Just thought i’d quickly post my hair and (kindof) face of the day.

I curled my hair (messily might i add – i cannot stand a perfectly curled head of hair…i always want to ruffle it when i see it..you know what i mean?..all curled the same way and crispy hard…haha)
I used a straightner and just went crazy. Used lots of hairspray, a touch of backcombing…and voilaaa![I’m wearing Barry M lipgloss in shade…erm 4? i think]

[Im sorry..i really have no explanation for this picture…i dont know what i was doing.. :/]

[Seriously…does anyone even do this anymore? Bit 90’s isn’t it!? Girl power n all that though!]

“But Zoe, what happened to all your high quality photos of your makeup?”
Well, i quickly snapped these with my webcam as i find it quicker and easier this way…and as the focus was on my hair..i thought “Why the heck not?”
I went a bit snap-happy. haha
But with burst mode i tend to get a bit carried away.
I spy my new scarf :O I love it.
Hope you like it ladies. Any questions, just ask as always

  1. Your hair looks fantastic! Loving the scarf as well :)

  2. lola

    how long did it take you to get your hair this long?
    the pics are gorgeous…xoxo lola

  3. emily

    i think most people look cuter with waves, even if their hair is naturally straight. :) and wow, i didn't know you're hair was so long!

  4. Cee

    Do you have any tips on how you get your bangs to stay in place like that? I've attempted to do it, but it doesn't stay in place & I'd rather not glue it down with gel or hairspray :/


  5. you look like Jennifer Aniston!!! love the hair could you do vidoes plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! :0) and show a tutorail of this …so pretty <3

  6. you have such a pretty head of hair, omgosh! it's so thick!

    lovely, the curls look great on you!


  7. gorgeous hair!!!

  8. erin

    your hair is so beautiful! is is naturally very thick or does it take lots of work to make it look so thick and healthy?

    erin :)

  9. OH MY GOSH. You definitely have the most gorgeous hair I have ever seen! :) xx

  10. This is gorgeous!!


  11. becky

    you look really pretty and the curls looks great!

  12. Very lovely. You have fab hair though…mine is quite thin and disappointing. But am growing it so hopefully one day…Mwahx

  13. Gaby

    I totally understand you when you say you cannot stand a perfectly curled head of hair! I can't stand it neither eheh! & I use a straightener for curling my hair, too. I find that it gives a more natural & beachy look than curling iron.

  14. your hair looks absolutely gorgeous!
    ive tried curling with a straightener, it never works for me :(

  15. Eeeeeeek, Zoe you are too fabulous! You are seriously one of the cutest most gorgeous girls I've ever seen. And I LOVE your hair, and agree about the crispy, perfect curls hehe!<3

  16. Suria

    hehe, i do the peace sign sometimes when i pose..hehehehe..and love the hair!..always :)

  17. Laura

    your hair looks brilliant! i love your blog so much xoxoxox

  18. Kerry

    please do outfit posts! :)
    you always look lovely everyday!

  19. Nav

    you look beautiful. xo

  20. Jo

    Your hair is gorgeous – I want! xxx

  21. Sarah

    Wow that is some amazing hair you got there Zoe!!! xxx

  22. Zoe, it really annoys me how pretty you are!
    And your hair looks amazing as usual you should definately do more hair posts :)

    Have you ever thought about doing youtube videos, because you'd be great!


  23. Laura

    Hair Envy…big time! xxx

  24. Lovely hair. Do you find that your curl drops out by the end of the day? I have that problem so I hardly ever wear mine curly!

  25. Abbie

    love it !!

  26. Awesome hair!!!!
    How do you take care after it (sorry, I dunno if you 've already done a siliar post…) ?


  27. So pretty! you have made me definitely decide to grow my hair long again!!! Beautiful x

  28. Faye

    Oh Zoee, how pretty (:
    I hear your gonna' get down with the Youtubers?

    Ahah, that was almost as cheesy as your peace pose (:

    Soap & Glory; i am buying the Dr Spot one. Smells gooood. (Y)

  29. Carly

    I LOVEEE your hair ♥

  30. So pretty!!!
    I love your hair!

  31. Alice

    your hair looks absolutely lovely.
    i quite often have mine in a similar style but it's not as long – i can't wait until it is ;)
    btw, i love your blog. check mine out sometime?
    excuse the shameless plugging love.

  32. Anonymous

    This is completely random question but with the Lush body butters, do you wash them off afterwards or leave them on?

  33. You look just like jennifer aniston!! my boyfriend looked at this over my shoulder and went "who's she?!!!" you look stunning as always :-)

  34. woooww thats craazy! I wish my hair was able to get that big!!
    Big Hair = Love


  35. you look a bit like Jennifer Aniston in these photos!

