It has become apparant that alot of you are very interested in my hair & how fast it took to grow and how i keep it in good condition (although i still stand by the fact it isn’t..)
I have recieved alot of emails asking me those questions, so i thought i would do a blogpost on my hair history…colours, styles & cuts…no matter how embarassing ;)

I appologise in advance for the really cringey posey photos. haha. You can pretend you don’t have any in your photo collection but I know you’d be lying!

Okay, so, starting from the very beginning…

This is me aged 1. I have quite thin mousey brown hair..and not much of it. :) A few months after this, my hair went very photos of that on my computer though.

Think i was about 2 and a bit in both this photo and the one below. As you can see, i developed some serious frizz and ringlets, and they were blonde. This was the stage in my life where i formed a phobia of having my hair washed or brushed. I absolutely hated it and kicked up such a fuss when my mum told me she was going to brush it. I have a video of that somewhere haha.

Why did my mum dress me like a little boy…

Think i was around 4 here and was about to start school. The ringlets have dropped and my hair is coming through alot darker..but still blonde at the ends. :)

This was on holiday with my brother and cousens when i was 6 or 7. I had a bob cut, and fringe put in. Urgh, looking back i cant believe i liked this hair cut. I had it like this up until about year 6 (10/11) when i decided to let my hair grow longer…and i didnt get it cut for years… *gasp*

This is about the second year of secondary school. My hair is mid-length and still its natural colour, i have a side swept fringe, but before this i did have a center parting…

This photo made me laugh. I dyed it darker, and cut in a proper boxy fringe, it was still kindof long but i had mega choppy layers put in around my face…hmm…who votes that a box fringe does not suit me? *raises hand*After that, when i was 16, i cut off all the stringy long bits of hair and went mega short, with loads and loads of layers…about a week after this photo…i dreaded cutting my hair short and wanted it back to long…although i did love the volume i created by having all the short layers. How damn posey is this photo…cripes. haha

When they layers started growing out…not long after the photo above..i dyed it a weird reddy colour..this is known an my “ginger” phase…imagine how bad it was when the colour started coming out and the sun hit it…yikes.

This was after a holiday, im nice and tanned and my hair had been trimmed a little and the dye had gone..and the sun had brightened it up a bit. The last three photos were all around the same time. Obviously i was feeling incredibly insecure with my shorter hair.

This is my 17th birthday, hair is alot longer, layers are longer and i dyed it a darker brown. I really like my hair dark, but im so pale i dont know if i can pull it off so well. I also got a random blonde streak put through underneath on one side…you can kindof see it. Look how young Jack looks…haha. bless him.

Aged 18/19, and my hair is ALOT longer as well as my fringe. This is my natural hair colour again, besides the blonde streak..which is making its tiny appearance on the right near the bottom. haha I quite liked my long fringe but it was hard work to style and very rarely sat right.

This is earlier this year, i had my hair cut, had it semi-permanently dyed darker and some highlights put through the front.

This was a few weeks ago, hair is MUCH longer, layers are longer and i have trimmed my fringe a fair few times since the photo above. Highlights are still visible but the semi permanent dye has gone and its now my natural hair colour. :) I definitely love my hair the most how it is now.
When it’s left to dry naturally though, it does resemble the first few pictures. I get ringlets and waves. :)

Its really weird seeing the photo of me at the top of this post and then the last one..haha that’s properly weirded me out.

My advice to any of you trying to grow you’re hair is to keep it protected from any heat…as this does damage the ends and will give you major split ends, thus major breakage will occur.
& to only get TRIMS. If you go crazy and keep taking too much hair off (unless you want a mega change or your hair is in really bad condition) then it will never grow. I never had my hair cut much in the space of time i had it cut short. I would just trim the ends myself every few months.
Although, if you are really bad at cutting hair, i wouldnt advise you do that haha.

So there you go, if you have any other questions, leave them below :)

  1. Nicole

    i cant believe those last 2 pic are within the same year!
    it would take ages for my hair to grow that much!

  2. lol,i do the same thing sometimes,cutting trimming the ends myself lol

    your hair looks healthy to me,shiny and thick,what more could a girl want : )

    p.s thanks for joining my blog

  3. Thanks for sharing! My hair too is naturally curly and a pain in the rear to grow. I'll admit i'm obsessed with long hair and i'm afraid to cut/trim it in fear they will chop too much. I desperately need a trim, but i'm scared. Maybe i'll try your approach and do it myself :)-

  4. Your hair is gorgeous. I love the pic with the longer fringe and curls xo

  5. I love your hair in the picture after you went on holiday, but it does look more pretty now. You have gorgeous hair Zoe :) xxx

  6. You have stunning hair. Your natural suits you so well :) x

  7. lola

    i just love your hair…i am so jealous…;)

  8. you have a really nice natural hair colour :)

    (new to the blogging world!)

