As of late, it has become increasingly clear i have a lot of things i just do not use. Clothes and makeup mainly and the odd accessory/electrical item. I do love having a good Blogsale but there is so much hassle involved with a massive list of items for sale on one post, i find it can get a bit much scrolling through 50+ comments to see who got what.

So for this reason, i have decided to create my very own blog shop. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s going to be an all singing, all dancing proper shopping website, it has all the same elements of this blog, but im hoping it will be so much easier to maintain and sort through. Also giving you all the option of searching for something you might want. Have no fear, it shall be very straight forward, i don’t do complicated. I could have chucked it all on Ebay, but i like to give my blog readers a chance to grab it first, and Ebay is the devil for selling – I dont want to pay for more than one detailed photo thankyou very much.

The same rules will apply when asking to buy an item, just simply state your paypal email and your country. Which also brings me on to say it is Interntational :)

The posts will just be in MUCH smaller batches rather than the typical 20+ items, so makes life easier for the both of us in the long run.

Click the Shop Header Below to take you to the website, or the widget to the right (which some of you have already spotted, and for that, i praise you for being alert, loyal bloggers) Please go and follow & give the info a quick read before i start putting items up for sale.

There will definitely be something for everyone, i have way too much stuff which you need to take off my hands.

I would really appreciate if you could spread the word about the shop, obviously not all of you are always interested in my blogsales but it’s worth a follow just to keep updated with any new items.

Thankyou fellow bloggies.

  1. Catanya

    Hey sweety! I will stay tuned for your great blog sales.
    I was just remembering that you were the very first person to comment in my blog, more than a year ago. How lovely is that? You have always been a wonderful inspiration for me.
    Lots of love,

  2. Lauren

    Ooooh love this Zoe :)

  3. I love your blog. I've just come across it.
    Now following :)
    Feel free to follow back.

  4. Allie

    you are so amazing! I was wondering if you could give me access to your shopping blog, it wont let me. thanks! xoxo

  5. hi zoe!
    its not allowing me to have a look? it says i need to be an invited reader?
    any ideas?
    many thanks!

  6. Hi zoe :),

    I have the same problem. I'm not allowed to look in the shop. How come?

    love youxxxx

  7. MissB

    Same as two above, would love access to the shop :-) Miss B

  8. Lau

    Yea, same for me and i'd love to take a look at your little shop!

  9. Lifudge

    Cam we access the shop?

  10. Hi Zoe!
    I can't see the shop either. How could we get to see it? T
    hanks :)

  11. Seems like there is a lot others having the same problem as I do… not having acess? :)

  12. Hi Zoe, don't know if you still do the store? If you do, most of us can't access it as it says that it's invite only…
    Love you by the way. :)
    Zafirah x

  13. It won't let me access your blog :( If you see this could you give me permission to access please I am really interested in it. :)

  14. Hi Zoe I loved you and your style your beautiful and funny (lucky Alfie) your just brilliant luv or vids (and your hair)

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  16. From this to Zoella beauty, I cant believe it.. I'm so incredibly proud Zoe!

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  18. It wont let me on it and says i need to be an invited reader. what does that mean?

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  20. Hi Zoe! I have a problem with the blog, I can't access :(

  21. Kaitlyn

    how can i access the shop blog?

  22. It’s really very informative that I wanted ever, thanks for this. ukSarees

  23. Nele Bross

    I want to go on your shop, but the website said that I’m not allowed to go on the shop. What made I wrong?

  24. Phoebe Mills

    Cool Zoe that’s so cool I love you, Alfie and joe your so cute nalass amazing