Eek, yes, as most of you will be aware, i turned 20 at the weekend.
This is what i wore out..

I did have a little bit of a dilemma over what to wear..nothing in my wardrobe made me happy so i did buy most of my outfit that same day…

Gosh Touch up Concealer in no 2 under eyes
Benefit Erase Paste in no 1 under eyes
Maybelline Mineral Cover Concealer in no 2 on all blemishes
Mac Studio Sculpt foundation
Bare Escentuals foundation in medium beige lightly dusted over the top to set
Sleek face contour kit to contour and highlight
Mac Sun & Moon blush

Nano Gold Mac E/S
Knight Divine Mac E/S
Graphology Mac E/S
Carbon Mac E/S
L’oreal Superliner in Carbon Gloss
Revlon Fake lashes in 99501 (Defined)
Estee Lauder mascara in Sumptuous

Yves St Laurent Rouge Volupte in no 2 Sensual Silk

Cream Dress/Top (buttoned down the back) – Ted Baker reduced from £70 to £25!
Leggings – New Look
Boots – New Look
Black Bow Clutch – Russel & Bromley

  1. happe belated doll.. u looked fab hope u had a great bday xx

  2. India

    I love the Clutch! Russell and Bromley do the best shoes and accessories :) xx

  3. Your look gorgeous as always hun! Love your outfit by the way. Hope you had a great birthday :) xx

  4. kati

    i love it :)
    & how do you get your hair soo big?! <3

  5. Aww Zoe, you look beautiful!
    Hope you had an amazing day!

  6. Hannah

    aw you look very pretty!
    love your boots and your hair , jealous!
    hope you had a good day :)

  7. Sarah

    Happy belated birthday! You looks so classy.. perfect for the 2-0 :) hope you had a great day. xx

  8. Laura

    Sooo prettyful :) I loves it, just like I loves you :) xxxx

  9. congrats, you look sooo lovely

  10. Hope

    Happy belated birthday! Loving that outfit! So chic!

  11. Happy birthday! Love the outfit ;)

  12. Happy belated birthday! I know how you feel about turning the big 2-0. I face the same thing in 28 days! I also started a blog recently inspired yourself and some lovely other blog people if you would like to pop by and have a read. I'm a bit busy so there aren't that many post right now but they are coming soon! x

  13. Happy belated birthday Zoe. I wish I was 20 again! Hope you had fun. xx

  14. Michy

    Happy Birthday! And I do believe I spot a mint green polish of some sort??

  15. absolutely gorgeous! how did you do your hair? I love it all!! :)

  16. Happy belated bday, hope it was a good one =]

  17. You look stunning, Love the hair, outfit, Make up every thing :) Happyy belated birthday :) x

  18. Cheryl Cole eat your heart out…you look gorge!x

  19. Gorgeous!!
    Happy 20!!

  20. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY! You look(ed) gorgeous. Love the outfit.

  21. Lisa

    Happy belated birthday, hope you had a lovely day! Your outfit and makeup looked fab, lurveee those lashes <3 xx

  22. Carine

    Happy birthday :D

  23. love it and happy belated birthday hun :)
    hope you had a good one :)
    Eloise xoxo

  24. Zoe

    happy birthday! you look beautiful. hope you had a great day xox

  25. Hope you had a good birthday, you look gorgeous, I love that top! Total bargain indeed!


  26. Jo

    Gorgeous! Happy belated birthday.xx

  27. Happy Birthday! Gorgeous as always and I love the outfit! :)

  28. Rica

    Love your outfit. It's so elegant and dressy. And I love those shoes, they're adorable!

    Anyway, I hope you had a great one =D

  29. Pippa

    I thought your eye lashes were fake! They are amazing :) JEALOUS.
    You look lovely. Hope you had a nice time :)

  30. Tanya

    Happy Belated Birthday!
    And you look gorgeous sweet xxx

  31. Lauren

    You look immaculate Zoe. Beautiful my dear :)

    Good choice in nail polish too ;) I have the same one.


