Today, i thought i would play around with some of my new shadows…

In real life, this looks really dark and smokey, the flash has bleached it out alot. So, i guess you could either wear this in the daytime or the evening. :)

♥ Mac select cover up concealer on blemishes
♥ GOSH touch up concealer in no. 2 under eyes
♥ Benefit erase paste in no 1 in corners of eyes to brighten
♥ Bare Escentuals mineral foundation in Medium Beige, using the Body Shop Kabuki for application
♥ Bare Escentuals “Faux Tan” to contour & bronze using Mac’s 109 brush
♥ Mac MSF in Porcelain Pink using 109 brush

♥ Mac’s Blackground paint pot as a base, only on outer corners of the eyes.
♥ Nars Pleasures Of Paris palette col. Abyssinia in inner corner of eyes
♥ Nars PofP col. Fez in center of the eyes
♥ Nars Mekong single shadow in outer corners and blended under the eyes.
♥ Mac Retrospeck as brow highlight
♥ Loreal Voluminous mascara
♥ 2True waterproof eyeliner along top lashline

[Fed up of photos turning out rubbish]


♥ Illamasqua Obey Lipstick
♥ Mac Baby Sparks Dazzleglass on top

I had so much trouble with taking a photo of myself today. I just hated all of them & almost gave up.
In this very last photo it’s my “URGH I GIVE UP” face :)
and in another i think i look pretty fed up.
I like this look, but none of my cameras really gave it ANY justice. I used 3!
I used my webcam last, just so you could see it zoomed out a little bit, and with my hair :)
& i actually prefer the webcam shots albeit a little yellow…

I lovelovelove these nars shadows. They look amazing on.

  1. It looks lovely – I love the photo's you take of yourself!

  2. jennifer-rosellen

    Like it! it is much more subtle than the one I had, i wouldn't think someone wearing this in the day looked ridiculously over-done! I loveee your hair gahh xx

  3. Zoella.

    @Jennifer – Yeh, i realised that actually when i looked back over the photos, its so bleached out. In real life it's ALOT darker. But i've changed my wording now. haha xxx

  4. I love reading your blog… but yet hate it lol. I love all your reviews and great tips but hate it because you are just so god damn pretty hehe :)

    Love the eyes here, will def try this out!


  5. Aisling

    I love this look! Your hair is fab :) xxx

  6. Ondine

    love the webcam photos too – do you do any clever editing to them to get that effect, or is it just the way they come out?

  7. you are so rediculosly fit! i hate you! the second picture is just amaze :) x

  8. Kell

    beautious! i just got the e.l.f. master set and im so excited to play with all the darker colors to create some fun smokey eye looks! i love going super light to super dark just like you did .. perfect dramatic look :)


  9. How pretty do you look? how can you say your pics didn't come out right lol mine never look half as good as this that's why I don't do fotd's my camera is poo!
    I like what you've put together it looks gorgeous, can't wait to get my hands on obey :) xxxxx

  10. clemmie

    You look soo pretty :) xx

  11. I love your hair! Would you recommend the Bare Minerals Faux Tan?

  12. Lovely. I really want that Nars palette but cat find it online anywhere. Looked on spacenk, hqhair and the nars site. And nothing grr

  13. Zoella.

    @Glamiam – Yes Highly. I absolutely love it. It's become my HG bronzer. I have done a review on it in a previous post. Check it out :) xxx

  14. i think you look stunning in all your pictures and the makeup is really nicely done.. i love your blog :)

  15. You look beautiful! Think I'm going to try Illamasqua's 'Obey' after this!
    Thankyou X

  16. lola

    you look gorgeous…really pretty make up…loves it…xoxo

  17. Faye


    That was SO my contribution, :)

    You look so perdy miss sugg!!

    (ohmyGOD, Maybelline is edging its way closer!! :O )

  18. Anonymous

    cripes – you're so pretty!

    I've been eyeing up the Paris palette for a few weeks, and now I know I need it! Plus the mekong single shadow :)

    I was hoping you could tell me what hair products you use day to day, and how you style your hair? Like shampoo, conditioner, styling products etc.

    T xxx

  19. Im in love with your hair!

  20. looks really nice, try standing under a lamp and not using flash, thats how i take eye shots x

  21. I am very jealous! You look stunning :)

  22. Lisa

    Gorgeous! Mekong and that Pleasures of Paris palette are both on my wishlist <3 How much is the palette btw? I can't find it online anywhere :(
    x x

  23. Zoella.

    @Anonymous – Yeh surely will, i've already taken some photo's for it :) So that will be up soon xxx

  24. Zoella.

    @Lisa – I know i havent seen it online either, i'd say give your nearest store a call and see if they have it in there. Im thinking it might be a shop only item. It was £36 :) xxx

  25. where did you get that top!!!
    you're beautiful, im jealous :)

  26. Zoella.

    @Brigitte – Topshop :) xxx

  27. Zoe I love your blog so much! You influence me to buy all the makeup you use as it always looks so gorgeous on you! I cant find the pleasures of paris pallete anywhere though, looked on the nars website and spacenk website and nada, not even a mention.

  28. Rachel

    really pretty babes, loves it, amzing hair, i am so jealous

  29. The eye makeup is really pretty! ;)
    Love how the neutrals look over a black base… :)


  30. u look lovelyyyyy :) ur hair looks amazing as does the makeup!

  31. i hate it when it happens to me too..i take so much pics and im never pleased with all the shots lol.

    you look so lovely though. the smokey look is hot!!

  32. You are so pretty and cute! I love the shirt and the makeup :)

  33. You really are so pretty! Benefit erase paste is THE best stuff! :) xx Ps Love your blog to pieces!

  34. Natcha

    Could you be any prettier???? ^^

  35. Zoella.

    For those of you looking for the Nars Pleasures of Paris palette, im beginning to think it may be a store only thing. So check out your nearest space nk or if you are in the US the nearest store that sells Nars. I know that Lorraine bought her's at Saks? xxx

  36. Hey Zoe, just another quick question! Would you say that Obey is similar to Mac's colour crafted? I have colour crafted but I think its a bit too "barbie pink" for me but obey looks a bit more subtle/wearable?

  37. Zoella.

    @xemma0802x – No theyre nothing alike at all. This one is more peachy/orange toned. Although it's hard to tell from photos because i put pink gloss on top. I'm going to do a lipstick collection post soon, with swatches :) xxx

  38. Love your blog! (:

    I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of a camera you're using? My current one is absolute rubbish and I'm in dire need of a new one (: Thanks is advance (:

    La C.

  39. Zoella.

    @LaCouturier – I'm using the Panasonic Lumix TZ7. It's very very good! :) xxx

  40. Nicole

    gorgeous as always

  41. Laura

    You look boooooooooootiful :) Love this look, really classy xxx

  42. I use to use Bare Minerals every day but for some reason it's just not feeling so great on my skin anymore :(

    Hope you are well..I tagged you in my latest blog post! Top 10 Most Used Mac Products ;)

  43. jefe

    Zoe where do u buy this lipstick obey?? i wanna it.pls xoxoxo. In brazil doesn't have illamasqua store…i am gonna cryyyyy…..:-(

  44. you're the spit of caroline flack x

  45. Loved this post, really helped me a lot !
    Thanks Zoe ;)