  9. Love your hair in the 3rd to last pic! The long fringe and curls suit you! Ergh why can't my hair be as thick and long as yours :(
    You were a gorgeous bubba by the way hehe :) xxxx

  10. it's such a gorgeous colour when my hair grows i would love it to be that rich shiny shade of brown! so jealous xxx

  11. Anonymous

    hi! can you do a skin care post? Like the products you use and stuff?!

  12. omg i must say you have the prettiest hair and best hair cut ive seen <33

  13. Tali

    Great photos..its like a hair color journey :P
    LOVE IT! Love the hair now by the way..looks v.healthy and lush! xx

  14. It is fair to say that your hair if gorgeous! I love it!

  15. Margaux

    love your hair!! you're so pretty! and the baby pictures are just adorable!

  16. Izzy

    awh zoe you have such lovely hair !
    & i love your baby photo's :)

  17. can you do a post about how you do your hair every morning to get it so big at the roots, my hairs alot like yours (when you dont have it big obv) and i can never get it to look bouncy cause its so oily, please help :) xx

  18. you are so gorgeous girl!

    greetings from germany ;)

  19. Anonymous

    i love the way ur hair looks in ur most recent pics. i'm going to get my hair cut in the nxt couple of weeks and was just wondering what u ask for when u get ur hair cut? mines not as long as urs but we're getting there! :) thanks

  20. I love your hair – tis fab! Along with your blog :) ♥ xoxo

  21. Lush19

    Everyone really loves your hair!

    You were such a cute baby btw! xoxo

  22. Shima

    You look absolutely glowing in that last picture, you're stunning :)

  23. oohh you're just so so cute!! and absolutely love the volume on your hair!!
    I've nominated you for a blog award on my blog, please accept it!

  24. Great pics!! You look fabulous in that last pic ♥

  25. Emma

    I love your grin in the second to last photo. what on earth are you holding, is it a vase? x

  26. Zoella.

    @Emma – Haha, it's a gluglug jug, theyre vintage things, and when you pour from them, they glug. :) xxx

  27. Zoella.

    @Anonymous – I usually cut my own hair, but when i got it cut earlier last year i just asked for a trim on the bottom of my hair and some long layers :) xxx

  28. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous, I 'm a huge fan of super long healthy hair like yours…

    Now I just need to be patient…! :)))


  29. You're hair looks so much thicker now than it did when you were 13! My hair is really fine (resembles yours in the 13yo pic) I wish it would develope volume & thickness like yours did x

  30. Imo

    its weird seeing yourself in a time line like that?! What we do to ourselves when were young eh? :)

  31. Laura

    You look sensational in every picture Zo, you're so photogenic and gorgeous :) I think my favourite is long and curly, with a few blonde highlights around the front. Gorgeous girly, massive hair envy going on in the blog world right about now! xxx

  32. Kratz

    Aw your pictures are adorable! xxx

  33. have you got any tips on growing you hair? mine takes years to grow! :(

  34. Good post. I'd also like to add that about a year ago I, too, had a blonde streak on the inside of one side haha! I liked it a lot at the time…

  35. Jenny

    wow you look so different (in a good way)
    in the photo where you have red hair
    i really want your fringe like in the last photo
    how did you get it like that?

  36. how do you style your fringe to make it work like how it looks in the last pic?? i've always wanted a deep fringe like that but i don't think i could pull it off without having it look like a wig on my head :( lolll

  37. I very much agree with the whole "if you cant cut hair, then dont do it" – I recently cut my fringe and it went from being about 20cm long, to like 4 cm!! I have a middle parting and one side is very short, and the other is very long haha. I am glad I cut it though as having both sides long made my roots extemely flat: I have been looking at your reviews on products and have tried them but still nothing seems to work unfornately. My short fringe is growing and becoming easier to work with, but I still cannot wait until it is longer again. I dont know what came over me when I cut it as I knew i would regret it – it was just one of those moments I suppose.

    Your blog is such an inspiration to me Zoe and I really admire you. You do such simple posts but they are so effective and I just love them ♥ Seriously.. well done!

