Benefit Erase Paste no1 under eyes
Maybelline Mineral Cover concealer on blemishes
Bare Escentuals Foundation in Medium Beige
Sleek Contour Kit to contour and highlight
Mac Sun & Moon blush

Nars Ondine all over lid
Nars Mekong in crease
L’oreal Superliner in Carbon Gloss
Barry M Black Kohl eyeliner
Estee Lauder Sumptuous Mascara

Gosh Darling lipstick

Revlon Minted

Blazer – New Look
Pink sequin shouldered top – H&M
Leggings – New Look
Black Patent Boots – Primark
Flower Ring – H&M
Swallow Brooch – Bootsale
Necklace – Frock Exchange (Mums Shop)
Spider Earrings – Boutique
Silver Heart Bracelet – Watlings Jewellers

  1. Omg i absolutely love this
    will so have to do this as its gorgeous :)
    and btw where did you get your spin dryer for hair from?

    Eloise xoxo

  2. Jen

    Ooh, I ummed and ahhed about that H&M top the other week…you may have just convinced me to pick it up this weekend :) x

  3. holly

    you are probably the prettiest girl i have ever seen! i love your top and hair(L),X

  4. Jen

    Such lovely hair. I adore the spider earrings! So cute.

  5. Lydia

    Wow I looovee your eye make-up! Going to check out those 2 Nars shadows next time I'm at a counter :) xox

  6. Jo

    You look stunning! xx

  7. My darling as always you look beautiful! Great look. Everything just works so well. I want to visit your Mum's shop!


  8. Leenda

    Cute outfit and makeup! Love it! =D

  9. Gorgeous as always Zoe, just added everything to my shopping list! x

  10. Stunning as usual. Love that picture of you with your hand on your hip, and I also love the way you do your crease. Is this your hair with the spindryer still?? Tres pretty xx

  11. Daisy

    LOVE this look! And you've just made me want to get my GOSH darling out. I'd forgotten how lovely it looks x

  12. Eye makeup looks fab & so do you x

  13. MW

    love <3
    xo mw

  14. Love everything! The earings are lovely x

  15. Clara

    OMG you look gorgeous, your skin looks amazing.I never get that flawless face when I apply my Bare Escentuals. I don't know why but my face looks uneven and horrible, especially in pictures, and I do buff it for almost 5 minutes. How do you apply it? Could you do a video on how you do it?plizzz :)

  16. I have to go check that H&M top, looks so fab! I thought you were wearing false lashes, but it seems you just have long lashes and a very good mascara :)

  17. woww so so pretty :)
    love your outfit and hair! xxxx

  18. So

    Your eyes are fab!

  19. Your hair is just gorgeous :).

  20. love that necklace especially! are the products from your mum's shop available online – does she have an online boutique? x

  21. Lace

    Really love the eye makeup ! maybe a youtube tutorial ;)

  22. Lucy

    Your hair looks particularly gorgeous today Zoe! Outfit is right up my street. Fab xx

  23. Paula

    Love that eye make up hun, im gunna attempt to try that tomorrow :D

    Im seriously debating on the revlon spin curl i want beach waves too :) x

  24. Too beautiful! That outfit is stunning xoxo

  25. Tamara

    Girl I love your hair. You look gorgeous! And the outfit, wow!

  26. Beautiful hair! And I love your spider earrings, they're adorable! xxx

  27. India

    You look lovely, I especially like the H&M top! xx

  28. Pleaseeee give me your hair :) Its amazing. What's your secret???
    Charlotte x

  29. you look soo amazing!
    love the outfit <3

  30. omg you are so pretty, your style is great as always but i really love your hair, do you think soon you could tell us in detail about your haircut as i really want that style and also what products you use, cheers xxx

  31. Hope

    Love your hair and your style!

  32. Rica

    I love the dramatic eye + neutral lips. And your outfit is absolutely adorable! Love it!

    And can you please do a tutorial about your hair? I love those waves

  33. The ondine eyeshadow looks amazing. xx

  34. Dandy

    how did you stile your hair? it's amaaaazing!

  35. Your hair looks amazing! Love the spider earrings :)

  36. you are so beautyfull!
    i love it[=

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    you are effortlessly beautiful! i loved this post. major hair envy, heh xox

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    you look beautiful zoe x

  39. gorgeous my dear!

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    wowwwww, you are looking brilliant. love the hair, love the outfit, love the makeup. you are one stunning girl x x

  41. Binia

    LOVE the bracelet!
    and your hair! as everyone has said, please spill how you did it cause my hair is also stupidly long and i want it to look that pretty!

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    i love the whole look. it's super gorgeous. :)

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    such beautiful eyeshadows! i want them now :)

  44. i need those eye shadows!

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    Love absolutely everything about this. Especially your hair. Would love to know how you styled it this way.

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  47. love your sense of fashion

    youre a life size doll!

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    You look gorgeous! I'd love to know how you style your hair.. it's beautiful!

    & I'm very jelous of those outfits :)


  49. Such a cute outfit! I want your hair!

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  51. Milly

    Erm…hello?!! Can I have your face please :)
    Absolutely beautiful darling. So very stunning! Grrr.
    Love the beachy hair and yummy outfit.

  52. I think this is your best eye makeup ever! I've gotta try this!

    I wish there was a way to favorite a post b/c this is great.

  53. wow! :O
    youu look stunningg:D
    i luurve yourr makeup on this look- it looks amazing on youu!

  54. Carine

    Your hair always look fantastic, I dunno how you can obtainb those perfect waves ^-^

  55. Gorgeous hair and more importantly fabulous outfit! Very Cheryl Cole <3 xxx

  56. you are so gorgeous, i'm jealous.

    pleaseplease could you do a review on how you do your eyemake up? thanks :D xx

  57. Laura

    Love the look and your accessories are beautiful you always know haw to combine things so perfectly.

  58. really love this post! everything's gorgeous! <3

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    you're like a mini cheryl cole seriously! Very jealous over here!

    How much was the top?! xxx

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    Gorgeous as always ;)

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    Please start making hair tutorialssss :)

    btw. i love your blazer!
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    xo tiffany

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  68. zoe, you're kinda perfect!

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    & you are so pretty <3

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  72. Happy Birthday! To me and you because it's my birthday too! Hope you have a nice day :)

  73. woww your're soooo gorgeous! love this makeup loook :)
    what camera do you own? xo

  74. love this style of dress and you are ridiculously stunning! :) x

    jealous :(

  76. Truly amazing hair!!Romantic and just the right amount of "messiness"!How did you get this look?

    I really love your accessories too!




  77. You're hair and makeup is perfect :O You are unbelievably pretty! X

  78. Just found your blog! You look amazing! Love your hair! Just followed!

    Check out my blog too if you want :)

  79. you are soso pretty! :)

    i was just wondering how much was the 'Maybelline Mineral Cover concealer'? x

  80. love itttttt. one of the best bloggers ive seen :] x

  81. you look beautiful in this outfit your hair is just amazing, beautiful how did you do this to your hair? and your gorgeous outfit from the rings to the earrings to the clothes just gorgeous! droooool :p

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  83. Its gorgeous I love the look of smokey eyes and nude colour lips. But it makes you look completely different, wauw I just had to look again for a few times to see if it was really you. But you look gorgeous.

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