It was really sunny on sunday, so me & Jack decided to drive to Cardiff for a little mooch/shop.
They have an Illamasqua counter in the Debenhams there, so OBVIOUSLY i was going to check out some of the products as i have been waiting SO patiently to see in the flesh.

But first, i’ll go through other things i bought.
The pearl necklaces were both Primarni. One on the left was £3 & the one on the right was £2.
Can’t go wrong with pearls..every girl should own some.

Soap & Glory – Feel the KneadThis is, quite possibly, my favourite S&G product to date.
In all honesty, i bought this because it intrigued me.
Ever seen soap shaped like this?
It smells amaaazing. Really fresh smelling.
When i used this, i was pleasantly surprised. It seemed to exfoliate, lather and leave my skin so smooth, as well as massage away all the cellulite.
Haha, okay the cellulite wasn’t gone after my bath but its nice to think this might actually budge it if used religiously.
I’m actually looking forward to my next bath so i can use this again.
sad no? haha

Soap & Glory – I-Foam Body washI took one sniff of this and threw it in my basket.
Not alot to say on this one in all honesty, it smells bleddy amazing, lathers amazing & just does everything it says on the bottle.

Illamasqua Lipstick – Obey
It’s funny because i have my little wishlist on the right of products i most definitely wanted to swatch and see up close,
But when i got to the actual counter, i was so overwhelmed with all the different colours and the girl constantly trying to paint my face i didnt really take it all in properly.
Also Jack was standing with me and i didnt want to take all day haha
So i went straight to the lippies and this one took my fancy. It looks gorgeous on, a colour i definitely dont have and it lasted SO long on my lips.
So far i am very impressed with the Illamasqua Lipsticks.

Illamasqua Cream Blusher – SobThis was the cream blush that really stood out to me.
It is very similar to the powder blush in “Katie” and the MA put both on each of my cheeks and we both agreed that the cream blush looks alot more natural on me.
I wore it the other day, and it lasted me HOURS.
Something the Mac cream blushes FAIL miserably to do on my skin.
I need more of these in my collection. They are so worth the money!
Very generously, Jack bought me both Illamasqua products.
He’s always so sneaky, and when i go to pay, he jumps in & shoves his card in the machine.
I love them both thankyou so much Jack :)

Mac Eyeshadow – Style SnobThis eyeshadow is part of the “Love that look” collection in Mac at the moment.
These shadows are amazing, i love the Starflash finish & can only urge you all to check it out.
I want almost all of the shadows, but being very good, i came away with just one.
Might have to sneak back for a few more. ;)

Mac Eyeshadow – Amber Lights
I didn’t own this shadow…& i couldnt believe i didn’t own it.
It was always one of those shadows i’d swatch on my hand and then just leave the shop over and over and over.
I decided on buying it this time as when i swatched it, Jack loved the colour & really wanted me to wear it.
He probabaly secretly knew i always wanted it, and persuaded me :)
I love this colour, orangey tones compliment blue eyes and all that ;)

So that is my little shopping load.
It’s not much, but i thought i’d share my first experiences with Illamasqua up close.
Although, im pretty sure they didn’t have the whole didn’t seem like they did, unless i was so in ore i totally misjudged the amount.
The girl was really nice, and gave me a mini makeover.
Can’t wait to see the stand in Selfridges with the beauty bloggers in a week

  1. Ohh you got some great goodies!
    That lipstick looks too die for!!

  2. Zoe aka Soap & Glory Queen lol I'm loving the look of the feel the knead thingy!
    How pretty is that illamasqua blush – jealous much! *high five* to Jack for buying it for you!
    Lovely purchases m'dear! Xxxxxxx

  3. Meagan

    Looks like you got some great things! I love your about me quote….looks familiar!

  4. Lisa

    FAB haul, I lurveee everything <3 I have that Illamasqua lipstick, it's such a gorgeous colour. I have Fable too which is one of my faves, you neeed it :P I share your love of the cream blushes, they're amazing!! I have Promise which I've been using constantly, prob the creamiest cream blush I've ever used! I also have Katie blush, Echo eyeshadow, nail polishes in Lament and Collide and the pink loose powder which is fantastic. Piccies/reviews on my blog if you're interested, I will be doing a post on the stuff I've bought recently tomorrow:

    You're reeeeally making me want Sob now, I *have* to have it if it's Katie in cream form lol! Those MAC shadows look gorge, I was so tempted by style snob but it looks too similar to satin taupe which I already have so I got smoke & diamonds instead. Amber Lights looks yummy xx

  5. Sofee

    love ur haul..those e/s are lovely :D

  6. Nice purchases! I wish we could get some of that stuff here in Australia. I also recently purchased Amber Lights, its AMAZING, and I agree about it being great for blue eyes! Please post a FOTD featuring it!

