It’s true..i sing “Powderazzi” like Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi”, it was inevitable though right?
I asked Father Christmas for this, and low & behold, there it was under my Christmas tree come December 25th AM. Never underestimate that friendly bearded chap.

I do not own any of the individual blusher/bronzer boxes from Benefit. The reason being, i could never justify spending £22 on one. (I actually believe they have increased them to £23.50 so when this cute little box came out around Christmas time..obviously it was a good opportunity to try out 3 different bronzers/blushes all at a very good price.

The three cheek colours included are: Hoola, Dallas & Coralista..funnily enough, the three i was most eager to try.

The first thing i love about this product is the packaging..its bright, colourful, and works. I also like that it’s thinner in depth than the original boxes, which in my opinion, are a lot more bulky than they need to be. Of course, a few moths down the line, cardboard is not going to be as pristine as plastic.
The little brush is adorable, but i haven’t had to use that yet, i’m going to keep it for emergencys only as i think it’s just too cute to dirty up. It is very soft, and i know a fair few people who do use the brushes for applying their blush with no problems at all.

The powders themselves have a surprisingly creamy consistency. I was worried they would be quite chalky, but i was not let down. The girl who was showing me the box before Christmas was saying how these are actually more pigmented than the original. How does that work? Why would they do that? I’m guessing because it’s a smaller size, they upped the pigmentation in order to get more uses from it. I have been using this everyday since Christmas and i’d say it’s holding up extremely well. I absolutely love Hoola & Coralista. I have had so many compliments on my cheeks and skin when wearing this combination. Dallas i’m not such a big fan of yet. I think it’s a gorgeous warm colour, but i want to wait until the summer before i wear this one, as i think i need a bit more colour in my face for it to really benefit me. (HA benefit..get it…hmm)

This cost £25 but was also in the sale after Christmas. I’m not sure you can get your hands on this now, but what i will say is that it was totally worth it & i’m now a Benefit blush/bronzer convert. Maybe this is why they are so expensive?
If you are considering buying a pretty little box in Benefit for £23.50, even if it seems a bit pricey, in my opinion, they are really good quality. The packaging may be a total fail when it starts falling apart, or if it ever got wet..but the colours are so pretty & they are soft & very easy to blend.

Which is your favourite Benefit cheek colour?

  1. i bought this on boxing day and absolutely LOVE it. i had only ever tried Hoola before, so was really looking forward to trying the other two. they didnt disapoint!

  2. I love Coralista and Dallas =). They were my first items I bought when I started with make up. There's alot of product in the normal sized boxes and they are both so pigmented, especially Dallas xD.


  3. Onyx

    I want to get my hands on Dallas, think it looks lovely. Though like you say, not really the best colour for this time of year. Maybe I'll wait til summer and buy the full size. xXx

  4. heyzoe

    i have been using dandelion for the past five years, on and off. i've always flitted between different mac blushers as well, and various other brands i lked the colours off, but i always return to this. the price is a little steep for me, but i'll buy it if i'm in a dire mood, or possibly with some christmas money, and i instantly kick myself for not buying it as soon as my previous one ran out. <3

  5. Kylieee

    Love Love Love it, Such a cute little compact!
    I have benefit Coralista, its so nice! But I get sad when I look at the box with its crumpled and ripped edges :(

  6. I love Coralista!!! Such a pretty color!

  7. Coralista is So pretty !!!!

  8. I love Dallas, but I find coralista a bit too cool. It seems to be more silvery than gold and cools down my complexion. Maybe it's just me.

  9. I bought myself this just before Christmas and I love it. I've used Hoola probably everyday since, and Coralista is super pretty x

  10. I have Coralista which I use every day, and Dallas which I use for nights out :)

  11. Hi! I work for them and they are all such strong products! Coralista personally is my fave-it's been compared to NARS Orgasm but I think much better! They might seem pricey but 1 box of Coralista that I apply about twice a day, lasts me at least 6 months! Because the colour and pigmitaion is such good quaality (I am not just saying that)!, you don't need to apply a lot.
    Look out for Sugarbomb Zoe which comes out in the UK the 30th Jan. It's gorge!!!!

    Great blog-glad to see u back xx

  12. i have coralista, i use it EVERY day, and ive had the same one for almost a year now and ive still about 1-2 months left in that, so it might be pricey, but it really does last!! xxx

  13. Jen

    I've always wanted to try Hoola and Coralista but like you, thought it was just crazy to spend that much on a tiny little box. This is such a good deal!

  14. love this :)
    Im in love with Throb- think its amazing. I got a few bits of Benefit for xmas, that I am yet to try out though, so looking forward to usuing that
    Steph x

  15. Great review! It's made me wanna get Coralista and Hoola even more! hehe. x x

  16. Im not too much of a benefit fan i agree! 22.. or 23.50 is wayyy too much! this seems like it was good value.. I LOVE the look of coralista! sooo gorgeous..!
    great post doll xxx

  17. Nicole

    i dont have any of their blushes because that much for blush is a tid bit too much. this was a great deal though. the colors are really nice

  18. I love benefit and this looks so cute too

  19. It's Thrrrob all the way for me ladies…I did a little review on it if anyone's interested :) x

  20. Kyanvi

    i want to try that too after hearing good comments on that… saw that during x'mas sale, but by the time i made up my mind to buy it, the sale was already finished =.=//

  21. Kitty

    It is most certainly Coralista in fact it's probably one of my favorites out of all my blushs if not my favorite. I did a post on what I love to pair it with if anyone's interested !!

  22. I really like Benifits Posietint! It gives your cheeks a very natural look!

  23. MW

    i love

  24. great blog :) following you.

  25. omg this looks so good i have never seen it here in the states!

  26. I wanted to buy this so bad but it was sold out everywhere I looked in the US :( I'm glad you like it though!

  27. Cait

    This set is gorg! I really like Coralista & Hoola. Dallas would be way too dark for me regardless of season, ha. I've only tried Benefit lip products but I may have to try this out. Thanks for the review!

  28. Lucy

    More amazing than Bare Escentuals?! xx

  29. omgosh, Zo! This is almost identical to the video review I made about this palette!!! Haha I decided not to upload it because a) it was rubbish and b) i couldn't find it being sold anymore :( But oh wells!! I haven't used my brush yet either! And it'll probably just end up not being used… but it's super cute! And I actually sang the paparazzi song in the video XD Haha! And I was saying how I could never justify spending £22.50 (that's what it was last time I checked!) on one blush… anyway, awesome review :) love love xXxXx

  30. paula

    can someone please tell me with what does she write on that pics. (she use to). like those names and her logo??? and with what does she used to edit her videos (just when she started)?? HURRY WITH ANSWER <3

  31. this palette looks gorgeous I love hoola and coralista never tried dallas though I wish I would've got my hands on it!

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  35. Zakeleni

    Who would have know that back then you’d have a box of Hoola that says your blog name on it, things have definitely changed in 5 years since this post. Congrats Zoe, i bet you never dreamed of this back then!