Eve’nin all.

I went out for my GORGEOUS maties birthday last night.
Some of you may know her, Alex (Lexaloo_x on twitter)

Here is my face…lol

I was feeling ugly and didn’t really do much. I just did smokey eyeliner. I don’t do this very often..and annoyingly, in the photos they dont look very smokey. But they were…and guess what..yes, i had proper panda eyes after a few hours.
Why does liner head south?
even with primer..and liner..and set with shadow…grr
I also wore my new Illamasqua Lippy in Obey.
Not until about 2 hours later though (felt like a change)
I’m actually wearing Mac’s Hue lippy with Florabundance lipglass on top in the above photo.

And here are some snaps from the night…

Had a fabby night, wish i could have stayed out longer but i was being a big helper today working with my dad (He’s a builder/carpenter/general busybody)
So, in the words of Ella, i became Bob the builder today…in my pumps & harem pants.
I was SO dirty at the end of the day.
Fun. Fun!

  1. You looked lovely Zoe! :)
    Good to see you had a good time.


  2. Looks like you had a fab time! Gorgeous as always! LOL @ the donald trump imitation I'm sure anonymous will be pleased haha!
    Woo still want to see the pic of you being bob the builder haha!
    Love you girly xxxxxxxx

  3. wowww,love the outfit,hair,make up-everything-gorge!

  4. Av

    Looks like you had a great night. I like the look of those different coloured drinkies!! The Donald Trump thing made me laugh – some people just don't know style when they see it x

  5. You look SO so pretty lovely!!<33 Keep it up! I love your FOTDS

  6. Angel

    awww u look so pweeety! i wanna see the whole outfit though! it looked gorgeous but it's kinda dark.

  7. Alice

    I can't ever understand what's going on with Donald Trump's hair tbh.
    You looked lovely though! :)

  8. hahaha, I like your tribute to the anonymous commenter! loser! Perfect way to deal with idiotic comments I say!

    Nicola xx

  9. Sher

    I like your hair! I`m trying to grow mine out so I can shift it to the side like old days =p

  10. Aleksis

    You have such pretty hair! It always looks so shiny and healthy… Your fringe hardly looks like DT's toupee, but good for you for making anon feel like a jerk! Anywhoo looks like you had fun and I wore that same lip combo today, but also changed to a coral color later on! Lol

  11. Nik

    you have the best hair! <3

  12. i absolutely LOVE ur hairr

  13. You all looked gorgeous! haha at the toupe, you go girl!! xxx

  14. Rubiiee

    I love your outfit! I think Donald Trumps hair looks more like a stall loaf of bread.. yours is all healthy and shiny looking, definitely not like his at all!

  15. Nicole

    you looked gorgeous!!
    love the "trump hair" ;)

  16. amazing hair & cute yellow top!

  17. clemmie

    Wow, yellow really suits you! xx

  18. Laura

    You look stunning, even if you didn't feel you made an effort :) You could never be ugly either Zoe!

    Loved the comeback to silly @ anonymous! Well done girly!

    x x x

  19. Faye

    ohhh, how perty zoe :)
    soo jealous of your beautifullness.

    did i mention i hate you?
    i hate you :D

    in a nice, affectionate way, of course ;)

  20. You look gorgeous in your pics! Why were u feeling ugly? Love the hair!!

  21. Lola

    Hey Zoella…I love this plus the little story about Donald Trump…its awesome you have a sense of humour about it! Stupid annonymous people!…haha I wanted to let you know that I tagged you on my blog for Post a Pic…check it out and I hope you follow the tag…its the rules!!! :)

  22. Love the comb-over! Stuff what people say. x

  23. lol @ strangely u wanted to show ur middle finger. i think u have lovely un-donald trump hair
    and ur makeup looked good :)

  24. are u and ella the same person? bc you guys look heavily alike!

  25. Izzy

    you look lovelyy! and i really like your hair so i don't know what this donald trump persons on about! glad you had a nice night :) xxx

  26. Zoella.

    @aye_meee – Nooo. Do we? I dont think we do. She has blonde hair..i have brown hair…infact i dont think we look that similar at all? :S xxx

  27. Zoella.

    @Kelly Ann – It's my natural hair colour :) so i dont know xxx

  28. You're gorgeous!
    And I love your hair. =)

  29. I don't think you should be allowed to feel ugly! You look gorgeous hun. I love your hair and you're just too cute!

    I'm just visiting your lovely blog to tell you about a new jewelry blog that I just launched called B.Essentia Jewelry and Designs. I hope you can come and visit =). Thank you hun!

  30. Deanna

    Hey there I just want to say that your lovely and don't pay any attention to the jealous thats just their way of saying they love your style :) I think you looked fabulous and no need to feel ugly! Your hair is so pretty I would love to know how you get it to stay to the side and how short your fringe is? Cuz im lookin into styling mine a similar way for a homecoming event :) *muah

  31. Gosh. You are SO gorgeous :)
    Love your hair!

  32. Wow…you are gorgeous girly ♥ Gonna have to try your eye makeup tricks :)-
    Your night and those pics = F.U.N!!!

  33. your hair <3

  34. You are so gorgeous, I envy you! =) Where did you get that top? its lovely! xx

  35. Zoella.

    @xemma0802x – I got it from Allsaints :) xxx

  36. you are soo gorgeous , i love your blog