I am ever a fan of gimmicky/pretty packaging…and yes..shallowly..it sucks me right in.

This is what happened to me & my mum (She is now a super fan of Soap & Glory).
In Boots at the moment, there is an offer on with all Soap & Glory products, so if you haven’t tried anything from this fabulous range, i suggest now would be the perfect time to!
I was in a smaller local boots when i came across alot more of the range i hadn’t ever seen before (Alot only stock the the more general items such as the shower gels..body lotions and the more popular things like the hand food)
So…of course i thought i had to try some.

First is the Wipes. Honestly, i just got these because they are adorable. & claim to tighten pores, cleanse & tone and remove makeup. Thumbs up!
They also smell AMAZING!
I will definitely be getting some more of these. They look pretty on my dressing table :)

The Eye Gel

This claims to immediately tighten and heighten the skin under the eyes, and leave it nicely moisturised.
It includes depuffing caffeine, pro- vitamin panthenol & soothing aloe vera juice!

If you look at it in the light, it has purpley/pink/green reflexs in it. And looks SO pretty. It also feels so nice under your eyes, not your usual cooling effect but more a tingly warming one. I really cant say anything more than that as i havent been using it for long. But so i far i really like it.

Glow Job (snigger)
Yes..im immature, this name is bordering rude…thankfully it’s not. :)
The box says : Squeeze a pea sized measure of glow job onto your fingerstips, then rub together to release the bronze from inside the beads and blend. Apply to your face in upward circular motions then just get up and glow!

Freshly squeezed…

You can see the bronze beads here..

You can see the final result here. A nice faux tan effect. It’s also nice and dewy. I don’t own any face products to give a “washable tan effect”. And this one has fab results, good for nights out and on days were you’re feeling particularly pale and pasty. Which is most days for me…as i find it almost impossible to tan my face…must be because i have dry skin!? who knows. :)

The Fab Pore Intense Action Pore-Refining Facial Peel
[Mouthful much?]

This stuff smells FAB! That’s one thing i truley love about all Soap & Glory products and its the way they smell. My HG body scrub is from Soap & Glory…and to be honest..i have attempted to eat some. It smelt good but i wouldnt advise munching any. :)
I think even the fact it’s called “facial peel” is exciting as you truley imagine it to peel off the layers of skin which are no good. I have yet to try this mask, but i can tell you that the consistency on my hand was just as a facemask should be, and when i washed it off, the skin on my hand felt SO soft.
I don’t have very visible pores on my face, but i do have a few. So i can report back for those of you who are self conscious about pores, and are looking for a solution for minimizing them.

Heel Genius Soak-In Foot Mask
Now i don’t know about you, but my favourite foot mask’s are those that you slather all over your tootsies before bed, whack on some cotton socks, let it do it’s magic, wake up to reveal soft feet?
Let’s be honest, it is the easier option to getting the footspa out.
Again, a massive thumbs up for the scent. It has a sortof sunlotion smell. & i do love that, reminds me of summer. (not that we’re really experiencing any summer at the moment)
It’s also got a really silky consitency and melts into the skin so easily. When i washed this off my hand i was shocked at how soft it was. *Smoothes back of hand over cheek*
Can’t wait to treat my feet with this :)

I really can’t reccommend Soap & Glory products highly enough. The packaging is genius & they apply a sense of humour to their products aswell.
Gimmicky names, FAB scents, Amazing packaging (i can’t really bring myself to throw the boxes away) & they even put beauty tips on the boxes too…
I like this one..
“Wear sunscreen on your face everyday, or in 20 years you could be wearing it as a belt”

Give Soap & Glory a go! I have yet to be let down by any of their products.

  1. I want the Glow Job (haha that names is hilarious!) It looks fab!

  2. ohh glow job looks amazing! Ahh, Zoe what are you doing to my bank account!? Lol. I'm loving the shower gel so now I just want mooore.

  3. Amy

    Oh Zoe, I now have to go and buy loads of Soap & Glory products! That Glow Job thing is amazing, how ingenious! And I've wanted the pore mask for aages, ahh I can't wait! xxx

  4. ooh I want the eye gel and glow job! :D xoxo

  5. Have you tried Soap and Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker? Its my favorite lip plumper ever!

  6. Laura

    I love Soap & Glory…when I get paid I'm re-stocking on all of their stuff! Their scrubs are to die for, the scents are AMAzing and I just adore everything :) That face mask and foot cream are the BEST :) xxx

  7. I love this stuff!unforunately i live in Italy and I think I can't get these products!:(

  8. Abbie

    i love soap and glory's
    sexy mother pucker lipgloss
    it really does make your lips bigger
    and it smells of terrys chocolate orange :D

    I <3 SOAP AND GLORY !!

