Top to bottom:
PVC Lace Pumps with Floral Interior – £8 – Primark
Black and Gold studded cluth bag – £3 – Primark
Black and Gold sequined headband – £1.50
Denim sleeveless crop jacket – £12 – Primark
Grey Jumpsuit – £3 – Primark
Lingerie/Nighty Jumpsuit – £10 – Primark
Mint Skater Dress w/Horses – £9 – Primark
Navy Lace Dress – £3 – Primark
Cream Lace Dress – £3 – Primark
Brown Leater Boots – £30 – Primark
Navy Body – £5.99 – Zara

  1. Madi

    i love the denim jacket, may have to have a hunt in my primani for it!
    you always buy such fabulous things!

  2. Tara

    those boots were £3?! that's insane! x

  3. Zoella.

    @Tara – Oops, was meant to type £30, now that really would have been a bargain haha x

  4. Hannah

    I am lusting after many of your haul items! Love the jumpsuit, and those boots were insanely cheap! Why do I not find these sorts of gems in my primark? I did try on the horsey dress though, but it fitted me strangely :( Great items! xxx :)

  5. 3ate4

    Liking the denim jacket and boots!

  6. Oh wow, great finds. I think I should pay primark a visit soon :) x

  7. Wow, major bargains! Looking forward to seeing how you put those looks together cause I never know where to start!x

  8. i wouldnt have thought those things were from primarni, wowww i need to go oh so soon!

  9. The nighty jumpsuit is interesting. Haven't seen anything like that before.

    The boots are gorgeous.

  10. i love the denim jacket, all such good finds!

  11. Javy

    i LOVE your cute n girly n frilly style :)!!

  12. I love the denim jacket and the lace dress! x

  13. Emma

    i neeeeeed that dress and the waistcoat!!

  14. Omg! How was everything £3?

  15. es decir…me encanta todo!!!!! demasiada linda la ropa. me llevaria cada prenda.
    el blog, hermoso, de mas esta decirlo, te sigo :)
    yu xx

  16. Jodie

    I Have To Go Hunting In Primark For Those Lovelies, I Just Get Put Off Cause Everything Is Always A Mess!! x

  17. damn how do u find all this stuff at primark i went the other day and saw none of this im sooo jealous :)

  18. kelly

    gorgeous! I never find anything like that in my primark!!!

  19. I wish we had Primark here in the US.
    Love your blog! <3

  20. i'm glad someone else spends too much in primark :)
    I LOVE the denim jacket, may have to go find it in my local one. xo

  21. i love everything, especially the grey jumpsuit!

  22. Louise

    i bought the cream lace dress yesterday! 3 pounds… BARGAIN!xo

  23. Gorgeous buys! Especially like the boots and the bargain lace dresses!

  24. wow that mint green dress is sooo nice and only £9?! Im deffo going to primani! x x

  25. love all the dresses!! xx

  26. Kheira

    I love the boots! xoxo:)

  27. Rebecca

    wow I can't believe all those items are from primark! I can never find great buys in there! Which Primark do you go to?? I love the patent brogues xx

  28. ♔ MW

    love what u got -kute esp the dresses <3

  29. Tali

    Mint green one is what you wore in the boyfriend (yum) post! :P
    Great choices.. all look very much your style!! x

  30. Gem Gem

    OMG Primark is not this good in Birmingham!!! xx

  31. CoCo

    All from primark.. i was expecting a TopShop thrown in there at some point. Gorgeous mint green dress. Ill keep my eye out for that one! xx

  32. Rach

    Just linked you in my first ever post :) would love your thoughts xx

  33. LOVE LOVE LOVE the boots! :)

  34. please answer ,what did you wear the lace dresses with ?like if it was just a cool day,what type of jacket shoes and tights ?im terrible for pairing things :)

  35. very cute purches!! i love the black lace dress

  36. I have the navy lace dress!
    that made my day for some reason