Yesterday, when i side fringe (or bangs as you call them in the US) just wouldnt sit right and i had no time to wash my hair again.

So, for the first time since i was about 10..i put my hair in a middle parting.
For some of you, this is no big deal…
But i have had my side fringe for ages and always laughed at how my hair looked with a center parting.
I did the “Lauren Conrad plaits”
What do you think?
I was actually surprisingly happy with it.

If you’re wandering where i am..i was helping out in my mums shop “The Frock Exchange” yesterday in Bath city.
I will do a blogpost on it because if yoou are ever in Bath..or you live there. You should definitely check it out.

  1. C.

    you look amazing! you always look flawless :)

  2. LaaLaa

    looks lovely, suits you alot.

  3. Damn it I want to go to your mums shop tomorrow now we will have to arrange something soon hehe!
    You look gorgeous Zo, really suits you! Where's your top from hun? Xxxxxxx

    P.s – congratulations on the 1000 followers, your blogs amazing and if I had it my way you'd have 1 million :) xxxx

  4. I love your hair, it's gorgeous! I wish mine looked like that. You really suit the middle parting. I never wear mine in a middle parting so I know what you mean about it being a big deal!ha ha

  5. @Ella – Awee thankyou, you're such a sweetheart. It's from Topshop, it was in the sale for £15 from £40. It was part of the Barbara Hulanicki range. :) woop. Yess, we certainly dooo. Now that you can drive you have no excuses lol xxxxxx

  6. Zoe

    U look so gorgeous^^Loving ur hair*

  7. Your hair looks great that way! Especially with that flowy top (which is cute too btw!)

  8. Yes!! I love it! You look gorgeous!!

    I'm going to try the braids!

  9. Jo

    Your hair looks fab whatever! How do you get your skin so glowing? I am very jealous! :) xx

  10. Anonymous

    Your hair is so lovely! Do you wear extensions?

  11. Amber

    You're so stinkin' cute I can't stand it.
    I won't hate you because you're beautiful. I won't hate you because you're beautiful.

  12. One word GORGEOUS!!! You should way your hair more often this way, you look smashing. xxNadia

  13. You look so nice with a middle parting, it really suits you :)

  14. Your hair looks really nice and hippy chic. The middle parting really goes with the loose waves and the top you're wearing. I was wondering where you took the photos, I was thinking "why does she have a CCTV monitor and a PDQ machine in her house???" lol!

  15. Hi! Looks really fab! suits you..Ive just posted my hair history a little while ago..would love to hear what you think as no comments of yet :(
    Also i have noticed your a fan of vintage shabby chic styles and i will be posting some of my homemade designs soon..will be ever so greatfull of any comments! xx

  16. Becky

    you really suit that :D xx

  17. I wrote a comment a minute ago now i dont know where its gone! lol

  18. Lauren

    This is so cute!! You should wear it like that more – you seem to be able to do anything with your hair and it looks good, lucky! xlauren

  19. Looks gorgeous!! really nice for summer! xx

  20. Love your hair, looks amazing pretty, tres chic.
    Is a lovely summer look :)xx

  21. Tali

    It suits you and not her! Lol you should tell her how its done! She makes them too tight near the forhead.. you got yours just right! xx

  22. aww Zo it looks really good on you!! And Im not just sayin that! SOmetime I loooove to do a middle part because it changes the whole look.

  23. It looks so cute on you! But you always look great :)

  24. pretty! i prefer it! <3 x

  25. you're beautiful

  26. Jean

    So this more often your face looks gorgeous uncovered.

  27. this makes u look more girl next door- and the side part is more sultry
    so this is cute- mayb a day look and the side part cud be a night look :P

  28. so cute you should do this more often :)
    It suits you too :)
    I bet you can do anything with your hair like dye it green and you will still look nice :(
    So lucky :P

  29. J

    You definitely pull it off, looks great! x

  30. adorable!!

  31. Ali

    wow… lucky to be able to pull it off
    do you use mac msfs to make your face so glowy? am thinking of buying one coz i really love the 'lit from within' look!

