Just thought i’d quickly post my hair and (kindof) face of the day.

I curled my hair (messily might i add – i cannot stand a perfectly curled head of hair…i always want to ruffle it when i see it..you know what i mean?..all curled the same way and crispy hard…haha)
I used a straightner and just went crazy. Used lots of hairspray, a touch of backcombing…and voilaaa![I’m wearing Barry M lipgloss in shade…erm 4? i think]

[Im sorry..i really have no explanation for this picture…i dont know what i was doing.. :/]

[Seriously…does anyone even do this anymore? Bit 90’s isn’t it!? Girl power n all that though!]

“But Zoe, what happened to all your high quality photos of your makeup?”
Well, i quickly snapped these with my webcam as i find it quicker and easier this way…and as the focus was on my hair..i thought “Why the heck not?”
I went a bit snap-happy. haha
But with burst mode i tend to get a bit carried away.
I spy my new scarf :O I love it.
Hope you like it ladies. Any questions, just ask as always

  • 12 Beauty

    this is cute x

  • Aida

    i know this is an old picture , but i only saw 1 comment , so why not comment too because mabye you will read this , but you inspire me so much Zoe. I love your vlogs (and Alfies) and everything , i just wish you could answer my comment , love you loads , Zoe <3

  • Alice Wensington

    What type of hairspray did you use? I have really thick hair and I’m not entirely sure which type of hairspray is the best out there for it. There are too many options!

  • Keira Teale

    your hair is amazing i wish i had that kind of hairxxx

  • Ellie White

    you look like a fucking emo

    • t🅾️m💍

      lol TRUE

  • Nathalie Robert

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