For the past few months I kept asking myself the question..

“To depot…or not to depot”

I have quite a few mac shadows now, my collection is forever growing, and when it comes to putting on my eye makeup, i have to admit, some days i just grab the nearest little black container and away we go.

I do miss the days when i had about 4 shadows, and could easily find the shade i wanted.

So, because of this, i decided to depot.

i have around 20 shadows all together

(do not add this up in your will depress me) :)

Some are limited edition in pretty containers so i won’t be depotting those & some i just didnt like enough to go in my palette, am thinking of doing a blogsale to get rid ;)

(thoughts on that please)

To depot, i followed the gorgeous Vicky’s (Peachykeencheeks) video on youtube.

It was super helpful :) Ta Vic!

So without further a-do here is my finished palette…

Top row L-R : Retrospeck, Woodwinked, Sable, Romp, Corduroy

Middle row L-R: Shroom, All that glitters, Trax, Amber lights, Smut

Bottom row L-R: Style Snob, Satin Taupe, Star Violet, Texture, Carbon

As you can see, im extremely adventurous when it comes to colour…

It’s pretty satisfying & now i can open it up and actually pick the colour i wanted instead of routing around turning every pot over for the name.

I would advise any of you that havent depotted to give it a go.

and if you are thinking

“Mm, but what if i go away and want seperate colours?”

Then my lovely, just buy a 4 quad palette and place the colours you want to take with you.

Shimples. :)

  1. Sophie

    Cute, I think I wanna depot and get a palette .. Looks lovely xx

  2. yay Zoe thats so exciting!! Isnt it nice to feel accomplished? :) Now I need to go buy some of those colors! hehe

  3. you have really inspired me to finish my depotting, i bet its such a great feeling when you have finally finished doing it all! :)

  4. Nicole

    its beautifuL! lol

  5. Monique

    Blog sale indeed!

  6. Jean

    Oh what a gorgeous collection of colours I love neautrals.

  7. I'm contemplating doing the same thing!! How did you secure the eye shadows into the palette? I was thinking of magnets, but I can't seem to find them anywhere :(

  8. I am scared that if I start buying palettes I won't use my palettes anymore! They will become a hassle for me! I own a costal scents palette and NEVER use it! I don't want that to happen to my MAC shadows as well! :P

  9. Zo you have officially inspired me to depot my shadows :)
    Do you know how many empties you have to have to back2mac?

  10. lola

    love your collection…really pretty colours…xoxo…

  11. Lauren

    Great post, Zoe.
    I have yet to buy a MAC eyeshadow.
    Can you believe it?!
    I only own 1 MAC lipstick and 1 MAC blush xx

  12. Tali

    Great collection! Love the order you put them in!!!xx

  13. Farah

    oh thanks for the tip on the youtube vid i was doing it the hard way lol

  14. LinDa

    I see you like purples..Your missing SKETCH..the best purple ever. It's matte and Shawdowy Lady..The texture is like butter. My favs. ;)

  15. That looks like my ideal palette, only I'd sacrifice one of them for Blanc Type <3

  16. I love the shades in your palette, actually that's very similar to what I currently have :) xxx

  17. Lydia

    Lush :) I want to do this but it'll have to wait untill I have time and patience lol xox

  18. Mayumi

    I wish i could do this, i only have 2 eyeshadows and ones discontinued :(
    lovely palette though, pretty pretty everyday shades. ^_^

  19. Nice palette :-) I am building my MAC Neutral palette as well. Great for everyday and office looks!

  20. DO a blog sale! I am up for it! But please ship internationally =)

  21. Ondine

    Yum. I'll take that palette please, just how it is – what a lovely selection! Would love you forever if you could be arsed to do a swatches of them all…..

  22. Lisa

    I keep wondering whether to depot or not as it would be so much easier to have everything to hand but I've just bought an underbed drawer with lots of makeup dividers which has been immensely helpful as I can now see everything at a glance. I still quite fancy depotting though ;) Was it quite simple to do? I saw Vicky's video too but thought she might be making it look easy lol! Knowing how clumsy I can be, I'd probably cock it right up!