  32. Edna

    Happy belated bday :)

  33. Lisa

    I am seriously in love with your hair! You should really do some youtube tutorials !! Oh and Happy Belated Birthday hun :) xxx

  34. Happy belated bday!! You look gorgeous!! :)

  35. happy birthdayy! my birthday was todayy! i turned 15. :))

  36. Ebru

    You're gorgeous as always! Love your outfit, hair and all :) And those shoes, ughhh to die for! Happy 20th!

  37. you have such doll eyes! and always look so glowing =)

    ps giveaway on my blog! Check it out

    oh and I added you to my fave makeup links! Let me know if you want to link back


  38. aretha

    happy belated bday babe! gorgeous ensemble as usual xxx

  39. Sophie

    ah welcome to the 20s Zoe! Happy Birthday xo

  40. wowww stunning :) x

  41. You looked gorgeous and happy birthday!

  42. Hope you had a great birthday love.
    You are stunning! xxx

  43. Love the outfit! Happy Birthday! Mine was this last Thursday! :-)

  44. Happy belated Birthday! I hope you enjoyed your weekend and had an amazing time :)

  45. Happy Birthday Zoe!
    Do blog about how you've celebrated it! :)

  46. Hope you had a fantastic birthday. Oh to be 20 again *sigh*

    Kelly x

  47. Lucy

    Happy belated birthday! Assume you had a good day? You look lovely xx

  48. you look gorgeous! :) Love your outfit & hope you had a good birthday XO

  49. I hope you had a lovely birthday. You're outfit looks gorgeous! x

  50. Wow, is there a moment where you don't stop looking gorgeous! :) x

  51. Zey

    Happy belated birthday ;D

  52. Leah

    Gorgeous :) Hope you had a fab day! x

  53. Jen

    Gorgeous as always. Your eyes are amazing! Love the outfit too. Hope you had a lovely birthday – leaving your teens behind is no bad thing! :) x

  54. Eden

    You're such a makeup inspiration <3
    Happy Birthday~~

  55. Gorgeous look! And happy 20th Birthday!! :) xoxo

  56. Stunning look! 20 years – CONGRATS! I hope you had a wonderful day :) xoxo

  57. awww, youu look just beautiful as perh:D x
    i hope you had a Fab day!
    xoxo jess

  58. Thanks for your lovely comment sweetie :)

    WOW, you remind me so much of Cheryl Cole! I'm so jealous! & you have the most amazing hair.

    Happy 20th birthday!



  59. elle

    happy 20th!

    and I'm a black&white kinda girl too =)


  60. hope you had a lovely birthday hun, loving the outfit x x x

  61. you look flawless :) xxx

  62. Hope you had a great birthday :')
    I was planning on getting the Bare Escentuals foundation but I don't know any shops where I can test to see what colour I am and I don't feel confident enough to just buy it and hope it's the right shade. I'm Ivory in most foundations like Maybelline and Revlon I'm Buff. I don't know whether you could help me in suggesting what colour I should get.
    You'd be a great help if you could because I really want to try out the foundation :D

  63. i love it :)

  64. happy belated birthday doll!
    you look absolutely stunning! (as per usual :)

  65. I'm so glad I found this blog!

    You're gorgeous, hope you had a fantastic birthday.


  66. You looked beautiful! I know this is kinda a year late but I stumbled across this blog of yours (sorry new to this kinda thing). This has really helped me decide on a look to go with my outfit and to go out clubbing with a bit more confidence. I really like reading your blogs because they apply to me as your light skinned like me and it makes me feel that much better about being fair skinned when everyone else can catch a tan like that! So I really do appreciate your blogs carry on writing them! xx

  67. you look pretty, happy birthday :)) xx

  68. Ami chopra

    soooo beautiful Zoe !!!!!!
    I would love if you checked my “new blog which is inspired by the one and only …Zoe ” :D
    thanks a lot !!!!!