Do excuse my somewhat scary faces.
I think i will do my hair like this more often.
Center Parting.
Tousled and curled with my Cloud Nine Straighteners.
Hair sprayed.
Messed about a bit.
Simples. ;)

  1. Devs

    I love this look. So easy and carefree but you still look very put together! I am still trying to grow out my hair so that I can wear looks like this!

    -Chic Geek

  2. I absolutely love that hair style and you are GORGEOUS!

  3. Ooh, i love this look! I love your hair color btw :) You look gorgeous! xo

  4. kati

    looks amazing :)
    do you have a new camera? .. do you now post more posts?

  5. Kim

    this middle parting actually suits you a lot! love it. I really like the texture of your hair :)

  6. Great quality pictures!! And your eyes are SO blue, gorgeous! xx

  7. I love it, you look great hun :)

  8. love your nail color! totally made your eyes pop!

  9. You look amazing zoeeeee, as per & i absolutely love your hair like that, totes gonna try and recreate it on my head!

  10. you look absolutely gorgeous as usual!! Love love love the hair, messy hair is always the flattering :)



  11. Lucy

    Everyone has already said it but ugghhhhhh Zoe you're too pretty! Hair looks lovely parted down the middle – mine totally refuses to do this, wish it would! xx

  12. so pretty- definitely keep the middle parting!(:

  13. Caz

    I wish my hair would look as nice as yours, it really suits you!

  14. Javy

    you look great! i like the quality on this camera :)

  15. Laura

    You look fricking sensational :) x x x

  16. mel

    really like it + you're pretty pretty :) x

  17. you look beautiful! your eyes are gorgeous :)
    keep the middle parting!

  18. lovely hair :) beautiful waves! x

  19. Debby

    You look amazing! WOW your sooo beautiful. I love your blog so much. Your honestly the reason why I made a blog!
    xoxo Debby

  20. Pretty lady x

  21. you look so beautiful Zoe! Your eyes are amazingly blue, gorgeous!
    keep the middle parting, it looks great!
    i'm in love with your blog!

  22. Ulaaa

    You're stunninggg and this hair style suits you so much!! <3 xx

  23. May

    Love this! You look lovely! xxx

  24. how do you tousle your hair with your straighteners? :( xx

  25. Lauren

    I kinda like it better! The side part thing has been a little overdone and the middle part seems to have a fresher more summertime feel.

  26. LOVE IT! You are incredibly beautiful! xx

  27. I have a hard time with center-parting but your hair looks incredible this way! :)

  28. wow zoe you are just gorgeous! xo

  29. Ahh love messy waves, so perfect for summer!
    Love your hair in a centre parting as well, it's such a quicky way to totally change a hairstyle!
    Great post girly!

  30. Ariel

    Hahhaha the second picture.. You pull off the center part perfectly! xx

  31. Simple and Messy is the best. Looks nice on you. I'm a new follower, Hi!

  32. Looks gorgeous!
    Ive been doing this a lot too!


  33. Gorgeous! I need to master curling my hair with straightners…how long does it take you to get it looking like this? x

  34. cute look

    your eyes are soooo pretty

  35. ur hair looks so nice curly~!

  36. Amina

    love the hair colour!

  37. Perfect look for you! Can't wait until my hair gets as long as yours.

  38. gorgeous as always zoe :) xx

  39. Elise

    Your hair and your eyes are insane! and i'm insanely jealous!

  40. Your hair is gorgeous! Love the colour!

  41. you look gorgeous! love the hair :) xx

  42. Hey Zoe. Love the post beautiful. I was wondering if you could do a hair routine post just saying what products you use. pretty please with a cherry on top :D xx

  43. So pretty! I need some new irons, maybe cloud nine is the way forward…

  44. Mary

    I love your hair! Idk if you know but superdrug have a 3 for 2 on GOSH untill the end of august, just thought I'd let you know just incase :) xo.

  45. Sophie

    This look looks amazing on you! I love it how you are so relaxed and your look is very natural, but it still looks gorgeous!

    Middle parting definitely suits you loads!

    Sophie <3

  46. :) You look gorgeous! what make up are you wearing.?

  47. ♔ MW


  48. Orla xx

    This really suits you, its gorgeous

  49. Zoeee – How did you get those luscious waves with a flat iron? I know how to get tight curls, but not those gorgeous creatures you're sporting in this photo – do tell :)

  50. It looks amazing!

  51. Tanveer

    i love ur hair color. which hair color brand and color do u use?

  52. city

    thanks for sharing..

  53. You look a lot like nina dobrev in these pictures. (:

  54. Tanya