…I always end up buying something else. Isn’t that always the way though?

I actually went into town to purchase the new sims game (I know, i know..i’m 19 years old, why do i want that?) haha well if you must know i love it & i have always been a fan ever since the first sims came on the scene 10 years ago. The good old days of “Hot date” and “Vacation”..Me and my friend would spend hours creating characters that looked like us and then running and ruining theirs lives as we pleased. Who doesn’t like playing god?

BTW..for those of you who share this obsession, i highly reccommend Sims3. I’m not here to do a full blown review don’t panick, but it’s so much fun & hours simply fly by. It can get a bit addictive so i would suggest you set aside some sims time. :D

Anyway, I bought the Sims3 game and then thought “right, well..i’ll be off then” but i still had time to spare as my boyfriends brother had driven me in and he was off doing his own thing. So obviously i strolled into a few shops. Here are my purchases..

I managed to find a glamour mag. I looked in most shops and they didn’t have any. But M&S had a lovely supply. This month Glamour gave us all a treat and threw in a Benefit BADgal mascara. (Many people’s HG mascara) If any of you hadn’t already noticed this i suggest you run out a grab one while they’re still around.

I then bought “Well Dressed” blush from Mac as i’d heard alot of good feedback from other makeup junkies. I had swatched this a few times beforehand and thought it was gorgeous. It’s a very pretty baby pink, and brightens my complexion nicely :)

In Mac, i also purchased “Hue” lipstick. This is a gorgeous nude and i’m so surprised i didn’t already own this because i am loving it, and it should be a staple in any Nude-Fan’s collection.
I also purchased the Barry M lip paint in 53, a gorgeous coral. The colour does seem quite scary but it actually comes out a very pretty sheer colour.

In Superdrug GOSH is currently 3 for 2 and i took up on this offer as my mum has asked me to pick up a concealer for her, so i bought the eyeshadow base (Pictured in first pic). Which is gorgeous white with blue iridescence. I have yet to test it for its staying/non creasing power. I also picked up this “Light N Shine lip glaze” in NO5. I picked this up because i was going to buy the Mac Dassleglass in Fantabulous as it was a gorgeous purple with blue specks, but this..being ALOT cheaper and having a similar appeal grabbed my attention. I LOVE IT. It’s my new favourite lipgloss. It’s not overly cheap at around £8-9 but it’s alot cheaper than the dazzleglasses, plus this comes with a cute mirror on the side and lights for applying gloss in dark places.. :)

Some rather rubbish swatches.. (Sorry girlies…The snazzy camera is not so good at focusing on closeups in artificial light..think this shot took about 20 attempts)[Top to Bottom: GOSH Light N Shine in NO.5 (does not do it justice AT ALL), Mac Hue, Barry M Lip paint in NO.53, GOSH Eye base – no name, just black tube)

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend..I’m off to play the Sims now..ha

  1. I lost my GOSH concealer =( I don't know where it went!

  2. Lol i preordered the sims 3!!! I love it! All ive done is play it when im not at work! Hahaha! Its fabulous.

    Great haul!! I need to get my hands on Glamour mag, but i cant find it ANYWHERE!!! :(!!!


  3. sims 3! girl, im 22. and i want that game. hahah.

  4. I KNEW you'd love well dressed! Its so beautiful on lazy makeup days, where you just have concealer, light bronzer and well dressed. xo

  5. i was thinkin of gettin sims3 too LOL! what new stuffies can you do on there? great haul by the wayyyy! :O makin me wanna buy missy! xoxox

  6. @Sammiebbz – Haha you shud so get it, Theres endless ways to make your sim unique. You can even put makeup on them! :O And you can edit furniture to be any colour, any pattern..etc. I could go on and on and on. Im already excited about the first expansion pack. xxxx

  7. @Tabitha – I so totally did that today! :) loves it xxx

  8. Dila

    omg I'm 21 and I cant explain how much I want to buy sims3 and play non stop for like 8732402 hours… + Mac hue looks perfect!

  9. Hele

    oh my god, was it really 10 years ago when sims first came out! i used to be obsessed with it, i am ashamed about how much time i used to spend on it! now you've made me want sims 3…oh dear….xxx

  10. i totally agree about the sims! i loved superstar soo much haha. im determined to get sims 3 even though i havent got a computer to play it on, only a laptop! x

  11. Mary

    super neat..about the mascara!!

  12. i was gonna but that mac blush too the other dayyy…i think i might go back now..lol

  13. @Heather – I play mine on my laptop :) xx

  14. Jean

    I'm really craving the sims 3 I've been waiting for ages :). Well Dressed is my absolute top blush hope you enjoy

  15. I got Hue on Back 2 MAC the other day, its such a gorgeous nude lipstick, its definately a "my lips but better" lippie as far as im concerned:)

  16. I'm so tempted to buy the sims 3 but I think i'll wait until after my exams haha :) Well dressed looks so pretty, & that barry m lip paint is amazing! Perfect for summer :)

  17. Carly

    Barry M 53 is my fave lippie ever!!

    I was having a play with the GOSH Light N Shine today but they sold out of the one I wanted :(

  18. WoW; Zoella!
    I will love to see your lips with Hue lipstick!!!

  19. the sims 3 rocks.

  20. nice haul :]

  21. aretha

    Ooohh i just got the Well dressed blush too and i love it. ;) Does the Hue lipstick wash out your lips? I'm quite pale and not sure if i can pull it off. :S

  22. Emma

    I bought Sims 3 on friday as well. Addicted already.. But the super speed doesn't go as fast as it seemed to in Sims 2 :( How are you finding the new career wishes and community lots?

  23. @aretha – No it doesn't wash me out and i'm a mac shade nw20. Mac's myth washes me out a tad but this is alot warmer. x

    @Emma – Yeh i know, that did start to annoy me. I haven't got any of my sims any jobs yet. I kindof wish u cud see the sims inside the community lots :( I was also sad to see there was no piano or hot tub! xx

  24. kate:)

    Just wondering, how well does the GOSH eye base work ?:)

  25. Gabby

    ur eyebrows are gorgeous
    could you do a post on how you fix your eyebrows


  27. Ivy Green

    Hey hey guys first to comment