  9. I will definately be trying some of their range…I have recently dipped my toe by getting a mini-hand food for my handbag which I love love love. Trying to use up some odds and ends first though before a splurge :o)Mwahx

    ps love your blog!! x

  10. Ahaha Glow Job! :P
    I had to put these out when i was on work experience last week :P
    It didnt seem to shift in the store i worked ahaha maybe it was because it was right at the back of the store who knows …

  11. i swear by the foot mask!! it works wonders x

  12. dee

    oh my gosh – i just saw these products in our Target the other day, but didn't have enough cash on me. now that i know more about them, i will definately be going back to try them!

  13. Thanks for sharing! These sounds great…looks like I'll be spending some $$ in the near future :)

  14. Lauren

    ooooh, I've never tried these.
    But if you like cute packaging, i've just done a post on some products with really cool, retro packaging

  15. Nessa

    "My HG body scrub is from Soap & Glory…and to be honest..i have attempted to eat some. It smelt good but i wouldnt advise munching any"

    LOL! I LOVE soap & Glory as well, my local Target carries the line and I can’t help but pick up a few things everytime I go there… your right, everything has such an amazing and alluring smell :]

  16. Laura

    Awesome! I need something like that!

  17. Tali

    Smells soooo good.. i have a mini set and i just sniff them all the time!!

  18. Jo

    Fab review – going to do some damage to the Boots Advantage Card after work! :) xxx

  19. i want the glow job :) great review x

  20. Zoe

    Ahh, I just read Vicky's (peachykeencheeks) blog recommending some Soap and Glory shower gel. Boots is def calling after work!

  21. erin

    Yea!! we actually have that product here, i've been eyeing it for awhile but i think i may actually take the plunge and buy some!! Thanks for the post!!

  22. ooh I want everything you got! I've been eyeing those wipes at my Target store for a while now, I think I might have to actually buy them! The Facial Peel & Glow Job are also must-haves. Have you tried the Flake Away scrub before? That looks like a good product too :)

  23. erin

    oooh i want to try glow job and the foot cream!

  24. I want all those products! Canada just started carrying Soap & Glory products and as soon as I found out, I ran to the nearest drugstore to check them out because I knew how much Brits are raving about them. But we only have basic products like body wash, bubble bath, scrubs… Hopefully we will start carrying some more!

  25. The packaging is so similar to Benefit. The eye cream looks like a good product!

  26. Rosa

    The face peel sounds amazing. I recently did a post about the body scrub :)

  27. Alice

    oh, i LOVE soap & glory. i got a box set for christmas which had the nicest exfoliating wash. by the way if you want something good to tan your face johnson's moisturiser with self tan in it is great :)

  28. Aaahh I defo have to get the eye gel. && the wipes sound pretty immense too…so will give them a go too. Cheers for sharing all that and potentially making me poor :) x

  29. Rafa!

    I've been wanting to try them! Thanks for the awesome review!

  30. wow! sold on the glow job, going on holiday next week and my skins so pale, i don't want to go on the beach and frighten the locals

  31. Great haul! Would really love to hear how you're getting on with the facial peel!

  32. I am so investigating Glow Job next week. I ddnt even know they did that.Thank you so much bubz :D

  33. I absolutely love Soap&Glory too! I can't wait to try Glow Job! I didn't realize they made it either :) xx

    (Ps. I just realized you're following my blog — thank you so much!! xx)

  34. Jywoi

    Thank you for the tip!
    I've never heard about this brand before, they don't sell in France.
    They are going to open an online shop soon! I hope they'll be shipping to France :)

    Have you heard of the brand Yves Rocher? It's one of my favourite and I wanted to know your opinion. A little article : http://chicadefrancia.blogspot.com/2009/08/brand-n1-yves-rocher.html

  35. Aubrey

    haha they've renamed the "Glow job" lotion to "touch and glow"

  36. I love Soap and Glory products :) This was very helpfull Zoe, thanks x

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  38. It is a very good remedy for dry skin. It does freshen and soften the skill more readily than any other skin softness creams

  39. I'm a Soap & Glory virgin, and haven't tried anything by them! I really want to, though, and your post is tempting me so…

  40. I want to try the Flake Away Body Polish! :-)

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