My fringe didn’t sit well today…so i parted my hair and curled it :)

I will never have gorgeous Kim Kardashian locks, but i quite liked it.
The first photo was before i left the house, and the second was a few hours later in my mums shop when the curls had dropped a bit.
What do you prefer? Big bouncy curls, or dropped, loose ones?
I think i like both!

  • Michelle

    You are so cute

  • Alice Wensington

    I like them both to be honest.

  • Keira Teale

    I think i like both tooxxx

  • Maddy

    so cool to see how far you have come! you are my role model and your book was amazing btw

  • Thays Dos Santos

    It is so lovely to be able to look back to your first blog posts! it is nice to see that everyone starts of somewhere and can grow to do what they love. Congratulations to you Zoe <3 10 million youtube subscribers and more coming :D

  • mollie copeland

    Loose dropped curls.

  • Abby Jones

    Is this her first post?

  • Bertie

    cute gurl. i wnish i could have ur gergous loks. mine are not as prettty as urz lolz but 4 realz i wish i had ur face and hair…. you rule girl!!

  • talexia

    Hey ZOE
    I like the loose dropped curls.
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