I awoke yesterday morning to a large box in the post. I did wonder if i had been ordering things in my sleep…
I opened it to reveal this beauty…

Haha, i knew instantly it was from Jack.
He had to listen to me squeal with excitement whenever i reached 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900 and finally the biggest squeal was for 1000 followers.
& he had ordered me a little trophy online. :D

[Congratulations Zozo! 1000 followers….Yay! xx]

I laughed so much, Its fab when a sense of humour combines with a romantic gesture!
I do love him so & i bloody love this trophy.

I think trophies should be given for loads of things, not just sport or amazing acting.
Lets all share some love and send some trophies hehe

  1. Anna

    LOL!!! Ohmigod how cute!!! This was such a sweet idea!! Awww! xoxo

  2. Gemma

    THIS IS SO CUTE! I love it x

  3. That was so sweet of him! )))

  4. Amy

    How lovely! And there's a romantic story for you too :) xxx

  5. Laura

    Awww that is adorable Zo :) I love looking at photos of you two, you're the sweetest couple :) xxx

  6. Awww he's such a sweetheart! Xx

  7. ohmygod that is amazing!!! i love it! im nearly at 200 followers i dont think that deserves a trophy though:( hehehe xx

  8. Awwww! How thoughtful of him!

  9. Awwwh what a sweetie, wish my bf would send me a trophy!! :(

    Congrats hunny! :)


  10. Eww!! that is so sweet!! I'm so jealous now haha!

  11. Manju

    awwwwwww that's adorable!

  12. oh my gosh that is adorable!! ♥

  13. haha that is the cutest thing ever! :DDD

  14. what a sweet thought, hold on to him!

  15. aww thats just the cutest thing ever!! :)

  16. Oh how sweet of him! Congratulations! :D

  17. Anonymous

    Haha that is so cute :)

    Btw what is the name of your new title font? i love it!

  18. Haha that is sooo cute! Very sweet of Jack! :)

  19. J

    Awww cute :) xx

  20. Hayley

    that is the cutest and greatest idea i've ever heard. congrats (: hehe(:

  21. That is SO sweet! Congratulations too!! :)

  22. Lyd

    What a romantic gesture!!!
    Guess we're two of the lucky fews blessed with a lovely man by our side.
    They're so hard to find!!!

  23. that is soooooooooo sweet ! :]

  24. Oh my gosh, Zoe!!! You have THE sweetest boyfriend!! Im super jealous! And how did you change the font?!

  25. susan

    awwww. my bf doesn't even know i have a blog :(

  26. javy


  27. LouisG

    Oh My Gawd that is like super awsome ;) … nah i love that zo … still workin on this blog thang LOL x

  28. Laura

    haha awwww that is soo cute!
    congrats on 1000 :D

  29. emily

    aww, that's so sweet!! :)

  30. Daisy

    Bless him! That's brilliant!xx

  31. OMG That is so cute! I love it! :-)

  32. oh thata fab how cute xx

  33. ahhh how sweet is that?? I've only got 44 so far and my boyfriend has witness a squeal for each and every one of them! Hehe

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog, a pretty summer dress, come and see!

    Nicola xx


  34. lola

    thats so sweet…

  35. what a thoughtful gift! that is too cute !

  36. Emma

    wow :D congrats!
    does your bf read your blog?

  37. AWW that is so frigging cute! So thoughtful and you are fandabbydozy – totally deserve 1000 and many many more in the future, followers!!
    :D xx

  38. @Emma – Yes he does :) xxx

  39. :) Me loves! Don't let him go! He's a keeper! <3

  40. You have received a "Your Blog is Freakin Fabulous" award!!!! :)))

    xoxo <3

    (for details check my last post) ;)

  41. Haha I love that!

  42. Sarah

    What a fantastic idea!! I just showed my boyfriend and even he said "awwww" Your boyfriend is so sweet to think of something like this :) xx

  43. congratulations zoe! :) that was so sweet of him! xx

  44. How adorably sweet!
    Congrats!! :)

  45. just like you

    So sweet of him and congrats