Remember me?

Thought that seeing as i had my laptop in mums shop today i would take some photos of my ensemble.
Not that you can really see it but i had a sequin long, baggy top, cropped black blazer and jeggings.
My hair was tousled and plaited at the sides & my makeup was just simple.
Please excuse the fact i look like i’ve had 2 hours of sleep…i cant seem to look awake anymore…even after a good nights sleep.

P.s. Look at the phone i have to answer…yes, its a pink spotty stilleto..

Im going to start getting into the swing of blogging again. I’ve really missed it but i think i feel more inspired now. Thankyou for being patient..and yay, i gained followers.

  1. Omg, thats so strange. I had my hair like yours today with the two plaits, apart from mine was straightened. We have such good taste ;)
    I'm happy your back – I love your blog. :D x

  2. Paula

    Ahh welcome back to the blogging :D i WANT that phone super cute

    Lovely FOTD oh and i want your hair :D

  3. Gillian

    Welcome back :).. im liking the lamp in the background Lol. & i love the phone haha.
    You look lovely :D

  4. Hi
    Your hair is gorgeous :) I'm so jealous, mine never seems to do what I want it to..
    Oh and by the way the phone is so cool, I really wanted to get one like that in New Look

  5. Ileana

    Welcome back your followers await you !:) you look lovely <3

  6. girl,you look absolutely sweet!love the pics…

  7. Welcome back I missed your posts hope you're feeling better now x x x

  8. I'm so jealous of your hair!! So beautiful!


  9. im glad your back! your hair looks sooo nice! :) xoxox

  10. Aww your back! cute top :)

  11. Kate

    Yay, you're back! (coming out of lurkdom here!) Still insanely jealous of your hair. x

  12. Gaby

    Aww that look is so cuuute on you!!

  13. Ooooh you have gorgeous hair, mine would never grow like that, booo lol xxx

  14. love your hair in this pic! your makeup is gorgeous too :)

  15. Lisa

    Aww that phone is sooo cute, love it! Love your hair and makeup too, can I ask what you're wearing on your cheeks? Whatever it is it's prettyyy <3

    Welcome back btw, glad you're feeling a bit more inspired now. I went through the same and wasn't really 'feeling' blogging for a little while xx

  16. as usual ur hair is hot!

  17. Welcome back :) Cant wait for more posts from you!!! x

  18. abbzzw

    So glad you're back and looking gorgeous sweetie :) xx

  19. Shabna

    arrrgghh you don't know how frustrated i've been. I've even found the best bloggers like sea of shoes but they don't compare to you ahahah! BLOG MORE –

    p.s. you've inspired ME to blog btw haha

  20. Please do a tutorial on your hair! I'm in love :o x

  21. LOVE your hair! i agree pls do a tutorial! x

  22. Ondine

    Middle parting again – I love you with the middle parting. Very LC hair, which suits you!

  23. Although I have been following your blog recently, I've been reading the whole gradually and I must say that I like.

    You looks very well. I can not believe You'd only slept 2 hours, it does not.

    Welcome back to your own blog and I hope to read new posts soon.


    By the way … I love the phone!

  24. Great FOTD!
    Love your hair here, looks amazing as always!
    Glad your back, have missed your posts!

    Please take a look at my blog it would make my day!


    <3 xox

  25. Dolly

    You look stunning! :)
    Hehe lovin' the phone! x

  26. Sarah

    You always look so pretty :) Your hair is amazing! xx

  27. You always look gorgeous to me!!! :)


  28. Faye

    oh zoeee, your back :) x

  29. i love the hair, you're super pretty

  30. neesha

    gorgeous <3

  31. you're so pretty, loving your hair! :)