For the past few months I kept asking myself the question..

“To depot…or not to depot”

I have quite a few mac shadows now, my collection is forever growing, and when it comes to putting on my eye makeup, i have to admit, some days i just grab the nearest little black container and away we go.

I do miss the days when i had about 4 shadows, and could easily find the shade i wanted.

So, because of this, i decided to depot.

i have around 20 shadows all together

(do not add this up in your will depress me) :)

Some are limited edition in pretty containers so i won’t be depotting those & some i just didnt like enough to go in my palette, am thinking of doing a blogsale to get rid ;)

(thoughts on that please)

To depot, i followed the gorgeous Vicky’s (Peachykeencheeks) video on youtube.

It was super helpful :) Ta Vic!

So without further a-do here is my finished palette…

Top row L-R : Retrospeck, Woodwinked, Sable, Romp, Corduroy

Middle row L-R: Shroom, All that glitters, Trax, Amber lights, Smut

Bottom row L-R: Style Snob, Satin Taupe, Star Violet, Texture, Carbon

As you can see, im extremely adventurous when it comes to colour…

It’s pretty satisfying & now i can open it up and actually pick the colour i wanted instead of routing around turning every pot over for the name.

I would advise any of you that havent depotted to give it a go.

and if you are thinking

“Mm, but what if i go away and want seperate colours?”

Then my lovely, just buy a 4 quad palette and place the colours you want to take with you.

Shimples. :)