How i did it:

  • Bit of teasing at the crown & some hair spray
  • 2 plaits crossed over head and pinned either side with bobbi pins
  • Curled ends of hair inwards

So easy :)
Want more detail? Just ask.
Much loveee

  1. that’s gorgeous.

  2. Daisy

    Your hair (and face!) are ridiculously gorgeous!

  3. Hair looks fab,your hair looks nice and thick to be able to do that,im trying to find a plaited headband to loving plaits at the mo. p.s Thanks for the following!:) xx

  4. Ohh, this looks gorgeous, Zoe!!
    I'm so going to do this.
    & you look stunning, lovely!

  5. Holly

    you look so gorgeous in that second picture, your eyes are beautiful, so jelousxx

  6. Such a cute look.. Definitely going to try this one out :D I agree with Holly, your eyes are stunning! x

  7. So pretty, I love it….and your eyes are SO blue, they are gorgeous!

  8. Pretty look

  9. Crissy


  10. What a beautiful hairstyle! I love it ♥

  11. Beatiful!!!

  12. oh taht hair is sooo cute!

  13. Wow i love it!
    Will defo be trying this!!

  14. I love it! I’m definitely gonna have to try this!

  15. This look is so boho chic, I love it!

  16. SOOO prettyy! love it!

  17. DENiSE

    awww…dis is so perdy!!!! i wanna try it one day :)

  18. Gaby

    Cutre braids! & your eyes are amazing!

  19. I actually love it! :) Your eyes are stunning too :)

  20. Kym

    you are gorgeous girl, love the hair! :)

  21. That looks lovely!! :)

  22. Angela

    Soo pretty! I really like your hair color too!

  23. Thanks so much girlies, you're all so lovely!!

  24. Your eyes are so clear and blue

  25. Your hair is so gorgeous I'm uber envious! Great styling will defo try it out :)

    Ella xox

  26. Sarah

    Gorgeous!! :)

  27. Ondine

    Alas I've just had the chop – don't think my hair's long enough to do this! btw – just tagged you!

  28. Aw you look Stunnin!
    & i love your top! lol wheres it from?

  29. Sylvia

    It looks great girly!

  30. Bess

    Do you have a video of you doing this? I find it really difficult to do it myself.
    You look amazing btw :)

  31. your amazing Zoe i just love you so much

  32. molly

    Zoe you are so beautiful! I want to be just like you but sadly … I cant 😢 xx I love your blog btw and especially your instagram and youtube channel xx lysm Zoe ! Xx

    • Alice Wensington

      Molly, I know this is a really cliche thing to say, but everyone is beautiful in their own way. If you want to try and achieve having nice hair and whatever it is that’s bothering you, then you just need to research and experiment your own style. I’m still learning how to do it myself. :)

  33. Ivy Green

    Yay! U look great. I really want to try that style