  7. Eeeeeeek Zoe you've completely 100% convinced me to turn into a Soap & Glory whore. I always pass it in the store, but next time- I'm going to buy everything! Haha. And I was thinking about getting Style Snob, I think you just make my decision :) heheh

  8. And I want that big pearl necklace on the right very badly :) I was going to order one on topshop but its so expensive for just a plain pearl necklace.. :(

  9. does soap and glory have a website?

  10. What?! Illamasqua in Cardiff?! Why didn't I know about this?! Cardiff is where I shop, and I've got Debenhams vouchers that I've been debating over what to spend them on. Woo to the Hoo, thanks for sharing this!!

    Great haul by the way. Amber Lights is one of my favourites, and looks gorgeous with blue eyes x

  11. Style Snob looks lovely, I wish I'd got it instead of Grand Entrance. I agree about Illamasqua painting your face before you even have chance to look at the products! I went & barely looked at the products before she whisked me away and did my whole face make up!

    I must try the Feel Knead, I've never seen anything like that!

  12. Holly

    Love Style Snob, Glamour Check and Smoke and Diamonds are beautiful too if you want anotherxx

  13. Love love love the illamasqua blush!!! x

  14. I live in cardiff :) love what you bought, do you have a debenhams beauty club card? xox

  15. Tamara

    Ohh the soap – I thought it was chocolate! xD

    The lipstick looks interesting.. It's more of a nude pink?

  16. Lydia

    When I went to Cardiff Illamasqua the woman was really pushy so it put me off a little :( I only wanted a liquid metal and she kept trying to get me to try lipglosses and blushes and I was like – I can't afford!!
    But today I am gonna pick up a cream blush for sure – they look gorgeous!! xox

  17. Zoella.

    @Lisa – You're so right, it does look like satin taupe (which i also own haha) but i think it swatches alot more grey/smokey. I'm going to be checking out your Illamasqua goodies. And yes, you definitely need sob in your life. My new favourite blush. :) xxx

  18. Zoella.

    @Janekoyson – Yes, theyre website is :)

  19. Zoella.

    @hannahbabeyxo – No i dont own one of those. :(

  20. Zoella.

    @Tamara – I'd say it's more of a peachy/orange toned pink with a dash of beige. It's gorgeous :)

  21. Zoella.

    @Lydia – what did she look like? This girl was the same. It's probabaly because they have to sell a certain amount before the end of the day possibly. Or she'd just very eager to put makeup on people haha. I told this girl i was fine 2 times before i just let her put it on me because she just hovered around me haha xx

  22. Mayumi

    lovely stuff, can't go wrong with primarni pearls. ^_^
    and i really wanna try some illamasqua products! :(

  23. ooo great haul, sob looks amazing, i love the illamasqua cream blushes. xoxo

  24. Nice haulage! I live in Cardiff and looove shopping here. You must’ve seen the work going on at the new shopping centre, there’s gonna be even more shops! It opens the end of October, I can’t wait! I know there’s def gonna be an Urban Outfitters, All Saints, Jamie Oliver restaurant for food…wooo!! Yeah I know what u mean about the Ilamasqua stand, it really puts me off as I don't feel I can browse without being hassled xx

  25. Glad you like Obey, I ordered it yesterday along with fable and rousse lipgloss. I love illamasqua, I am thinking of doing a post on the products I have from them one day soon. Take a look if you wanna see more products :)

  26. Grace

    ahh jack is so cute to you! i would faint the day my boo persuaded me to buy makeup i was oogling at

  27. lola

    i love style snob…such a gorgeous colour…gotta love the starflash finish…its amazing…xoxo

  28. ahh i wear amber lights all the time!! i loooove it, it looks amazing on the outer corners with dazzlelight/all that glitters on the inner corner :) xx

  29. LinDa

    Illamasqua is now on Sephora's website so U.S. can purchase them. Finally..

  30. Lydia

    She had short blonde hair. But today when I went there it was a different girl – very long brown hair, very tanned too. She was a little pushy with me again so I am guessing they do have to sell a certain amount or something like that! She even managed put make-up on my best friend, who isn't that into make-up lol!
    I got a cream blush in Lies – looks soo pretty with my tan, and will work as a good highlight too! xox

  31. I was in Primark today and couldnt see any pretty jewelery! I always read about all these pretty accessories in Primark but every time im in, it all seems like tacky hoop earings and chavvy necklaces.Im soo jealous, you must have good primarks -LOL! xx

  32. Great haul!
    I 'm sure you 'll love Amber Lights, it's an amazing colour…


  33. Lil

    Great haul! I love Amber Lights x

  34. Anonymous

    Wow! Great haul. Illamasqua sob cream blush looks gorgeous. I'd love to see a swatch or FOTD with it.

  35. I got the cream blush yesterday in a different shade I love it ! It was my first time in illamasqua to love it ! Xxx

  36. Lizzie

    I think you've just persuaded me to star buying the Illamasqua lipsticks. Love the look of pastel lips and they have a fantastic colour range.