    Your shadows looks lovely btw, I really want Trax and All That Glitters xx

  23. Grace

    yay for depotted shadows! a blogsale sounds like a good idea :) i love buying the pan shadows, i find it more exciting than the pot ones. you were one of the bloggers that inspired me to make a blog of my own :)

  24. You've inspired me to buy a palette! haha! xx

  25. Yoselin

    Great colours! I love you pallet, you and i have similar taste!

  26. Thats a good looking palette. I am severely jealous, I would wear everything in that palette.

  27. Gosh, I have watched videos on how to depot the eyeshadows and it is so comlicated! I am so glad that my MAC store has the eyeshadows in pan form so I don't have to depot. :) Good job though, lucky you didn't spoil the edges or anything. :)

  28. Aisling

    I've been asking myself the same Q a lot lately too! I was afraid I'd regret it but you may have swayed me to the depotting side, I do always have to flip each one over to find the colour Im looking for! Hmmmm…..such big decisions us make-up lovers are faced with lol! :)


  29. Ooo lots of loverly neutrals = my dream palette :)

  30. Ah how funny, i done a post on my MAC palette yesterday lol!
    You got some great colours!.. Like All That Glitters and woodwinked!

    Great post!

    Oh and YES do a blogsale!

  31. Zoella.

    @Courtney & Loulabelle & Tabitha Sheridan – Yes it was really satisying! :) xxx

  32. Zoella.

    @Susan Tinsley – Yes, definitely use magnets. Its the only way of them staying in place but also being able to take them out and shuffle them round/look at the sticker name. do some great magnets. Although i found them to be pretty expensive. xxx

  33. Zoella.

    @Ellagorgeous (hehe) – You need 6 empties for back 2 mac. :) I have 14 now. woop. Lipstick reccommendations please. xxx

  34. Zoella.

    @Lauren – Get yourself down to Mac and buy an eyeshadow this instant lady! haha xxx

  35. Zoella.

    @Lola – Go for it! I'd never thought of that before. :) xxx

  36. Zoella.

    @Ondine – I can do my lovely. :) xxx

  37. Rafa!

    what a cute palette! I need to build up my collection more! I, too love the neutrals, but I own mostly brights? When I finally start working at MAC [I need to call when I get home] I'll catch up to ya ;]

  38. Zoella.

    @Lisa – Haha, well in all honesty…i did cock up the first one. But that was because weirdly the pan had a strange groove around the bottom, making it SO hard to get it off. Think its an old shadow. But really, it's quite theraputic once you've gotten started. :) Give it a go xxx

  39. Zoella.

    @Grace – Awee thankyou, that means alot :) xxx

  40. Zoella.

    @pinderica – Yes of course it will be international. :) xxx

  41. Zoella.

    @Rafa – RAFA..are you going to be working in Mac? That's so blummin cool. All the best lovely! :) xxx

  42. Rafa!

    Yep! I got hired in July :] but I haven't started yet! Soon! PS you are my biggest enabler =]

  43. Sofee

    very pretty palette u put together :D

  44. Nice palette!!! I was really hesitant to start de-potting, but once I did I went crazy and de-potted 4 eye palettes and 2 blush palettes worth! I am really glad I did, I also love to fill my empty quad for on the go!

  45. i tried depotting once and some of my eyeshadow cracked.. U make it look easy:))

  46. Nik

    such a cute palette! i need to buy Romp and Smut asap :)

  47. Blog sale please
    and if you can plz make it international

  48. Rachel

    aw lovley colours, are you going to start buying another palette and pan shadows, they save so much money,and you can back to mac when they are done,

  49. That's an amazing palette, you have some gorgeous colours there! ;)


  50. Parisa

    I've given you a little shout on my blog sweetie, I adore your blog so much, you've helped me buy some wonderful products (: xxx

  51. Lil

    Think I'm going to do this! Just need to build my collection up a bit more!

  52. you have the best Mac palette EVER!! jelous much? yess! xx

  53. Gillian

    Lovely colours:) unfortunatly they dont do palettes where i live :( tear..
    You should defo do a blogsale :)

  54. welcome hun!! Your palette looks gorgeous =) heh, I need to depot a bit more, love it!

  55. J.

    Love your color palette!