  38. Lischen

    This is amazing! :)


  39. you are gorgeous in all of these photos:)

  40. Veraa

    I really like your when yu were 16, like the punkrock style! very cool!

  41. Jen

    Very jealous of your long thick hair. I have tried every method under the sun but it's so fine, it never sticks. I'm trying to start up my own blog at the moment, do you have any tips on how to get it known & start getting followers? xx

  42. i love that you wore those ugly plastic pearls too haha

  43. Awwwwwwww, you should wear your hair natural sometimes! :D

  44. Louisa

    It's so interesting to see how your hair has changed over the years but also how you've changed.. And don't worry about the cringy poses, we've all been there and done that in Year 9! Haha :)

  45. Great hair style.I think you have maintained your hair very carefully from your early childhood.

  46. hi zoe
    I work in a salon and as you can imagine I have had many different hair cuts and crazy colours now I am just trying to keep it healthy but i have major split ends soo bad …but i love your hair my aim is to get it as long as yours now super jealous :)
    patience is a virtue

    i would really appreciate if you would check out my page thanks

    Love ClaireeFairee ♥

  47. Hey zoe, im just really curious to hear your thoughts on your own hair. Im 13 and my hair is basically like yours, but im just woindering in your second year of school picutre is that all of your hair or is some of it back? Like was your hair thick or thin? x

  48. K

    i like your box fringe, i think it looks pretty! :)

  49. I always thought you looked like my big sister, but I wasn't really sure, but on the sixth photo, i really can't tell the difference between you and my sister. You look just like each other, the hair, the eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, shape of face, everything was the same about you!

  50. You're so beautiful Zoe!
    I just LOVE your hair!

  51. Wow you look so different when you were 16 to when you do now, I think you should update this blog post as you've changed allot since the last photo!

  52. Aw this is lovely!! My favourite picture is of you in year 8 in your second year of secondary school, you look so pretty and natural and your hair is gorgeous!!!;0) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  53. Holy shmokes this is amazing! Love ya hair! :D

  54. Ivory

    Iv'e been trying to grow my hair for the past year. Its true, you have to trim it when you get split ends, but not take off inches just a couple of cm. Iv'e heard that argan oil is AMAZING for the hair, iv'e been using it as a hair mask along with other fruits, and it really helps bring out that healthy glow. My mum always tells me to drink water as it helps your hair to grow and glow lol. I really like your current (2013) colour hair. Great post xx

  55. Hey im new to your blog ILY!!!

  56. After having many a disaterous hair cut – I'm talking "Pobs", short at one side long at the other (which for the record does not suit a chubby face) I have finally decided to leave my hair be and grow the bad boy out. Its a long old process but you really do have to stick with it. You're hair looks amazing Zoe. Also, excellent blog its inspired me to finally start my own. Keep up the good work, big love Sophie x

  57. Cripes. Lot of spelling mistakes in there, my excuse its early and I am ill haha.

  58. You should update this!

  59. You look like Carly Rae Jepson with the boxy fringe!

  60. i can only hope my hair will do the same and end up really nice eventually….

  61. what do you ask for at the hair dressers?
    im obsessed with it! its so beautiful but do you reckon it would look alright without a fringe?

  62. I love your hair it's so beautiful!!!! xxx

  63. Your hair is awesome I so wish my hair was as pretty!!!

  64. Will u put more photos on the hair history page????

  65. I have hair which is extremely straight and the same colour as your natural hair! I want to bleach the ends, (because i'm so bored of my hair.) It also looks really nice when you have dark hair, with blonde at the end. Do you think the colour change makes the hair look different? (In texture etc) :) xx

  66. Ugh, I wish my hair grew that fast. I cut it all off last year, shaved one side and am still growing it out. Hmm, maybe I should do a hair post, my hair's definitely been every cut and colour at least once haha.

