Over the last few weeks, i have been on a mission to find something to fix my skin.

I am a very big fan of face masks.
I haven’t however, seemed to find the HG face mask that creates miracles…surely i’m not the only one that seeks a lot in a face mask..for it never to deliver?
I love Lush’s fresh face masks…but so far none have really made much of a difference to my skin.
That could quite possibly be down to the fact that I haven’t used them religiously for weeks on end…but at about £4.50 a pop for 3 weeks of product..i couldn’t possibly keep it up.

So, i have recently purchased 3 face masks.
All of which have been tried and tested a numerous amount of times.
Here’s my verdict.

1. Simple Deep Cleansing Face mask

Main Ingredients: Natural Clay & Seaweed extract

What it claims to do: Reveal fresher, brighter looking skin with our deep cleansing face mask to draw out deep down dirt and eliminate dead skin cells.

How well it performed: Hmm..i am a big fan of simple skincare, i love most of their products, mainly their amazing face wipes (also a staple in Cheryl Cole’s skincare regime) and i do like the fact they specialise in sensitive skin.
However, i didn’t really like the consistency of this. It wasn’t very thick..almost like a watery yogurt, making it harder to apply.
It also didn’t really feel like it was doing anything. I like a face mask where you can almost feel it working, this, again…just felt like i’d smeared a petit filous all over my face.
When washing it off, i didn’t notice any major differences to my skin…
So, overall, i was pretty disappointed in this face mask, but then again, it might work better for someone with a different skin type to me.

2. Botanics Intensive Moisture Mask

Main Ingredients: Honey & “Natural Extracts”

What it claims to do: Deeply hydrating, this luxurious mask quenches and rejuvenates, leaving skin feeling smooth, soft and supple.

How well it performed: My skin, as most of you will know by now, is mainly dry/combination. So i really did like the idea of this, and honey is meant to be a good ingredient for sorting out dryness.
The consistency of this one is a bit like the simple one, but the only reason i can put up with that in this case, is because this actually works.
After using this, my skin felt amazing, and not a dry patch in sight.
It also refreshed my skin and i did look a lot more radiant.
I can’t wait to use this more during the winter as my skin gets so dehydrated!
Would really recommend this mask to those of you who struggle with horrible dry patches.

3. Soap & Glory “Fab Pore” Face mask

Main Ingredients: Mushroom extract, Salicylic acid, Kaolin, Vitamins E & C

What it claims to do: Loosen dead skin cells that contribute to pore clogging. Sops up extra oils on the skin and smoothes the skin’s surface. Vitamins are antioxidants for skin boost.

How well it performed: This was by far, my favourite of the three. The texture is perfect, a thick creamy white paste which is so easy to apply to the face and easy still to remove.
You can use this mask as a 5 minutes refresh, or a 15 minute treatment.
I have used this both ways, and both have left my skin feeling refreshed, soft, hydrated but more importantly, looking healthy!
I can’t express how much i love this mask. I’m most definitely buying this again.
The smell is amazing, the packaging is amazing, and for once, the results are amazing.
A million thumbs up!