These are a selection of my most used/favourite products in July!

Botanics Soothing Eye Makeup Remover

I have always wanted to try this, and when my Johnsons eye makeup remover proved to be a tad poopy, and botanics range was buy on get one half price, i decided to buy some.
This stuff is AWESOME.
It removes everything so effortlessly, doesn’t irritate my eyes and lasts for ages.
I’ve been using this about for 3 weeks and it still looks like i’ve used nothing.
It was only £2.93 in Boots & i will be buying more when i run out.
A nice cheap subsitute for my favourite Lancome eye makeup remover :)

Barry M Lip Gloss – Number 4 – Pastel Pink

These gloss wands are super pigmented. I am very impressed with them.
I also LOVE the smell, it reminds me of strawberry flavour yoghurt. yuumm.
I have been wearing this alot without lipstick underneath (as personally i dont think you need it with this gloss)
It’s not too sticky & lasts a decent amount of time too.
Well done Barry M, they are FAB!

Bed Head Tigi Superstar Volume Serum

I have had my eye on this for a while, and bought it last month for around £8 in a House of Fraser outlet. I love a serum that promises volume boost, anything with “Volume” i will most likely purchase.
You really don’t need alot of this to notice results.
Again, i have been using this everytime i’ve washed my hair over the last 5-6 weeks and the bottle still looks as full as the day i purchased it.
It makes the hair bouncy, soft and easy to style.
The consistency is very runny, it’s more of an oil than a cream or serum really.
I apply it to the roots of my hair and on the crown of my head when wet, blowdry and voilaa.
If you are a “volume junky” then i suggest you look into this little gem.
The bottle looks pretty on my dressing table too :)
I’m deffo going to check out more in the “Superstar” range.

Mac Daft Pink Blush

I bought this a few weeks ago from the Colour Craft collection & have been wearing it on an almost daily basis.
At first i was like…hmm..theres no way i can wear all this shimmer on the apples of my cheeks.
But do you know what?
I have been. haha
Obviously with matte everything else though.
It gives a gorgeous glowy effect and im seriously loving it.

Loreal Voluminous Mascara

Before a month ago, i had never been able to find this mascara.
Hearing everyone rave about it, i really wanted to give it a go.
I did however, magically manage to find it in a superdrug near me and obviously bought it.
(I have heard they are bringing it back? maybe that’s why it was surprisingly easy to find it this time? enlighten me someone…haha)
Anyway, i really love the effect this mascara has. I now know why everyone raved about it.
The quality of this mascara is almost equal to many high end branded ones.
Although, i can’t say it’s overtaken my love for Hypnose…just been a fab cheap replacement.
Thumbs up for Voluminous!

  1. i really wish i'd picked up daft pink blush! and i now want to check out the Barry M lipgloss :)

  2. yay! glad you found voluminous because its AMAZING!! ive been using it for literally 6 years!! and im LOVING the new background!!! SO cute<3

  3. ooo i love tigi superstar – i bought it as a pressie for my housemate when i was at uni and proceeded to borrow it back off her every time we went out! it smells yummy scrummy too :) xxx

  4. Amy

    I have the Superstar Queen For A Day Thickening Spray and use it with the blow dry lotion. It smells lovely and defo makes my hair more volumised! xxx

  5. Nicola

    i love superstar!!! the smell is to die for as well!!

  6. They don't sell loreal voluminous in the netherlands!!! Whats up with that?!? :(


  7. omg, i want the barry m lipgloss so bad! in one month i'll be able to buy it– i'm so excited! xx

  8. Faye

    Ohh zoe :)

    lovelylovelylovely. as alwayss!

  9. I may have to buy a couple of the Bothanics Make-Up Remover, my eyes are quite sensitive but that sounds great – AND i can get my advantage points. :)

  10. The superstar stuff is fab!! x

  11. I was going to go back to get 'daft pink', because I love my 'hand-finish' so much…but I needed bronzer! I think I may have to go back to get it…

  12. Grace

    would they have the botanics eye makeup remover in the US? i am currently looking for a new eye makeup remover! :)

  13. Sarah

    I have been looking for something that will give volume in my hair because it is ridiculously flat so im probably going to try out the serum.

