely chat with my newest friend Louise, we got onto the subject of food & what we like to eat. I would like to state here, that this post is NOT about eating disorders or other such controversial matters. It’s just infact about food. The one thing we all do is eat. Some are healthy, some not so & some a lot more adventurous than others. Which brings me on to say…

I wish i was more experimental when it came to eating food.

I’m definitely one of those people that sticks to what they know when it comes to eating. I wouldn’t even say i have a very healthy diet…I eat take aways, pizza’s, burgers, chocolate, crisps. My boyfriend says i eat like a 10 year old at a party. Don’t start kicking up a fuss though, i do eat fruit and vegtables too, and i also like to drink lots of water, but i really do wish i liked more food.
I think the problem started when i was around 7-10, the age where i started going to my friends houses for dinner, and having to sit round the table with a family i wasnt overly familiar with, eating food i cant say i’d ever had before, and occasionally being forced to eat whatever it was they had given me.
Two examples i can give you, is one where i went to a primary school friends house for the first time, i was a relatively shy child, and this particular girl was half Indian. Her family were lovely, and so was her home, but the food which was placed in front of me was not something i was used to or had ever eaten, and i didnt like it. I was too shy to say so, and they wanted me to finish everything on my plate. Very uncomfortable situation for a young child i think you’d agree. The second scenario was when i was literally FORCE FED the white of a boiled egg by a friend’s granny. I was simply full and didn’t want it, why force it on me? I remember thinking this old lady was the devil and i cried and never wanted to go back.
I was always brought up to eat whatever i could manage and leave the rest, but it was only when i started eating elsewhere i noticed others had not been brought up the same way. That aside, i don’t agree with force feeding someone else’s child…mean old lady.

After these events it did take me a while to get back the confidence in going to a friends house for dinner. It really had terrified me, I’d always refuse to go, or say i was going home for dinner.
When i was around 10 years old, i attended Brownie Camp (a girl’s club if you like, for those that don’t know) It was in a Nunery, a long way from home. It was supposed to be an adventure, and a good experience, mingling with all the other Brownies from around the County. But actually, it completey destroyed my confidence. There i was, a shy 10 year old, lining up in the dinner que, with only 2 options to choose from. I didnt like either, i was 10, i liked chips and pizza. like all the other 10 year olds. This was a nunery, of course they werent going to serve that. I didn’t even understand what the options were they were so far from what i knew. I picked one, thinking i could try it, and as there was nothing else, i didnt want to go hungry. Sat down, tucked in, only to realise what i was eating was not to my taste at all. I put my knife and fork together and waited for others to finish. One of the nuns then informed me i was not to leave the table until i’d finished. Excuse me? Everyone else started leaving the dinner hall as they were done..and i was stil sat there, nervously biting my nails wandering what on earth to do. In the end i just sat and cried, asking to leave. Obviously the Nun then let me go, but why let a child get like that. Forcing someone to eat, does not make them want to eat it.

I have since seen similar situations on Supernanny (haha) where parents start shouting at their children that they cannot leave until they have eaten all their food. I can see that this may be disiplinary & you just want your child to eat, but it can form a fear of food or eating.
Thankfully, i am not scared to eat food…that would be a whole other issue (of which im sure some of you may have experienced/are experiencing) but i do think those factors have equated in me being a lot less adventurous with food. I just stick to what i know and love. I’ve definitely got better over the years but feel bad when my friends ask me to go out to fancy restaurants when i might not even like what’s on the menu (wagamumas for example…i dont like noodles) or when my boyfriend asks if we can go for a curry (not the biggest fan) and dont even get me started on fish (Sorry Harry Ramsdens ;)) I would also like to point out, the reason i’m petite is not because i refuse to finish all my meals, i eat well thankyou, and i do finish every, if not almost all of my meals (and normal sized portions), however i have an extremely high metabolism. (Wanted to clear that up for any of you that now think i may have an eating disorder. I do not.)

So i guess this topic brings me on to ask, Are you adventurous with food, or are you like me and only stick to what you know and love and feel comfortable eating? Or, have you had to train your tastebuds in order to eat a much a larger variety of foods, and if you have, how?

  • Zakeleni

    I like how now Zoe eats Wagamamas all the time haha!
    I agree with the force feeding children thing. In Primary school we couldn’t leave until we’d eaten everything and though i understand they don’t want us to go hungry, if you don’t like it, you don’t like it, simple as that!

    • mollie copeland

      That happened to me as well. I saw something I have never eaten before and so I asked for it. When I went to eat it, I realised it was curry. I couldn’t eat anything else as it was covered in the sauce. I was told to finish it and that I couldn’t leave the table until I did. I was sat there forever. I don’t know how I finally got away.

  • Deborah Skeffington

    This article is devalued by its horrendous use of spelling and grammar