Not too long ago, my mum was in Bournemouth staying with a friend and she came across a bag, of which she fell in love. Unfortunately, she saw the bag in a boutique shop window, and the shop was closed & she had to come home the same day. When she arrived home, we sat and tried to search for the bag, typing into Google the description of it. Soon enough we came across a few on Ebay, but none new or cheap. It was becoming increasingly apparent we wouldnt be able to find a site that stocked it. August 23rd was Mums birthday, and so i set about on a mission to track down the bag so she could have it as a surprise. Funnily enough, Amazon now stocked it.

The Company is called “Disaster Designs” and they have a handful of different ranges within it. This is the “Paper Planes” range (The cutest in my opinion). It is somewhat in the more pricey range, but nothing too extravagent, and totally worth it.
I just wanted to share with you how pretty some of the items were. Of course Mum got her bag, and also a cute Wash bag/Makeup bag too. (which im pretty sure i will be stealing). If you’re looking for something utterly adorable (Passport Cover, Coin Purse, Weekend Bag, Compact Mirror…) I’d highly reccommend you give this comapny a little search on the interwebz (Or check stockists as it can be stocked in independent shops & Boutiques)

Paper Planes Washabag

Mummys Weekend Bag, Also Paper Planes

What do you think? Personally i think they are GORGEOUS and look so cute in her bedroom. I want so much stuff from this company.

  1. abby

    ah i have a few of their items on my wish list! the wash bag being one of them :) along with a makeup bag, handbag and weekender bag :P

    i really love their designs so special and unique! :) xx

  2. Your mom has great taste. I love both. I will totally be looking at their website. Thanks for sharing.

  3. those are so adorable. i LOVE the second bag. xxx

  4. I love the washbag, they sell them in Spitalfields…I am kinda a personal shopper in disguise so rather than buying this for myself I made my colleague buy it for his wife lol She loves it so everyone was happy! :o)

  5. i just went on amazon to have a look, and fell in love with almost all of their products! i feel a shopping spree coming on, hahah thanks zoe!

  6. roshas

    that looks so beautiful.. and so vintage! i love the makeup bag :) xx

  7. Oooooh I'm in Bournemouth! What store was it in? I have seen this bag in House of Fraser, it's so gorgeous! I was veeeery temptef but tried to be restrained!


  8. Kyanvi

    I saw similar, but men's version in the beatles story in liverpool before, and it wasn't cheap =.=//

  9. Jess

    I have a few of these on my wishlist on amazon, they are all so gorgeous. I love their wash bag.


  10. Hayley

    I saw this bag in a small store in Leeds and totally fell in love with it =)

    Deffo going to be buying a few pieces =) x

  11. I adore the first bag – it is amazing! It is defo on my wishlist now. x

  12. Steph x

    These are absolutely gorgeous! I was considering my new bag being a Longchamp but these are just gorgeous!!

  13. Alice

    I've seen these bags and they are so stunning. The prints and detailing are such lovely features x

  14. aw I love it :) trhey are both gorgeous. I've never really seen any like this, its gorgeous

  15. Rebecca

    I love Disaster Designs, we sell it at the shop where I work. Some of their stuff can be a bit dodgy but I love this range!

  16. omg there gorgeous, I love how unique they are and no-one around where i live has one of these xxx

  17. Tali

    Soo gorgeous and so different!!!! Great finds xx

  18. Tali

    Well great finds to your mum not you. but im sure youll pinch them! ;)

  19. haaa we sell these where i work! i love the travel items and the purse. its so cute, almost a bit french chic with the eiffel tower :)

  20. Kel

    SO pretty and different!
    Love them.


  21. Amy

    Love it! So unique.. Will be looking into them I think!!x

  22. I've heard about this range & I fell in love with it, but i've had a hard time tracking some of the pieces down – definately going to check out amazon :)

  23. Kim

    These are lovely :D xx

  24. Katy

    I love the wash bag! definitely going to go on my wish list :) xxx

  25. Emma

    aww i think ive actually seen this company mentioned in a magazine! they're so sweet, i love the airmail letter design on the pocket!

  26. Vicky

    They are so cute and unique! They remind me a little of a range that Accessorize were stocking recently. Love! xoxo

  27. oh my goodness they are gorgeous!!!!i will check it out and try to get something for myself!!!

    Thanks for this post!!!

  28. Giò

    hi zoe! i believe this bag is also retailed in Notting Hill. :-D

  29. Oh goodness they are lovely! I'm scared to click on the link to Amazon to see how much they are cos I will want to buy loads lol.. xx

  30. Haribo

    they are gooorgeous! Well done on finding the bag for your Mum, that's so cute!x

  31. i have the same bag& a little make up bag!

  32. OMG, want to have one:D


  34. Aneela.

    Hey i've been following your blog and I thought I'd let you know that I'm having a MAC and Juicy Couture giveaway on my blog…check it out if you like!
    xoxo Aneela

  35. bee.

    that's absolutely beautiful.
    i love your blog – i'm now following.

  36. They are so cute and different!

  37. These are gorgeous!! <3 :]

  38. Theses are so cute, we saw the passport covers a while ago and fell in love. x

  39. Paula

    here is so many inspirations!

    have a nice time!

  40. shoena

    Those bags are really cute && unique.
    Thx for sharing =]

  41. I love the makeup bag! it's too cute!

  42. ohh, I want their purse sooooooo bad~~ but they are quite pricey, they are stocked in a shop in Camden!

  43. kelly

    I've got the satchel version of this bag! Got it for Christmas last year and my god it has taken a hammering! I want the washbag now too x

  44. Wow these are adorable!!! Maybe I'll decorate this way one of my bags, since I'm in abit of a downslope with cash…

    Love'em!!!! ;D

  45. lo

    really cute :) i've got the cross-body bag and its really lovely :) deff recommend! xx

  46. Hannah

    Oh wow, these are adorable. I think I actually saw someone with one of those bags the other day and fell in love with it so thank you for posting! I'll definitely be checking this stuff out xx

  47. This is adorable, I want one !

  48. Erin

    that bag is so cute! I've been searching amazon for it. It's at the top of my christmas list. :)

  49. I have the same bag which I fell in love with the first time I saw it I love disaster designs <3

  50. OMG, someone else that loves these bags. None of my friends have heard of this, i think they live in closets

  51. they are super cute and very innovative!