I purchased this under eye concealer when i spotted it in a House Of Fraser sale about 7 months ago for around £14. I am ALWAYS on the hunt for an under eye concealer which will make me feel better about the dark circles under my eyes (bain of my life). I used it every single day on the inner corners of my eyes and just under my eye (not the whole area) I mostly used it on top of my other favourite under eye concealer (GOSH Touch Up Concealer No. 2) so i wasn’t using it generously, just sparingly & in very small amounts.
When i finally ran out of it, i didn’t start to panic, but i did notice in photos that no other under eye concealer made me look so awake & refreshed.
When i noticed, i ran to Boots and spent the whole £18.50 on a new jar…i wouldn’t ever be able to justify spending so much on any other concealer let me tell you. I do still think it’s massively overpriced, but i think Benefit are clever, because they know that people like me become addicted to it’s magical light reflecting and dark covering properties and buy it anyway.

The concealer itself comes with a teeny tiny little plastic spatula which can be used to scoop the right amount out of the little jar, although, i only think this is beneficial if you have artificial nails as the jar is quite small and so scooping with long nails becomes quite the task.
I personally just use my finger.
The consistency of the concealer is what makes it so amazing. It’s very thick, but very creamy and easy to blend, thus making it easy to get the desired thickness or even when mixed with another concealer. It also means that you only need the tiniest amount..and i mean tiny.
Obviously with creamy concealers there is always the probability of it creasing or smudging off but i find this stays put for such a long time, and can be set with a light finishing powder if you wanted or had oilier skin.

I think i will be buying this concealer until Benefit decide to stop making it, or if the brand ever comes to an end. I love everything about it (besides possibly the over exessive price tag for the amount you get)

What product do you swear by, to an extent where you would pay stupid amounts to have it?

  1. KC

    I love this!! I also couldnt live without my bareminerals! Seriously i could rave about bareminerals all day!

  2. ive never so much spent allot on makeup,the highest purchase would be foundations. Benifit products seems to draw us women via their packaging or just the quality of them. very 5o's and cute.

  3. I think this looks really good stuff. The only downside, it seems, is the price!
    Thanks for the review and pics.

  4. ooo i can't live without boi-ing but now want to try this!

  5. Laura

    Fab review! Concealer wise, I'm now forced to admit that I will be forking out the £17 odd for the Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer (I reviewed it recently), because it really is fantastic! It seems like extortion for a tube of product, BUT it works, and with a baby and yet more sleepless nights on the way, it is one expensive indulgence I will allow myself!


  6. Ulaaa

    Oh this looks lovely! Deffo need to try it!
    My favourite product that I swear by is MAC SFF, which is £19, expensive but VERY worth it! :)


  7. It's ridiculous how much I will spend on 'shine reducing/ pore refining/ mattifying' products. One day I will find the perfect product!

  8. I love it too. I'm always seeking new products but not concealer, I am so happy with Erase Paste and that little pot does seem to last a very long time. I probably go through one about every nine months at the most!

  9. ♔ MW

    i want to try this out -i usually just use my mac studio finish concealer but this sounds really good

  10. Ari

    I pay stupid amounts for just about all my everyday face products …. Laura Mercier matte translucent smooth focus pressed powder shine control, Bobbi brown corrector concealer, Tarte tickled cheek stain, and most stupid of all but also my fav Shiseido BE 109 it works out to about 30 Canadian and I go threw them so fast

  11. Funny because I also just purchased this and used it for the first time last night and am going to do a review this week of this and a couple other Benefit products this week! I love it too!

  12. Liana

    ooh i really want to try this!

  13. i love this concealer i just found that because its quite creamy i get through it really quick where as MAC studio finish concealer is alot thicker so i tend to use less :D love the blog charlie x ……..www.tuttibeauty.blogspot.com im real new to blogspot soo please follow :D x

  14. Laura

    So glad you did this review, I just picked up a pot to try out at duty free and was really hoping that this would be the 'one'! I swear by Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, I use it on my lips, dry skin, to give a sheen to my eyes, my nails – love it!


  15. Sami

    Ahhh i've heard some many good things about this… so i may have to check it out!
    I absolutely love the YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks but always feel a bit miffed about splashing out 20 quid on them :-|
    Sami xx

  16. franki

    I couldn't live without the Guerlain Terracotta bronzing powder. It's expensive but it's really worth it – gorgeous natural finish, lasts for AGES and the compact it comes in is really pretty. I usually treat myself to one on my birthday and then it lasts the whole year! xxx

  17. I tried to love this product but it's far too dry, even after applying eye cream =(

  18. i swear by l'oreal's carbon black liquid eye liner it is fairly cheap, and does a great job at lining your eyes perfectly :)

  19. bethan

    you're a girl after my own heart with erase paste.
    i've been repurchasing it for the past two years, i'm due a new one very soon

  20. I love benefit products! I think if the product is amazing, it's worth spending that wee bit extra. :) x

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    I’ll be back !

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  22. Katee

    ok zoe.i kinda sorta LOVE your posts! you so amazingly pretty and your a fanastic blogger! i hope i can meet you soon! follow me @ http://kateemendoza.blogspot.com/

  23. i have this (i also have the BIGGEST under eye bags ever) but i didn't think it was so great… i think maybe i rub it in too much. going to try it again after seeing this :)


  24. We've just recently discovered your blog, and you're freakin' adorable! And I've had my eye on (excuse the pun) Erase Paste for a while…now I might just have to get it! Hmm…as far as products I'd pay tons for (though I'm VERY glad I don't have to), I'd say:

    Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap in lavender
    e.l.f. Mineral Mascara – BEST I'VE EVER TRIED
    Lime Crime lipsticks, any shade

    Also, we've tagged you in the "I <3 Your Blog" award thingy that's going around. :)


  25. I just fell in love with your blog! Just great! And you're so pretty!


  26. Well that's it lol! Another expensive habbit on the cards for me!

    great blog :)

    follow me too :)


  27. I bought this concealer ages ago. I was looking for it for a long time because I'd heard such great reviews and then when I seen the price I was a bit hesitant. Luckily I found one brand new in the box on Ebay for $12AUD. I was over the moon considering it retails for around $35AUD.

    The most excessive products I buy are all my YSL lipsticks. I noticed you did a post on one ages ago. Beautiful colour you got. I love pink lipsticks, so they are my Achilles heel when it comes to makeup shopping. YSL and pink lipsticks.

    Always on the hunt for the perfect matte chalky pink. Takes me back to my young teenage days with a tan =p

  28. I always re-buy Elizabeth Ardens 8 Hour Cream because it is so versatile! I also buy Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect because its sooo good :) x x

  29. I swear by the l'oréal eraser! in combination with a corrector (because i have very blue undereye circles) it literally erases my dark circles – and looks so natural at the same time! love it :) you should definitely give it a go, it's not too expensive either!