Colour Craft’s release date was ever so confusing..

“It’s out on the 13th”
“It’s available on the web on the 9th/10th”
Yet was in my shop & a few others i have noticed the same day/day after as the web release date.
This could be down to the impatient Mac staff just wanting to get it all displayed, so yay.

I was SO tempted to order online when i noticed it was on the site, but i thought
“No, i will wait & see it in person as i don’t want to get anything i regret”

So that is what i did.
I already had a little list of things that had caught my eye. Mainly the 131 brush as i am ever the brush fanatic.

My thoughts on the whole collection
A few months ago, when i saw that this collection was going to be released, my tongue started wagging. (!)
I really do love the mineralized products mac usually comes up with as i have very dry skin, thus finding it pretty difficult to get that “glow” & i always think the products help achieve this.
When on close inspection in mac, i noticed that the previous excitement & hype surrounding the collection sort of…slowly vanished.
Don’t get me wrong, there was some absolute gems in the collection but it was alot more “Shimmery” than i first thought.
The first mineralized blushes mac came out with were very pigmented & weren’t overly shimmery, the second (duos) came with the option of shimmer…but it seems they’ve combined the 2 to come up with these. They look SO pretty, but i think a little too shimmery to wear on my cheeks, so instead i will probabaly use it as a blush/highlight (like an MSF)
The MSF’s were so pretty also, but is it me..or are they all starting to look a little too similar? Although it must be kindof difficult coming up with something so different everytime.
The eyeshadows i passed on as i have so many already, and nothing really stood out to me as being something i’d wear alot that i didnt already have something similar. Although they do look pretty & interesting, but i dont really have the money for “interesting”
The lipglosses i also passed on.
The brushes were quite good. I liked that they brought out a completely different brush and re-promoted the 226 (which i already have from the BBR collection & love). & I have heard that the 131 is amazing to apply liquid foundation.
Overall i was pleased with what i purchased, but not that dissapointed that i didnt fall in love with anything it would have meant more money. :)

Colour Crafted Lipstick
Pretty Pretty.
I really do LOVE this lipstick. The perfect wearable pink.

I’ve seen/heard a few people comparing it to Saint Germain..when in actual fact..i don’t think they’re anything like eachother. Saint Germain is more opaque & much more of a purple toned pink. Whereas the Colour Crafted lippy is alot more wearable with a peachy undertone…

Triple Fusion MSFI got this one, as i thought it a nice medium of pinks/browns/golds.
I do really like this..although i do think that it is quite similar to the “Redhead MSF” which i purchased earlier in the year. However, the colour payoff on this one is much better & the consistency alot smoother. The colours are also alot more shimmery…and i actually found them to be quite crumbly because of this.

Triple Fusion & Redhead MSF
Daft Pink Blush
This is gorgeous to look at. The veining looks so pretty, but as i said earlier..maybe a little too shimmery for the apples of your cheeks…unless you were on a night out..or you like the shimmery look :)

131 Brush
This looks promising…I really wanted this ever since i saw they were releasing it. I actually see brushes a bit of investment as you pay good money for good quality & even if you’re makeup routine changes with time…you’ll always have a good brush to apply it! My mum has had a mac brush for about 6 years…and its still going as strong as ever.

I have put the 131 beside the 187 just for size difference. As you can see from the image above..the 131 is alot more dense. Which means it could be a high contender for applying liquid foundation…we shall see :)

So that’s my little Colour Craft splurge.
Let me know what you got & if you think i’m leaving anything out?