  32. I prefer it! Looks great.x

  33. It definitely suits you… I even like your hair more this way than your "normal" one. This one makes you look younger and fresher, I think!

  34. Mrs. W

    aw! it looks great! and I love how my friends 'across the pond' called braids 'plaits'. too cute! ; )

  35. Caz

    I think it looks cute and you have gorgeous long hair to make it work well :)

  36. it suits you very well!!! I actually like this better than your side bangs. I know what you mean, and I definitely can't do middle part, because it will look awful on me.

  37. LOVE your hair! You look like a beter version of an Olsen twin girl!

  38. I really love it, you should do it more often! Also, I was going to say I love the room of wherever you are, that's neat your mum has a shop!

  39. lola

    really really it

  40. Ondine

    yes yes yes! dare I say I prefer it to the side parting……?!

  41. Elle

    i like it, there isn't enough middle parting love! I have always had mine like that i look strange otherwise. Elle x

  42. u look gorgeous…!…both side and middle part works 4 u ..but i think mid part woks best :)
    like u, i've always had a side bangs…its a big deal for me to have it part in the middle
    i've always tried to do the mid part but it looks weird…but maybee if i do it like u(loren conrad braids)it might work

    thanks alot 4 the post

  43. it looks really nice like that, i no how you feel i try parting mine down the middle and im alwys ummming and rring

  44. Angel

    love it!!!!

  45. I think you could wear your hair any way you want. it'll always look gorgeous.

  46. I love it! And you look absolutely gorgeous!

  47. you look like a completely different person…lol but it looks really nice..your lucky you can pull it off cause i cant… the way i love your shirt/dress you have on in the pic …were did you get it??

  48. Crissy

    you have such a pretty face! don't cover it up :]

  49. gorgeus, really! :) I think from now on you will change it more! :)
    xx from Madrid

  50. Laura

    You look so different! It makes you look younger I think, no bad thing, but I am so envious of your gorgeous hair, fringe and all, I can't chose! Congratulations on over 1000 subbies…that is mental girl :) Love you xxx

  51. I like the comment post by Nu Nu doll. I totally agree with her. you look so cute.

  52. you're so cute!your hair are amazing!you seem older with this hairstyle!:):) I would die for your hair!;)

  53. Your hair is just incredible. I wish mine was as lush!

  54. Gorgeous girl, you are way too sweet! I love the plaits and yes, that's what I know them as too :) xo

  55. wow this hairstyle looks great on you! i love the bohemian style and i like how pulling your bangs back opens up your face more and shows your perfect skin!

  56. Your hair looks super cute like that!! Great blog, I just became a follower :)

  57. emily

    you look adorable! i like your hair like this, as you can see your pretty face better. :)

  58. hardly can someone pull off having their hair parted in the middle, but it looks flirty and cute on you! and your shirt is ador-ABLE!

  59. becky

    i really like it. you look much different but still pretty as always.

  60. The hair looks super cute. Actually your gorgeous eyes stand out more this way. You're such a cute girl that it really doesn't matter what you do! :)

  61. I love it – very fun, you have such amazing hair!

  62. Stop hogging the beautiful! :)

  63. erin

    you are too pretty, i can't read your blog it makes me so jealous!! :)

  64. wAo! you look gorgeous ^-^
    i think you'd suit most hairstyles :3

  65. i love love love your hair :)
    it really suits you!
    how long did it take to grow that long?

  66. Aubrey

    You look great!

  67. The middle parting is great, dare I say it I like it even better than the side one..? :)))
    You have super gorgeous hair girl! :)


  68. JINX

    i love your style and what you bring to fashion blogging…


  69. Anonymous

    Hey you look lovely!!! and may i know whats the lip combo you use? It has a natural peachy tone in the picture!

    PS: You really not thinking about making videos? You should!! I'll totally wanna watch it:)


  70. @Anon (Jaded_lauren) – Hey lovely!I was wearing the new Colour Crafted lippy from the colour craft collection at mac with Babysparks dazzleglass on top :) x

  71. Lyd

    Your hair is lovely, really.
    I have read in one of your posts that your samsung phone cuts out the calls in like 10 mins…MINE DOES TOO!!! so IT IS the phone…I thought it was the elevator just outside my room that gave me poor signal!

