Today, my hair was limp, lifeless & could have done with a wash & blowdry..but instead i used that extra half an hour in bed, tucked up under my warm duvet.
I had seen a few pictures of models & a few of Sienna Miller sporting very bohemian large plaits across their head, and figured i’d give it a go.
Princess Leia anyone?

This honestly didnt take me very long! 6 minutes tops.
The first thing i did was twist my fringe up and securely pin that to the side.
I then seperated the hair on my crown and secured it with a bobble. After that I split the remaining hair on both sides of my head and did two tight-to-the-scalp plaits. I then pulled them over my head and secured both ends with clear elastic bands and bobbi pins.
I left the bit on the crown to cover up the obvious parting from the plaits down the back of the head.
With the left over hair, i split it into three sections and did tiny plaits, twisted them up and pinned them willy-nilly.

I’m actually really pleased with this :)

  1. Oh this is gorgeous!
    You really should start making YT tutorials! :)
    Im rubbish at following written instructions..i always need to watch someone do it first =/
    Lots of Love

  2. holly

    omg i would love to be able to do a style like that on me! it looks gorgeous zoe (: X

  3. pretty-I opt for styles like this when my hairs due a wash-so much better,and nice to reserve an extra hr of my life lol

  4. kati

    i like it.. but my hair is too short for that hairstyle :(


  5. Carolyn

    Haha I love how "bangs" are "fringe" in the UK! The hair looks beautiful, and I can't believe it only took you 6 minutes! I have yet to master braiding…

  6. love this :) can't wait till my hair grows longer so I can do this! x

  7. wow that hair looks fab!!

  8. Woweeee I love it, the instructions could be more detailed, I doubt I'd be able to get it to look that good haha :) ♥

  9. fabuloussss!!!

  10. Shabna

    oh my god i love it <3

  11. Shannon

    Oh my gosh Zoe, you always have the cutest hair-do's. I love this(:
    I will i could do something like that haha
    xo S

  12. Kelly

    That's really pretty! My hair is too short to do this but it looks lovely

  13. jennie

    Looks really pretty, wish I could pull something like that off. xo

  14. The comments above are so right, you should do a tutorial on this!

  15. Jen

    And so you should be pleased, it looks great!

  16. Becky

    love it x

  17. Angie

    Can you do a video on this on your youtube channel. Its a very pretty look. I can never do it.

  18. Lydia

    It looks SO pretty – defo worth staying in bed for!! xox

  19. Lovely… I was gonna do something like this tomorrow for work, until I developed a huge spot on my forehead!!! Lol. Looks gorgeous on you :) xxx

  20. so pretty xoxo a tutorial plz =(

  21. juicy j

    i LOVE IT! im obsessed with braids and love to do them in as many different way as possible and i love this way. i deff will attempt.

  22. U have such nice hair I;m so jeaous! x

  23. MW

    very nce ♥

  24. wow, thats such a cute hairdo(=
    can't believe it only took you 6 minutes!

    you should do a video on this for youtube!

  25. Lara

    Looks lovely! You should definitely do a YT tutorial for this look :)

  26. Carine

    I love your hair colour ! Do you dye it ?

  27. yvonne

    love this!!!

  28. love the look. might have to give that a go soon!

  29. jess

    Lovelovelove it. Stealing it for this weekend!

  30. Jenna

    I love this! I'm going to have to give it a go, however I feel that my attempt will go rather badly.. lol! Just to say that I love your blog, and think you should really start doing more youtube videos, because so far they've been really good!
    I've tagged you in a request/tag on my blog
    I'm kind of new to this so it's a bit all over the place at the minute!
    Jenna x

  31. You need to make a video ASAP with a tutorial for this one :D

  32. LOLanne

    awww sooo pretty! made me miss my long hair even more :(


  33. thats is honestly the MOST GORGEOUS hair do I've ever seen!!

  34. Sarah x

    Looks so cute! I wish I had enough hair to attempt something like this, maybe after 5 more years of growing I might lol.

  35. Nav

    this is so cute, i would never be able to do this in 6 minutes! x

  36. abbzzw

    Wow this looks so pretty! My hair is no way long enough to do this with yet. Not to get the desired look anyway.

    I love your hair. Always looks amazing!
    ♥ abby xx

  37. Love this! I agree with everyone else you should do a YT Tutorial!
    Claire xx

  38. Laura

    You look super duper lufferly :) Lots of love xxx

  39. It looks gorgeous, i love it. x

  40. love it! i love your hair ideas cause my hairs the same cut as yours and i find it hair to manage so its nice to have some ideas :D

  41. Gorgeous! I've tried to do something similar with my hair but always end up with a thousand wispy bits falling out! Good job though, would love to see a tutorial on it :) x

  42. That is so gorgeous! I agree with a few people here and you should do a tutorial!.. maybe on your youtube channel! xx

  43. Just like a princess, sooo pretty! :)


  44. do you use any fake tan? cause your skin has a really nice glow to it xx

  45. I want your hair, NOW! You are so amazing at hair and makeup, it's not fair!


  46. Oh my gosh, this style is so stinkin' cute!!! I think my hair is long enough to try this but am not sure that I would be skilled enough. I will definitely have to give it a shot! Thanks for the hair inspiration! :)

  47. Annie

    tried this hair style today and it looks fab! so many compliments on it, thanks so much for the idea!

  48. mia

    do a tutorial video for this, please.

  49. Orlie

    i love the hair and i love your blog zoee :)
    check out mine if you have time, its lonersome at the moment :)
    take care:)

  50. Love your hair! All the way from the states! :)

  51. Lucy (:

    Gorgeous Zoe, how amazing is your hair!? :)
    Just nominated you for a blog award, check it out! :) xx

  52. gorgeous, gotta try this<3

  53. Your hair looks soo good!

  54. Say : "S'il vous plait" Ahah :) This is pretty Hairdressing !
    A French hairdresser fan of your blog.

  55. Zakeleni

    Girl always play around with plaits, so many good hair styles can come of it haha! I love this one! It looks like a predecessor to the milkmaid braids haha!
    Also once i understood the title (i’m awful at French!) it made more sense, clever, but still what does it mean? I’m so bad at French haha! Spanish is more my element!