I have never made these before, so to me, it was a huge deal when they turned out well!
I can do basic things like cakes, but have never attempted to make choux pastry, some people told me it was pretty difficult & that you have to follow each instruction really carefully, and some told me it was easy…

I followed Gordan Ramsay’s Choux recipe & they turned out really well..i won’t say they were perfect, because im pretty sure Gordan wouldn’t agree with that, but i was chuffed with them, and they tasted delish.

I didn’t follow his recipe for the chocolate sauce or cream though, as I didnt want a runny chocolate sauce..so i just melted some choccy and spooned it onto each profiterole & it set (this way it’s less messy for people eating them)

I literally just whipped some double cream and spooned it inside the profiteroles.

I didn’t want to bore you with a step by step of how i made them, so i will simply give you a few tips…

Tips I found helpful
♥ Always wait until the ingredients in the saucepan (minus the flour) come to a rolling boil..if it doesnt the flour wont mix in as well. (i found this out)
♥ The mixture (plus the flour) should form a dough ball..it should not be at all runny.
♥ The best way to get the pastry onto the baking tray is using a piping bag, if you dont own one of these, use this easy step by step guide to making one at home.
♥ Use a wet finger to flatten the peaks of the dough before baking.
♥ If you make the pastry in advance, 4 hours before serving, pop them back in the oven for 5 minutes to crisp up a bit more.
♥ If you don’t want to pipe the cream in (this takes alot of patience and alot more time) just simply make a small cut through the middle & spoon in the cream..worked just as well.


Any other profiterole fans out there?

  1. Nicola

    they look yummy! i may make some today now! bah!! xxxx love you my lover!!

  2. Oh wow hun yummy!! Well done you :) xxx

  3. abbzzw

    oo they look delish!!

    can't wait to get baking again when I move out :) have a feeling these will be some of the first I try, other than shortbread, i make the best shortbread :) hehe

    well done lovely :) xx

  4. Sophie

    Oh my god, they look flipping amazing and I want one, now!!

    I have to try and make these, seriously, well done. They look so good :)


  5. No way am I letting Mark see this post – otherwise he will have me in the kitchen in no time!!! Well done lovely!! x

  6. Nikki

    They look lovely :) I had to teach my Year 11 Catering class how to make profiteroles once last year, so I practiced at home first – my family loved them so much I am now forced into making them for every single family party. They have become my speciality!

  7. Oh my good yes! They look amaaazing! But the bite size portions are dangerous, you can keep popping them in your mouth…but mmmm, I am going to (try and) make them this week, yes I am! Yay!


  8. Kelly

    YUMMY! They look delish. I've heard they're quite hard to make but looks like you did a great job :)

  9. Fern

    Wow! Yummmmyyyy :) Their amazing! x

  10. Tara

    ooo wow, they look delicious :) xoxo

  11. Tanya

    They look yummy :) xx

  12. Well done Zoe, I wouldn't have the first clue of how to make these so thanks. Yum Yum! x x

  13. I made these once and they didn't look as yummy as yours!! x

  14. MW

    they look so damn good=)

  15. Bridget

    Oh I love these! In Iceland we actually have an entire day dedicated to them haha. :)

  16. Carrsky

    Ohh they look so yummy!! xx

  17. OMG..I could actually eat that whole plate! yummy x

  18. Jen

    They look pretty perfect to me! Oh my, how I love profiteroles. Might have to give them a go myself.

  19. Yay for chocolate profiteroles looking good :)

  20. Bicky

    Omg they look amazing. I want some now. :P

  21. i have no idea what these are… but i must say….. i want one extremely badly!!! these looks sooood delicious!!!! u said you were "chuffed" with them… what does that mean?!?!? LOLOL yummy i want to make them!

  22. Caz

    they look delish!

  23. miley

    i thought 'interesting' when i saw the first 2 pictures. but then when i got to the last one, my eyes got big, and i thought 'yuuuummmmm.'
    i dont know what they are, but they look super good!

  24. Omg Zoe these look amazing! Thank you for this, i cant wait to try them out! :)
    Well done hunny!
    <3 xox

  25. alissa

    well done! these are my most favorite things ever…i used to have them every year instead of a birthday cake. and our family secret is to cover with melted mars bar instead of plain chocolate – seriously good!

  26. Oh don't they look yummy! Well done! Dammit I really want one now! x

  27. Sarah x

    Oooh yum yum yum I need to make some of these soon!

  28. Yummy!

    Looks soo yam yam[=

    Love your Blog & you!

  29. Daisy

    I LOVE profiteroles and these look amazing! I haven't tea yet and these have just made me more hungry!x

  30. They look fabulous!! I might have to give these a try!
    Claire xx

  31. Kim

    They look uber yummy!! I tried making these back when I did GCSE Food Tech a few years ago, and they didn't turn out as nice as yours. They actually tasted like Yorkshire Puddings :S Methinks you cracked it! Well done xx

  32. These look amazing! I will be trying out the recipe as soon as I go back to uni (and have to cook for myself once again sobsob) x

  33. These look amazing! I love profiteroles-my auntie is a professional cake maker and I always get her to make these for me! I had a profiterole mountain for my 21st birthday party-delicious! X

  34. How delicious! Have you ever tried to make French Macarons? I went through an obsessive stage of trying to perfect the art of Laudree style macarons!

  35. Monika

    they look absolutely delicious!

  36. Rosalie

    They look delicious,I love profiteroles but this post has just made me really hungry :) x

  37. jennie

    They look so good! xo

  38. Manju

    i LOVE profiteroles! want some NOW

  39. Carolyn

    i LOVE these! I think they are called cream puffs here in the States. Soo yummy. I don't know if I have the patience (or ability) to make these, but I want to go buy one! Do you have Beard Papas? There's one in London, and it's the BEST for big cream puffs!

  40. SY

    Hi i just wanted to say i love reading your blogs =] and that looks REALLY DELICIOUS!

  41. Becca

    oooooh they look so yummmy!! well done! ive nominated you for an award on my blog sweetie xxx

  42. They look gorgeous! Well done! XO

  43. Rogue

    They look awesome :) all the better being home made! haha, you like I can haz cheesburger? Makes me laugh soooo much! x

  44. Helen

    These literally look amazing. Need to get on baking some myself! Xxx

  45. Wow, those look REAL yummy!! I'm hungry now… ;)

  46. Wow they look so yummy!
    I might try make some myself :)

  47. These look amazing! I bet they were very yummy. I personally love to cook/bake, I find it a stress outlet!

  48. Mon.Mon

    Definately i'll make some profiteroles, u inspired me… hope mine look as tasty as yours… a big hug from México Zoella!!

  49. Iny

    That looks so yummie!!


  51. Zakeleni

    OMG I need to eat those! It weird as i genuinely was going to make some profiteroles soon. I’ll keep your tips in mind, you might see the results here at
    My mouth is literally watering at the last picture! I bet the cream got everywhere but what’s better than chocolate and cream!? haha!