My fringe didn’t sit well today…so i parted my hair and curled it :)

I will never have gorgeous Kim Kardashian locks, but i quite liked it.
The first photo was before i left the house, and the second was a few hours later in my mums shop when the curls had dropped a bit.
What do you prefer? Big bouncy curls, or dropped, loose ones?
I think i like both!


  1. you look great in both!! but i prefer the first one with the big bouncy curls!! you should do a tutorial how you curl your hair :)

  2. I love both. Love the curls, but the loose waves look great and very natural :) You have such nice hair! xo

  3. Gillian

    Both looks amazing! im so jealous of your hair lol. Great post :)

  4. Adele

    Your hair looks gorgeous Zoe!
    I like both styles!
    Suits you well!

  5. Zoeey

    I love having a middle parting occasionally :)
    You look lovely with the curls!
    Did you do them with a straightener?
    Z, x

  6. abbzzw

    Both for sure!

    I cant wait for my hair to be as long as yours! Just hope it looks as good :)

    you look amazing :) xx

  7. Zoella.

    Thanks girlies! :)

    @Zoeey – yes i use a straightner. I am too cack handed with a curler! haha x

  8. I Think it makes you look older?? Which is weird, as straight hair usually gives that effect! Gah i am so jealous of your hair pfft :p xxx

  9. Looooveee both! Ur hair is jus fabulous! … Jealousssss!:)

  10. Laura

    Ooh the first one is very glamourous, and the second is sexy in a bed head sort of way!
    My hairs really straight, I wish I had the patience to curl it, must have taken you ages!

  11. i love your hair!
    argh so jealous! xo

  12. yvonne

    omg i love your hair!!!! u look so amazing!!! i wish i had long hair lol

  13. You have dream hair!

  14. Hannah

    i love them both, i wish my hair was as gorgeous as yours! x

  15. I think you look 10000x times better with middle parted hair. I think it really suits you. it makes you look older, but in a better way.

  16. Looks pretty!!

  17. I mean, in a *good* way.

  18. You look gorgeous!
    Both looks are great!

  19. Cat

    OMG am experiencing some serious hair envy!!! xxx

  20. your hair looks amazing its so long you make me miss my long hair

  21. Claire

    I love both, they both look amazing!

  22. LaaLaa

    They both look very gorgeous.

  23. You look gorgeous in both! :)

  24. i have super long hair and can never get my curls to hold, anytips?

  25. i love your hair!

  26. i like both but definitely prefer the bouncy curls~also, you hair parted to the side like this, not quite in the middle, not quite to the side suits you the best i think. it makes you look sooo pretty:)

  27. Emily

    I really like both! :) x

  28. lenny

    your hair is gorgeous! i personally prefer loose curls, just because it's less effort to do! :) x

  29. you look gorgeous in both but i think i prefer looses curls

    so jelous of your hair could you like a tutorial video on how you did this please :)
    id appreatiate it :)

    great post hunniiee like always :)

    eloise xoxo

  30. Lydia

    *wolf whistles* you look gorgeous Zoe :) your mane looks beautiful whatever way you wear it! xox

  31. Lauren

    I like both, your so pretty!
    I cant wait till my hair grows.. x

  32. they both look really pretty, i cant wait for my hair to grow. in the pictures you look like you barely have makeup on, you look really pretty. lately ive been toning it down with a lot more natural & neutral colors

  33. I officially have hair envy! x

  34. Sarah

    if it weren't for your bf and chipped tooth i would totally hit on you zoe ;) xoxo

  35. Zoella.

    @Sarah – LOL. That did make me chuckle ;) the chip! arghhh haha xxx

  36. both looks really pretty. the dropped loose curls looks very natural.

  37. lola

    i think i like the lose curls a little bit better…but your hair always looks gorgeous…xoxo

  38. You look stunning with both looks!
    I wish I could create the 2nd look myself. Or generally have your hair ;)

  39. 3ate4

    I like both but the first pic is especially pretty.

  40. Sush

    Gorgeous! I kinda like the first one more but bothe are nice!