  67. I was never a big fan of going to get my hair cut.. so I just trimm away any time when I feel like it.
    It's crazy that some girls think that cutting hair more often (to keep it healthy) it would also grow faster – nonsense ! :D

  68. How fast does your hair grow! That's crazy, I wish mine did…

  69. Izzelle

    its always perfect i swear haha

  70. Lyn

    I love these history posts! I went through a side fridge plus layers hair style in high school too!
    Oooh I did a post similar to this, but on my eyebrows hehe

  71. oh my zoe plzzz post aan up dated postof this

  72. Stunning, I think conditioning masks (sit with them for at least a few hours), protein, water and no heat helps the hair grow a lot faster. I have trouble getting long hair because I bleach mine, but I am determined to get long beautiful locks like yours :)

  73. Love your hair you are so beautiful ilysm you r perfect lots of love from aleeyza

  74. Your hair looks amazing . I love healthy hair , But my hair is dry , what can i do please provide some suggestion .Thanks for your great blog .
    Hair Style

  75. Hahahah Zoe I had a similar story with my hair, you gave me a flash back of my life :D I mean it's seriously crazy, I've had donned different hairstyles all my life. Sometimes ignored my hair completely. Lol. Thank you so much for the post, it was nice to read it :)

  76. you are sooooo pretty in all of them love you loads Zoe xxx!!!

  77. great thing you can able to track back on your hair journey way back when you were a kid up to now. it's very entertaining and interesting to read. Good thing i found your blog, keep posting :)

  78. Haha this made me laughed…but only because that'so me!! I often cut my hair, and then I wanted it long, then I cut it because it takes to much time to grow. And you can tell how old I am just by looking at my hair cut.

    By the way, your hair is georgous, and so are you!

  79. Your actually ridiculously beautiful! xx

  80. I absolutely love the colour of her hair just after she went on holiday. It looks so soft and pretty. I also disagree that the poxy fringe looks bad. I think that it brings out her face and her eyes more, but thats just my opinion anyway.

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  82. Kat

    I know you've been thinking about changing your hair and looking at these and your opinions on them, baring in mind you are a lot older now and probably looking for a maturer look, i thinknyou should trim roughly 3-4 inches off and dye it all to a darker brown xx P.s You suited all thoes hair styles and i think you would look georgous with a shoulder length hairstyle but that might be too risky as you didnt like your hair short before and its taken you a while to grow again xx

  83. I love you zoe I'm a big fan I sent you an email about 3 weeks ago and it was just asking when your next meet and greet book signing is? I love you soo much and wonder wether you could check out my blog it is thanks x love you soo much x

  84. I love your hair – tis fab! Along with your blog :)

  85. Stephanie Masen-Grey

    I’ve always been insecure about my hair (crazy curly and wild af). Earlier this year I got a perm and is now straight, but you can see on my roots how it used to be before u.u my hair has kept its natural colour for 19 years, and I was (am) scared to change it. But watching your Hair History and the different shades that you’ve used have helped me to be more brave and secure about it and I cannot wait to se which colours suits me the best. Thank you, as always, Zoe <3

  86. Hannah McGovern

    you you just reminded my to like my hair because i have always hated it!xx loving you

    • Samanta Rizzi

      Haha me too!

  87. Thanucha

    I love your blog, it amazing! One thing though, you misspelt ‘cousins’

  88. Georgia Goulding

    I love this post! This is soosos funny and interesting! I plan to do one of these in the future on my blog:

    Also thank you for teaching up your life experience with your hair. I am gratefully reminded now to NEVER cut my own hair as I remember when I did try to cut side bits and the second I let the scissors snip I regretted it! Although the hairstyle you did when you were 16 did look ‘spunky’ as that is the best way to describe it. Thanks for writing this post! Xx Planetgeorgia

  89. Amy05_xoxo

    love your blog! ur the best! love yaaaaa#

    • Danniella Wood

      love her hair like this

  90. Asia Pillay

    My hair is really curly with ringlets and i’m 11 years old its been like this my whole life and i don’t know if my hair will ever change but i hope it will and turn like yours

  91. Megan_xo

    I love you blogs and vlogs! Your “Bob and box fringe” is a hair cut I tried a lot when I was in primary school, and it’s taken 2 years to get my hair the length it is now… but your hair is gorgeous xxxx

  92. Alice Wensington

    Cool. I kind of want to temporarily dye my hair neon green. I’m not sure how to style my hair though.

  93. Victoria

    I wish I had your hair…..(*-*)

    • Danniella Wood

      me 2 x

  94. Keira Teale

    you have reminded me that not everyones hair is perfs lolxxx

  95. AnibaeAsh

    You have such lovely hair! I really like the way this blog post was executed as well.

  96. Danniella Wood

    I love your hair when its long and you have blonde dip-dye. Love u (and Alfie) so much <3

  97. nora gergab

    can you do a post on self esteem- mine just dropped to the nrgatives

  98. Kat

    Your hair looks awesome on the “aged 18/19” picture. And I absolutely agree: heat is the greates hair’s enemy!:)