I awoke yesterday morning to a large box in the post. I did wonder if i had been ordering things in my sleep…
I opened it to reveal this beauty…

Haha, i knew instantly it was from Jack.
He had to listen to me squeal with excitement whenever i reached 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900 and finally the biggest squeal was for 1000 followers.
& he had ordered me a little trophy online. :D

[Congratulations Zozo! 1000 followers….Yay! xx]

I laughed so much, Its fab when a sense of humour combines with a romantic gesture!
I do love him so & i bloody love this trophy.

I think trophies should be given for loads of things, not just sport or amazing acting.
Lets all share some love and send some trophies hehe

  • just like you

    So sweet of him and congrats