I went out for a family meal today, and this is how I made over my face & hair…


I don’t want to sound like i’m blowing my own trumpet but i really liked how my foundation looked today. Considering how awful my skin looked this morning, i thought there would be no chance of me showing you my face at all.
I decided to use 2 layers of moisturiser (i woke up with a weirdly dryer face than normal ..possibly because im a doofus and forgot to moisturise before bed) & i really feel like it made such a difference.
I then decided to use my Mac Mineralised Satin Finish foundation mixed in with the Body Shop Tinted Glow Enhancer, which i have previously reviewed but didnt think too highly of it, now I think I love it, my face looked so much more awake and healthy. I don’t know if the camera shows this too well, but trust me, i was pleasantly surprised by the results.
Also, i don’t know if you noticed..but i forgot to put my mascara on before taking pictures…how can you forget mascara? sheesh, totally wasn’t with it obviously. I did put it on after taking the photo’s though :)

♥ Gosh Touch Up Concealer under eyes
♥ Benefit Erase Paste in corners of eyes
♥ Maybelline Mineral concealer on all other blemishes
♥ Mac Mineralised Satin finish foundation
♥ Body Shop Tinted Glow Enhancer mixed with foundation
♥ Light dusting of Bare Escentuals to set
♥ Benefit Hoola to bronze & contour
♥ Benefit Coraslista on cheeks

♥ Two Faced Shadow Insurance to prime
♥ Nars Abyssinia E/S (Pleasures of Paris palette) all over lid
♥ Mac Corduroy E/S in crease
♥ Chanel Eye Khol in Ambre on top lid & along bottom & waterline
♥ Mascara = BIG FAT FAIL. (later on i did apply Maybelline Pulse Perfection)

I also had nothing on my lips OR my nails..look how vile they look!…I’m a FOTD FAILURE. haha
Oh, & my top is from New Look :)

  1. Your foundation looks perfect Zoe… v.jealous ;)


  2. Tiffany


  3. That is just flawless! so jealous! I love your contouring which i still havnt mastered yet:( which brush do you use? xx

  4. Kelly

    Your look lovely! Forgetting mascara is easily done. I've gone all the way to Tesco's without mascara, only realizing in the car park :(

  5. vices

    ahhh your hair looks amazing!!! and i love your eyeshadows they look lovely xxxxxx


  7. Really like the blush!
    Nice and neutral, lovely!

  8. Tali

    Im not getting your blog updated on my blogger feed. So annoying so having to stalk you now!

    LOVE the hair!! And i really need to get courdroy shadow!!

  9. Sarah x

    I love the top and your hair really suits you like that, loving the new colour. Sarah x

  10. ZoeeyLR

    Wow, you can see ma major difference in the colour of your hair here! & love your top… where's it from? (:

  11. Lovely look, beautiful skin.
    Your top is amazing :)

  12. Daisy

    Your skin looks beautiful! As does your whole face. I am jealous :) x

  13. Dottie

    You look fabulous :) Lovely dress by the way xx

  14. gorgeous look :) loving the top!! xx

  15. Jean

    I love your top :) didn't realise until today you had made a youtube account and I have just subscribed :)

  16. MW

    u look so gorgeous …very pretty

  17. you look gorgeous zoe!! love the outfit too

  18. i like the no mascara because it makes u look natural..also can you so a video on your youtube of how to contoure? pretty plzzz! lol

  19. Dee

    Very nice! Love the hair.

  20. Omg you're so gorgeous!!!! How do you get your hair to be so voluminous?! Mine always falls flat no matter what I do..

  21. gorgeous! i have that same top :) was actually thinking of wearing it out tonight so just trying to find something to go with it. What did u wear with it? xx

  22. Chrissy

    You always look perfectly flawless. I wouldn't have noticed that you don't wear mascara or lipstick/lipgloss. You're just a natural beauty ;)

  23. Zoella.

    @Makeup By Ash – I wore mine with a waist skirt & big black belt, then leggings and boots. I think it would also look nice with a tight pencil waist skirt (as mine was more floaty). Hope that helps! Have a good night :) xx

  24. holls94

    you look gorgeous! i love the winged eyeliner look (:, X

  25. So

    Your look is gorgeous!

  26. Zoe, you are so beautiful! I love your blog. I love seeing how you live life in the UK :) Kind of unrelated to this post, but I was cruising through your older postings (as it's been a while since I've been on Blogger) and I was looking at your Christmas decorations, I love your kitchen! And the mirrors! So much character!

  27. Love the look! Natural but glam! :)


  28. Nicole

    you have every right to blow your own trumpet, your face looks flawless!

    that top is really cute

  29. top is so amazing i love this:) Sa skin and cute:)

  30. If only my lashes looked like that without mascara. You look absolutely stunning!


  31. You look so beautiful – very very jealous :/
    The foundation + glow enhancer do miricales for your skin :)
    You've definatly persuaded me to buy a few of the products that are listed :)
    Thank you! x

  32. RD92

    Beautiful:) how did you do your hair like that please telllll:) xxxxxxxxxxx

  33. zoee! i'm so in love with your style! where did you get your top?

  34. Naghmeh

    you look so very beautiful :)
    how did you apply the MAC foundation? i'm thinking about buying it

  35. oh my wow you look beautiful! your makeup flawless! you look like a cute doll :)

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  41. I actually love you with nothing on your lips xx

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  43. Zoe, I know now your famous and all that you probably don't even care I'm writing this but believe me if you are I so do. You are the person I go to watch or read on your YouTube or blog when my life is crumbling around me as it often does, so I just wanted to say the biggest thank you in the world on behalf of me and I'm sure all your other viewers! Please read some of my blogs because I feel like we could be friends 😀

  44. Graciego

    Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️