  36. Ali

    you deffo should do youtube vids!!!
    and yes in the first pic you look like the jen aniston and shes gorgeous so

  37. This looks nice!!! ^_^

  38. gorgeous!
    i love that hairstyle ^-^ i still see people wearing it even in school~ :3

  39. zoe- what do you use to curl it? do you use a curling iron or flatiron? do you blowdry it first with a roundbrush or do you let it airdry and then do the waves? your hair is fab!

  40. Anonymous

    Very sexy curls! :)
    i was looking at your make-up storage post and saw that you tried quite a few self-tan. please do a review on it!! :)) thanks lovely!!


  41. omg! your hair is soooooo cute and very voluminous. The kinda hair that is like breathtakingly nice. You used a straightener for this?

  42. Lara

    i'm so jealous of your gorgeous long hair, it looks so pretty curled.

  43. Hayley

    i love messy curls, and yours look amazing. i love your hair.
    cute blog btw (:

  44. Faye

    You used the font's!! :D

    Is that Rebecca's Birthday one?
    And the bumble bee :')
    tooo cute :)

  45. Whit

    your hair is ridiculously amazing!!!!!

    oh and damn you have so many followers now Zoe!! Crazy beans!

  46. kath.

    so pretty! also makes me wish even more that i had longer hair.

  47. Fran

    Lovely hair! I have tried for forever to get loose curls like that but it never ever works when i use a straightener. I'm cursed. Tried every technique under the sun!

  48. Anonymous

    Ahh you have such lovely hair ;)
    I've got blonde hair and when i let it air dry it gets a lovely poof and some scraggly waves at the bottom. My sister on the other hand has lovely curly hair THAT SHE IS CONSTANTLY STRAIGHTENING. Anyway, also lovely curling-with-the-flat-iron, my mom and i have tried but to no avail.
    Haha also been reading your blog for a few days and love it :)

  49. Megan

    I loveee your hair and you're so pretty!
    Lovely blog also!
    Oh and thank-you for following me :)

  50. I'm jealous of your hair. lol The end. :)

  51. You and your hair look really gorgeous. Also, you have the best eyebrows! Do you do anything special with them or are you just blessed with having perfect brows?! mine are so unruly! xx

  52. @sillysophistication – Noo, nothing special. I used to totally overpluck them. I should fish out some photos. Just let them grow a bit then totally reshaped them and now i only take out the ones that dont look right instead of going overboard. :) xxx

  53. Love your hair,and u look so pretty as well =]

  54. I agree! You do look like Jennifer Aniston! You are beautiful.

  55. Nina

    Wow you I love the hair!
    Yeah you do look like a more beautiful version of Jennifer Aniston!


  56. I just wanted to check that people had pointed out the jennifer aniston comparison and they had :p xxxx GORGEOUS





  58. oh love whats kind of straightener did you use like what brand?

  59. a_demis

    your freaking gorgeous.
    this is my ultimate dream hair ! x

  60. I loveeeee your bangs and hair!!! I could never get my bangs to go like that :( I've tried so many times!! I you've watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager.. you have Amy Jurgens hair! Well her hair before.. with the bangs. Gosh I love her hair. And yours! Okay I'm rambling.. haha how do you get your bangs cut??


  61. Melanie

    I absolutely LOVE your hair like this!! This is beyond gorgeous on you. I am so jealous!! I am trying so hard to get this look. The bangs look incredible :) I think I am going to have to show my hair dresser these pictures and see if she can work wonders on me…hahaha :) xoxo

  62. your such a stunner!!!!!!!!!!! :) i love you your youtube videos and ur hair!!!! i am having my hair ombred in a few weeks! thnx for the idea xx

  63. I've NEVER seen such a pretty girl like you are!! Seriously!

    Love and kisses from Austria :)

  64. I love your hair. so amazingggg. How long is it?

  65. Meg

    please do a video on this!!!!! xxxx

  66. Olivia

    I love your hair! I always have trouble getting my hair to stay curly! xxx

  67. How did you curl it?

  68. Lucy

    How long did it take you to grow your hair?? Xxxx

  69. 12 Beauty

    this is cute x

  70. Aida

    i know this is an old picture , but i only saw 1 comment , so why not comment too because mabye you will read this , but you inspire me so much Zoe. I love your vlogs (and Alfies) and everything , i just wish you could answer my comment , love you loads , Zoe <3

  71. Alice Wensington

    What type of hairspray did you use? I have really thick hair and I’m not entirely sure which type of hairspray is the best out there for it. There are too many options!

  72. Keira Teale

    your hair is amazing i wish i had that kind of hairxxx

  73. Ellie White

    you look like a fucking emo

    • t🅾️m💍

      lol TRUE

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