I scribbled out my eyes because i was mid-blink & i looked a fool, but you can see the outfit quite clearly so i left it in the middle.haha

Dress – Topshop
Leggings – New Look
Black studded belt – Primark
Black Sequined Blazer – New Look
Black Patent Shoe Boots (with small heel, although it has sunk into snow) – Primark

Complete with two plain undergarments for added warmth

  1. Imo

    Love those leggings, love that look. I cant believe you scribbled out your eyes LOL :)

  2. I love the leggings and I love your hair

    super cute outfit =)

  3. Sequins in the snow, how cool are you!

  4. Love this outfit! So stylish :D


  5. Lucy

    The boots are so adorable! x

  6. ahh this is such a nice outfit, how do you find all this stuff i mean jeez, and i love your hair, how do you get all that volume in your hair. Have you ever thorght of maybe doing some tutorials? xxx

  7. Love the layers! Cute outfit :)

  8. The dress is absolutely gorgeous! I may have to go and get myself a pair of floral leggings soon xx

  9. I love your outfits! And your hair colour looks gorgeous :D xx

  10. Your hair is gorgeouss & love the leggings x

  11. Shannon

    That outfit is so pretty. I love all your clothes(:
    I really want that blazer!

    xo S

  12. Kerry

    love it again :) xxx

  13. hey! congrats on your outfit! you have an amazing style. i was wondering if you could tell me the exact name of the dress by topshop? i reeeeally wanna buy it. did you get it recently? i hope i can order it too. thx and keep it up!!!

  14. Omg Cute outfit!!!

    Arent you freezing women!!!!!

    You look very nice and preety =]

  15. MW

    love ..the dress is really cute
    super cute as usual

  16. that outfit is soo cute , when are you making beauty videos because i cant wait :)

  17. Diane

    wow, love the topshop dress!!!!!!! your hair looks so lovely too!

  18. Angie

    Love the outfit. Your too cute. By the way are you going to use your youtube anymore?

  19. Gorgeous outfit, I really love that dress! Your hair looks great as always ♥

  20. tenxx

    your are soso perfect! ++
    your hair is lush amazing xx

  21. i love this look, but you must be freezinggg!!!

  22. Jo

    I adore that dress worn as a top, love it! your style is so damn girly and pretty and cute!!! you're a lil cutie pie.


  23. Loving the blazer and your hair looks gorgeous, as always. x x

  24. Zoella.

    @bubbleweaves & AzZy Az – Nope, had two tight layers underneath but also wasnt outside for long..just had better lighting and background outside with the snow :) x

  25. Zoella.

    @Svenja_Schulte – No, i bought it almost a year ago now i think, so i dont know if it will still be available, although they may have designed something similar? x

  26. Thanks for your prompt reply! So nice of you. I will have a look around to find something similar. Enjoy your weekend!! :)

  27. Nicole

    <3 your style. the dress is adorable

  28. Lu

    Really cute outfit. At first i thought you had your daisy headband round your eyes lol. x

  29. Another lovely outfit :)

    i have that dress but in a peachy colour!


  30. Carine

    ooh you must have been freezing while shooting this ^^ nice outfit !

  31. kati

    i love the outfit :P

    can you please make a video or so.. how you did your hair?



  33. Susan

    I love the HAIR – you should do a tutorial on it!!

  34. juicy j

    holy shit youre gorgeous.
    i die over your hair, srsllyyy. <3

  35. i really like to take a look at your older posts XD

    x cheyenne