I have never been to Paris.

shock horror.
In fact, i’ve never been to france…how weird is that?
Everyone’s been to France!

Anyway, I don’t personally know the Pleasures of Paris, but when scouring the Nars counter last week in Selfridges, i fell in love with the Palette “Pleasures of Paris”

It is gorgeous.
I’ve looked at Nars palettes before & theres always one or two colours i know i would never wear.
But when i saw this one, i loved every single colour.
I restrained myself last week, but when i saw i had more money in my bank than i thought i did, and after i’d been working so hard for my dad, i thought i’d treat myself yesterday in Space NK.


Colours in Palette:

Top Row L-R: Nepal, Violetta & Demon Lover
Bottom Row L-R: Fez, Abyssinia & Cordura

Swatches in natural light:

L-R: Nepal, Violetta, Demon Lover, Fez, Abyssinia & Cordura

As i’ve said before, Nars shadows are such good quality. I do prefer them to mac.
The swatches above were done with one swipe.
I also noticed that the matte shades are so creamy to touch. They’re not cream shadows, but the consistency is so smooth.

I heart this palette

P.s. It’s also Limited Edition, so grab it while you can ladies. The Lady in Space NK said it had been flying off the shelves and was really popular.

  1. Laura

    Looks gorgeous, love the look of Violetta, can you do a look with that please? xxx

  2. Omg I want that palette! All the colors are so wearable! Time to bug the bf to get it for me now. lol :)

  3. Jo

    You're right the colours are all really wearable. I am tempted to pick one up when I got to Bluewater this week after seeing this! Looking forward to seeing some FOTD's! x

  4. Lydia

    All the colours are so pretty – I want this! I want a palette to take with me when I go away for weekends and whatever.. either that or I'm just talking myself into it hehe xox

  5. Sarah

    ooo looks amazing. could you do a look with it pleaseeeee? xox

  6. the palette is gorgeous! after seeing your post i'm certainly thinking of picking it – the colours are perfect and very wearable! :)

  7. Omg you got it! *High Five* hehe! It's gorgeous! Loves it, another thing to add to my never ending wish list *sighs* :( Maybe Harry will do one of his ever so generous 'Hauls' again LOL!

    You've never been to France, girly you HAVE to go to Paris it’s so pretty! Get Jack to take you, I want to go for my anniversary!


  8. These all look beauitful (: I would really like one of these. Another item added to my birthday list (: x

  9. Faye

    OooOo. How perdyful. Do a FOTDDD!! For me :) x

  10. Laurel

    Its gorgeous. How much was it?

  11. Oooo! This looks amazing! I must buy it! :-) xx

  12. You're making me really want this palette! Does anyone know where I can find this in Canada? The Bay, Holt Renfrew, Sephora…?

  13. Gemma

    This is so nice! I love all the colours too! You have never been to France? Thats an excuse to visit me! x

  14. oh that is gorgeous!!! I cant wait for ur new look!

  15. Aisling

    I love it! The colous are soo pretty :) x

  16. Daisy

    I've actually never tried Nars shadows but will have to give them a go! This palette looks gorgeous- all of the colours are beautiful x

  17. I'm in love!!

  18. I've never been to France Zoe so you're not the only one! :) The palette looks beauuutiful!! xxx

  19. those colors are super cute..jealous

  20. Those colours are gorgeous! Lovely palette!

  21. Marce

    Great swatches, this palette is so pretty! Paris, Je T'Aime! :D

  22. Lisa

    Goooorgeous colours, I'm adding it to the birthday list! ;) I really want Mekong too after seeing it on a few blogs (including yours obviously!) the dark brown shade in this palette isn't too similar is it? x

  23. Oh Zo, I may just have to buy this!
    I've never been to france either!! We should so do a paris trip, lol!
    Love youuu

  24. Zoella.

    @Lisa – No, I was worried about that too when i saw it, but together and swatched they are both different. Mekong is ALOT darker, whereas the one in this palette is more natural and a little more subtle. :) Love both though. Daytime version and nightime version haha xxxx

  25. Lisa

    Whoop whoop whoop! I'm glad to hear it as I NEED Mekong in my life! Looks perfect for a deep smokey eye <3 Haha you sound like me with your 'justification' lol :P

    x x

  26. That palette looks gorgeous!!!! you must do a look with it!!! I wonder if it compliments brown eyes!

  27. Oh wow that looks nice! I hadn't seen this. I love NARS eyeshadows!

  28. Lanna

    What a gorgeous palette:)

  29. Wow this palette is gorgeous!! Thanks for posting about it, I will def. be checking it out :)

  30. the colors are soo pretty. i love it when they come out with eye shadow palettes because it becomes more affordable.

  31. wow the colours are gorg! i will definitely buy this! thanks x

  32. I love the Nepal :)

    I wish i could go to Paris!
    I am studying french and want to go to uni next year to study it but have never been to Paris…

    How bad is that!!

    Thanks for showing us what you got!

  33. Looks absolutely gorgeous!!!!


  34. nars palette looks delicious :) Its on my wish list !

  35. lola

    such a pretty palette…makes me wanna go shopping…xoxo

  36. Do you happen to know if this is being sold in the U.S.? I can't find it anywhere.

  37. Shy.

    This Palettes so pretty, I went to my usual Space NK and it was sold out :( going to have to look around the others because I need that in my life lol perfect everyday colours!

  38. I just picked this up from Sephora and I can't wait to use it!

  39. Lizzie

    Fez is gorgeous! Will be needing to pick this one up soon!

  40. I like the two purples!


  41. Looks amazing!! can't wait to buy it :) Thanks for showing it <3

  42. They look amazing!!

  43. i saw this post before, and went on a hunt to find it.. its been a year, still can't find it.. anyone know where i could get this?