    I use the superstar shampoo and conditioner for the past few months and it is really nice, smells lovely and makes my hair super clean. Lasts forever too.

  14. i have that barry m lipgloss wand and just cant make it work for me!! are you finding that the glitter is really quite chunky? xxx

  15. :O the barry M gloss looks yummy ^^ ahah and voluminous is my favorite mascara of all time, it creates big dramatic lashes with lots of volume but at he same time they are still soft a feathery.
    lovely post as allways

  16. That Barry M gloss looks gorgeous! I'm so sad that Barry M is unavailable here. :(

  17. Nicole

    i have needed something volume but never really know what is good and what isn't. im probably gunna check out that bed head superstar!

  18. Becky

    i love the botanics eye make up remover too, really works so well! xx

  19. Great post! Loreal Voluminous has always been my fav. cheap mascara. The Daft Pink blush looks so pretty in your pictures. I wish we had Barry M. in the U.S. because that gloss looks super pretty as well!

  20. I really really want to get my hands on the new barrym glosses they look promising! I love Botanics! Great Post! xx

  21. Manju

    the voluminous mascara is <3
    i wanna try out that Barry M gloss now

  22. su-pah

    I'm a die hard lover of Diorshow Blackout but with its £20something price tag, it's quite an unaffordable love. I've been wanting to try Voluminous as its possible cheaper cousin.
    Can I just ask what it's like? Is it moist? Flexible? Or does it stiffen up the lashes after applying?
    Apreciatus muchachachas! x

  23. Lush19

    Great post! Hmmmm i think I have had bad luck with the Loreal Voluminous, every time I tried it, it made my lashes clump together…… Bad batch maybe?

    I think I'm gonna try this again!


  24. Lisa

    Loreal Voluminous and the Botanics eye makeup remover are faves of mine too, def HG material. I'm really eager to try that Barry M lipgloss as I've seen it on quite a few blogs recently. Oh and I'm a TOTAL volume junkie so I think I neeeed that superstar serum. I adore the smell of Tigi products <3

  25. Hi Zoe, just wondered if you knew or if any of the other bloggers know if Loreal originates from the same company as Lancome? I heard years ago that all products are from the same 'mother' company although they have different trading names and different pricing structures. I've tried both Lancome and Loreal mascaras and found them fairly similar and been pleased with results from Loreal. Will definitely try the voluminous now!

  26. So interested in the Tigi volume range, thanks for the review!

  27. lola

    i love daft pink…it´s really shimmery but the colour is just to gorgeous…great favorites…xoxo

  28. Tali

    Great stuff! I have to get that Barry M lipgloss.. do you reccomend any perticular colors??? xoxx

  29. Libi

    Just the other day i popped into superdrug in Leeds and noticed the new lipglosses by barryM and picked up the same one as you i was super impressed. They smell delicious :) x

  30. I REALLY need to get my bum to Superdrug to have a look at those BarryM glosses – thanks for sharing!

  31. Mayumi

    i really wanna try those barry glosses! they look so nice :)
    and i love bedhead blowdry lotion, i use mine nearly everyday and it's lasted about 2 years? and i still have some left (:

  32. I have the bed head lotion too, and i looove it! :)

  33. Orlie

    you've inspired me to start my own blog :) love your youtube too! much love x

  34. I bought the serum on monday and it's ace! I love the whole range :)

  35. the barry m lip wand smells divine.. & is the most beautiful color :)x

  36. Love Superstar too, a bottle lasts for ages! x

  37. This is kinda late… re-reading all your posts! I just wanna ask(not just zoe, anyone who reads this) if the barry M lipgloss is really sticky? It seems it when i swatch them in boots or superdrug :) x