In my previous blog post i mentioned a little shopping spree in Westfield with Nicola & Caroline.
I did buy a few things but one place in particular had me very excited.


I had heard this brand name before, floating about in the beauty community but had never given it much thought as i don’t have a shop ANYWHERE near me. So when the oppertunity came to check out the products of course i was going to.
I went in with a completely open mind, had nothing in particular that i wanted to seek out, but ended up purchasing a 5 pan custom palette and a lipstick.

Nicola & I both wanted a 5 pan custom palette, and so we set about choosing colours…funnily enough, we both just ended up lusting over the same ones. (we just have fabulous taste) so we both came away with identical palettes. I was amazed by the cheap price tag that came with it too, £15 for any 5 colours, in a sleek black palette which includes a mirror and space for a little eyeshadow brush if you so desired.

Inglot, i have to say, is SUCH good quality. The shadows are amazingly pigmented and so creamy and easy to blend, they rival Mac, but obviously has the upper hand with it’s cheaper pricing. There is also such a massive range of colours and you even get the option of having eyeshadows and blushers in square form..or circular. They spoil us don’t they? They also have an extensive range of lipsticks (i had a hard time choosing which one to take home with me) and they are just as pigmented as Mac’s.

The one thing that i don’t like about Inglot though, is their ridiculous way of naming the products. It’s all just numbers and letters. At least make them feel a bit more special with their own cute names?

The lipstick i purchased was more of a Mac “Slimshine”. They did have proper lipsticks, but Caroline spotted these and they looked a lot more moisturising yet still highly pigmented.
I bought this beautiful coral colour,
I have been wearing this pretty much non stop since i’ve had it. It’s perfect. Moisturising, pigmented and it looks and stays well on the lips. This was £9 & well worth it. I want to go back for more.

Swatches resemble order of palette.
From Left to Right:
AMC Shine 08, AMC Shine 34, Pearl 420, Pearl 402, Pearl 422

The lipstick is number 40

What do you think of Inglot? Is there anything you think i need to check out?

  1. Fern

    that lipstick looks lush! xo

  2. elle

    that palette is gorgeous – looks like every shade there is so usable.


  3. Louise

    Love it all, I really want a palette now!

  4. I'd love to check everything Inglot but they're not in my country and so far they don't sell online, what a shame! The colors you picked look absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Those eyeshadows look so pretty. I spent ages in the Inglot shop last time I was in Westfield but didn't buy anything – there's just too many pretty things to choose from! x

  6. The eyeshadows are amazing! Just from your swatches you can defintely tell they are highly pigmented! xoxo

  7. Laura

    Gorgeous :) I'd love a trip to Westfield purely for Inglot, hoping I may get some money for my birthday, then I might attempt a slow waddle around!!! xxx

  8. all of the eyeshadows look amazing :)
    I think i might plan a trip to Westfield for my birthday :)

  9. Inglot is like the first port of call whenever there is a blogger event in London.

    I went recently and managed to buy nothing because I'm on my no buy but I'm more than in love with the colour changing AMC lipglosses and the gel liners. The containers for the gel liners are massive and they have a million and one colours.

  10. i love inglot! i keep going back.. and you can buy "refills" for eyeshadow palettes as well.. so i filled up my mac palette with a few! (they fit perfectly.. except you have to attach a magnet on the back to stop them falling out) i also love their creamy concealer which i use everyday and really want to try a blush! xo

  11. I always wander past Inglot but never have a look inside because I don't want to look completely uninformed in there haha! £15 for a custom palette sounds amazhings though :O xxxx

  12. Beccy

    all the eyeshadows look amazing!
    especially the pearl 402, definately got my eye on that shade :)

  13. Kerry!

    i get more and more jelous that there isnt an inglot near me everytime i see blog posts about their products! :(

  14. Ugh! That palette is just stunning!! You chose gorgeous colours! I'm definitley going to make my way down to Westfields soon!! X

  15. Phoebe

    Lovely post :) I've never heard of this make! But this post makes me want to try it, the custom eyeshadow palette sounds amaze ! x

  16. Beautiful picks! Plese post a FOTD soon using these!!!

  17. Gemma

    I wish there was more counters for Inglot!!! Some of the shadow swatches i have seen look gorgeous!

  18. Lucy

    Really love the lipstick colour and the palette is insanely good value compared to other brands – shame we've not got an Inglot up here! xx

  19. Hi,
    Inglot is polish cosmetic company, in Poland they have even lower prizes!

  20. I love Inglot, the color range is so good and although there are better quality products out there I think they're really giving them a run for their money :)

  21. Jalynn

    I have heard so many great things about their gel liner! Be sure to check that out!

  22. Hey it's an old post – think the circles are now squares at £4.50 each – I paid in 2013 £28 for a 5 box case and 5 squares so quite a price hike!
    Also they do sell online now