  41. aaahh I love both- Im so jealous. If I tried to do that, my hair would be back to stick straight in no time! (unless I wanted it to be straight, then it would be curly!)
    my hair never behaves well!
    you are gorgeous (no buts about it!!)! :)

  42. Zoella.

    @precious smiley – Hm..well my hair is naturally wavey so it's easier to curl im guessing. One thing i do know is that if you curl hair when its dirtier it stays easier…as cleaner hair is harder to style. And i would suggest using a really good flexible hairspray :) Hope that helps you x

  43. Zoella.

    Once i am comfortable doing some youtube videos i will be sure to post a tutorial of how i did this, as it could be a bit tricky in photo form! :)

  44. Chrissy

    Both look georgeous! I think this looks even better than with your usual fringe. Although I think you can wear any hairstyle you like and still look stunning.

  45. You are so pretty!!!
    I love your hair too!

  46. Oh, I like the bouncey curls :):)
    even though the loose ones still looked good.

  47. OMG you look absaloutly gorgeous, I thought you had a picture of a model on your blog :) xx

  48. Alison

    I think this looks better than the fringe look …you look like a beautiful young woman and this really suits your face shape xxx

  49. I like both of it, too ^^ u really do look gorgeous hunnie. I heard somebody on youtube said that you're gonna be making videos soon right?
    Can't wait ^^

  50. thnks xx :)
    my hairs also naturally wavey its just that my hair is so long that the curls cant hold :( and i can never be bothered as it takes so long to do lol :)

  51. Gemma

    Zoeeee you look stunning!

    Also, shouldn't you and your friend have gone to school today? ;) xx

  52. Gaby

    Both curls look beautiful! My hair never hold curls, and I can't seem to find a good hairspray -_-'

  53. How did you curl it? It looks beautiful both ways :)

  54. Nicole

    LOVE the first photo. definatly resembles Kim Kardashian

  55. juicy j

    oh youre so gorgeous!

  56. LOLanne

    wowww gorgeous hair :) you just made me miss my long hair even more :(

  57. Cyndi

    I love your hair hun! =) I definitely like both ways. My hair does the same thing, I curl it in the morning and by the end of the day, it's loose waves. I always wanna achieve loose waves and I find the best way to do it is curling my hair and having it settle naturally throughout the day.

  58. Gorgeous either way you are sooo pretty its unreal hun XX

  59. Gorgeous either way.
    You should make YouTube videos, ^.^

  60. Wow beautiful locks, lady! I really love both looks. I might prefer the second just a tad bit more :)

  61. I don't think I 'll ever get tired of saying how stunning your hair is, I 'm soo jealous!!! :)))

    Tighter curls or looser ones, doesn't make a difference to me, your hair is gorgeous either way!


  62. Aww you look so pretty Zoe! I love your hair both ways :D


  63. Both are gorgeous
    you have cheryl cole hair in the last picture! xx

  64. wow! you look completly different to me in these pics.
    but you still look amazingggggg!
    i love your hair like this <3

  65. Lischen

    Hmmm… I LOVE it! :)

  66. Both look gorgeous on you! x

  67. I think I prefer your hair like this! Without a fringe. It brightens your face!

  68. Diljot

    i think they both look really good

  69. geez, I think the first one makes the shape of her face so beautiful and I think the second one really suites her.

  70. Michelle

    You are so cute

  71. Alice Wensington

    I like them both to be honest.

  72. Keira Teale

    I think i like both tooxxx

  73. Maddy

    so cool to see how far you have come! you are my role model and your book was amazing btw

  74. Thays Dos Santos

    It is so lovely to be able to look back to your first blog posts! it is nice to see that everyone starts of somewhere and can grow to do what they love. Congratulations to you Zoe <3 10 million youtube subscribers and more coming :D

  75. mollie copeland

    Loose dropped curls.

  76. Abby Jones

    Is this her first post?


    cute gurl. i wnish i could have ur gergous loks. mine are not as prettty as urz lolz but 4 realz i wish i had ur face and hair…. you rule girl!!

  78. talexia

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    I like the loose dropped curls.
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