Is Beautiful.
  1. elle

    I LOVE HER. I'm always surprised at how old she is though, I think she looks & acts about 10 yrs younger.


  2. Greer

    oh my darling, she is. she is so beautiful. x.

  3. Laura

    You remind me of her :) xxx

  4. So true. Even more beautiful in the flesh too. x

  5. Ariel

    Love her! The party hat picture is darling <3

  6. NOU

    I've always loved her sister, Emily Dechanel. She has the prettiest eyes!

  7. I totally agree! She is gorgeous!

  8. holly

    she looks like katy perry(:,X

  9. Amy

    i love her so much! x

  10. Lauren

    Omg! I love her. She's amazingggggggggg
    500 days of summer is my fav movie ever :) and I love her band with M.Ward- She & M.
    You should check both out if you havent.


  11. Shes gorgeous and has an amazing voice. x

  12. she is so beautiful! i agree with laura above ^^^ you actually do look a bit like her :) 'xo

  13. Honestly she is soooo adorable!!!

  14. franki

    She's SUCH a babe! Have you heard any of her music? She's in a band called She & Him, they're definitely worth a listen ;)

  15. miley

    haha, her name is just, so cool(:

  16. Yes she is! Shes my girl crush :)

  17. oh, she is amazingly beautiful, and her eyes… omg so stunning. 500 days of summer is such a great movie <3

  18. She is SO beautiful and talented!!

  19. monika

    she is honestly one of the prettiest and best actors in hollywood. 500 days of summer became one of my favorite movies ever…she is just plain amazing.

  20. Audrey

    Katy perryy! So like her.

  21. lo

    LOVE her xx

  22. she is absolutely stunning. i cant wait till her tv show comes out this fall. she resembles katy perry dont you think?

  23. Laura

    I love the girl! She is just amazing! So beautiful too, but also a great personality!

    Laura x ~

  24. By her pictures, it looks like you two have a similar personality. ;)) She looks a bit like Katy Perry!

    xoxo, Natalya