Today, i decided to brighten up the poopy wet day with some “Cherries in the Snow”
No. I was not eating cherries…in the snow..
I had it on my lips, and i can safetly say, that through the duration of the day, i only had to reappply this once, and it wasn’t because it was all gone. Only because it had faded slightly.
I ate, drank..talked…licked my lips, and no transfering.
I had heard about this delight from HellCandy at first, as she was on a mission to find it, and then the ever so gorgeous Laura started wearing it, and it looked gorgeous.
Revlon are onto something with these lipsticks.
I can’t say it would be the same for something less pigmented but i’m sure as hell going back to look at more.
Dare i say it, this lipstick had impressed me far more than any mac lipstick ever has.
Will do a more in depth review for you if you so wish :)

Here’s me, myself & I today…

I am a goon.
But, i’m also LOVING my hair atm. Im using a new shampoo and conditioner called “Fat Hair”
& i don’t know if you’d agree but this is my hair with no hairspray, no mousse, nada..and it’s looking alot more “fat” than normal.

Hope you had a lovely day

  1. Paula

    Ahh your hair does look FAB hun xx

  2. I was SO close to buying this today, but thought it might be too drying. Is it nice and moisturising?

    P.S You look gorgeous :)


  3. Phoebe

    I always like your hair anyway :P
    Do a review on the Fat hair stuff once you've used them for a while :)

  4. I love Cherries in the Snow! It looks beautiful on you! :-)

  5. You are so freakin' gorgeous! Love it all – the hair, the lips, the shirt, the poses.

  6. Ahh such a pretty colour :) x

  7. I love you hair! I can't believe you don't have product in it! I must check out this "Fat Hair" shampoo and conditioner!

  8. That lippy looks gorgeous on you! Ohh and I use to use that fat hair shampoo and conditioner. But unfortunately it didn't work out for me >_< Glad it worked for you though! Your hair looks amazing!


  9. Charly

    Hey hun,
    Ive nominated you for a blog award :)

  10. Ondine

    I need to get ME some fat hair. Gorgeous!

  11. Lydia

    You're bloody stunning, Zoe! Worn Cherries In The Snow quite a lot recently – it's like the ultimate wearable red .. suits everyone I've seen it on and it feels just lovely on the lips xox

  12. Amy

    very nice colour! xoxo

  13. Shabna

    oh my gosh i seriously LOVE your hair.

  14. Well, ok, I'll have to get myself this lippie… Gorgeous shade! And beautiful hair, Zoe :) xxx

  15. Zoella.

    @Helinarain – Yes, my hair feels SO soft. And i've found that even through didnt change the style..which is rare for me :) x

  16. Lucy

    Who makes Fat Hair?! Your hair looks totally gorgeous!

  17. Hey missy, just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog and that I'm one of your newest followers. I've heard sooo many good things about Revlon's lippies, I think I'm going to pick up a couple myself. :)

  18. hi, this might be a bizarre question but how much hair do you shed in the shower. I condition and then comb it through with a wide toothed comb. I have long hair, not as long as yours, and although it doesnt look alot i counted it (im obsessed) and it was like 50 strands! My hairdresser says my hair isnt shedding anymore than it shud be but im not convinced and its worrying me sick. Anyone else on here your experiences too would be appreciated! x

  19. miley

    hair envy(:
    last picture is super cute! haha

  20. LOLanne

    i loooove revlon lipsticks :) theyre the only ones i can use as most brands use candelilla wax in their ingredients (which im seriously allergic to)


  21. Sofee

    u look gorgeous!!

  22. Sush

    You look super cute! Color looks really good on you as well

  23. It looks very beautiful on you….

  24. It's such a pretty color and it looks great on you! Too bad I can't find that lipstick here (or at least, not under the same name, which makes things difficult).

  25. oh my gosh woman! you are insanely gorgeous! i love the red lips on you :)

  26. That lipsticks looks fabulous on you love! Very chic but young and modern too! ;)


  27. LOVE the hair!
    i've nominated you for an award on my blog!


  28. You look stunning her hun as always, hair looks amazing!


  29. Laura

    gorgeous color :) and i looooove your hair!

  30. You are too gorgeous for words. Love you!

  31. Vanessa

    I have Cherries in the snow and I love it. Gorgeous hair btw :-)

  32. i love your hair its so cute & great FOTD

  33. omg you MUST do a review on fat hair. pleaseeeee. is it good for oily hair? because most shampoos arent good for my oily hair unfortunately =/

  34. OMG gorgeous lipstick alert i so have to get it now its gone onto the top of my christmas list lmao but i might get it be4 christmas as i seriously cant wait that long jeez lol ;)

    Where did you get your top hun that is freaking gorgeous and i NEED it lol reply if you can hun :D

    Love your blog its my favorite in the whole wide world :D

    Eloise xoxo

  35. Zoella.

    @SimplyNatural77 – Hey Eloise! Thats sweet of you to say, made me smile :) It's actually a dress, and has a tight black pencil skirt attached which comes just above the knee. I got it in New Look about 4 months ago. :) xxx

  36. It's kay hun :)
    Oh wow thankyou hun ill go and check my new look to see if they still have it *fingers tightly crossed*

    Thankyou hun for replying and keep up the amazing posts :D

  37. just got that lippy love it :) can you do a post about how you style your fringe i always have trouble with mine :) thanks xx

  38. how do u get yr bangs like thatt?!?!

  39. moodeve

    I would love to emulate your hairstyle! I use the FAT HAIR styling cream before I blowdry and it really does 'naturally' volumise my hair without having to use tons of mousse – my hair is superfine. I'm using their shampoo & conditioner but not getting as great results with it.

  40. Meg

    Oooh I love that lipstick!!! May have to try it :)

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  42. wow you were pretty young at this time :) Honestly, I didn't read the whole post but I'm just like "diving" through your blog and reading a little bit here, a little bit there… You're such a beautiful young woman and I hope you will stay the way you are now for ever.

  43. thegirlbehindthescreen

    omg zoey lol