    Also, how do you find the garnier eyes roll on? I have given it a try, but haven't noticed any change so far… :S

    can you reply on my blog? it's hard to keep track with the 10000000000000000 comments you get on yours :)

  72. what makeup are you wearing on ur face, you look glowing?

  73. @littlemissmakeup – I was wearing daft pink blush from the new mac colour craft collection on my cheeks/cheekbones :)

  74. theyve sold out of that now online, gutted. Im contemplating either gentle mineralized blush or moon river mineralized blush duo as maybe a dupe, what do you think?

  75. Lisa

    Damn you've made me want that blush now!!! You look so glowy, what foundation are you wearing if you don't mind me asking? Your skin looks flawless!

    Yeah your hair really suits you parted in the middle – very cute, especially with the LC braids :)

    Loving your blog btw, have just discovered it! x

  76. I love the hair!Its gorgeous,I want to try it out myself but mine wont look nearly as good,its not long enough :(

  77. Kerry

    it looks lovely!! Your skin looks lovely too, did you find anything to help it? xxx

  78. kati

    how long is your hair? :)
    and it looks sooo amazing on you ..

  79. MW

    so pweety ;D

  80. Your face is how cutie[=

  81. Your skin looks amazing here, your so pretty

  82. Lisa

    I know exactly what you mean about it being a big deal. Decided after years of a side parting i would go centre and I was so conscious initially! But growing to love it now and think it suits my face better anyway.
    Your hair looks wicked.

    Lisa (from UK)

  83. I think this looks great! I've been wanting to try that myself for a while but I haven't ever gone for it, I'm not sure if it will suit me but I'm willing to give it a try :}.
    p.s I love your blog, I found it by google images, I searched "middle parting" and found two pictures of you. I became so interested that I decided to create a blog for myself. Btw I love the plaits and I'm from the UK. :}

  84. I would loveee to see your moms store
    Im so jealous
    plus your hair looks fabulous, trying out the middle part myself

  85. Heya love ur blog ….where is ur top from its really nice and would it still be in stock …Thanks x:D

  86. I really love this! I started using a center parting after growing my fringe out and I'm really getting into it. They look more mature I think!

  87. PERFECT! you look absolutely AMAZING Zoe! bloody gorgeous girl.

  88. Melanie

    I really love this look on you.. You have inspired me to try this myself.. thank you!!! :) xoxo

  89. looks prettyyy! :D

  90. Lim

    oh … very very nice … so cute. I really like your style./Kissing Games|/

  91. Chloe

    Makes you look your age, in the nicest way possible. You look very mature and beautiful x

  92. Sol

    U look great! its funny cause I just did the same a couple hours ago with my hair and looking for other ways to do my hair with the middle parted bangs and found ur pic! My comment is probably really old but its good to know that im not the only one struggling with the change :D

  93. Alice

    I google imaged 'Lauren Conrad Plaits' to see them in more detail and the first picture came up;) I love this hairstyle on you, it looks really pretty.
    You look nice with & without a side parting:)

  94. city

    thanks for sharing..

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  96. Gorgeous hair!

  97. Hi follow my blog on bloglovin, and ill subscribe to your youtube channel :)

  98. J Perry-Pentland


  99. Lily-Ann <3


  100. Aimee

    w o w You look and are amazing whatever you do!

  101. Alice Wensington

    It looks really good on you. :) My hair is way too thick for bangs unfortunately. I still want to experiment with bangs though in the future.

  102. Keira Teale

    your hair is always amazing and your youtube channel is amazingxxxx

  103. Natalie Natalia

    You are amazing Zoe, you make me so happy and i love u so much.
    Btw you always look awesome <3

  104. OMG you look so young ! I do miss all the old blog posts.

    • Jenna Cowell

      Yes! Xx

  105. Sofia Arriagada

    You look so beautiful Zoe!