In this FOTD i used my newly purchased Spiced Chocolate Quad & i can see that this is swiftly going to become a favourite of mine.


  • Clinique illuminating concealer pen
  • Bare Minerals in Medium applied with Body Shop Kabuki
  • Bare Minerals in Tan applied with Mac 109 in naturally bronzed areas
  • Mac Well Dressed Blush on apples of cheeks
  • Mac Mineralized Skinfinish in Northern Lights as highlight


  • UDPP
  • Nanogold e/s (Spiced Choc Quad) in inner corners
  • Brash e/s (Spiced Choc Quad) all over lid & on bottom lashline
  • Sweet Chestnut e/s (Spiced Choc Quad) in crease
  • Spiced Chocolate e/s (Spiced Choc Quad) also in crease & on bottom lashline
  • Barry M white kohl pencil on waterline
  • Barry M black kohl pencil on top lashline
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear mascara in black (♥)


  • Mac Lipstick in Hue
  • Mac Lipglass in Florabundance (♥)

  1. Mary

    I love your eyes!! its cute that I didn't even notice the eyeshadow until you closed ur eyes!!

    Love the color!!

  2. Marie

    You are just the cutest!
    Love this look! Gorgeous!

  3. Hair looks really pretty in this!! x

  4. haha u r soo cute in the last pic!

  5. you are SO adorable it is unbelievable!!

  6. Love this look…your lashes are amazing! You should do some hair tutorials, your hair always looks fab!

  7. Angela

    Gorgeous! I love the way you did your eyes. :D And that Blush is so pretty…I must get it!!! It's a very sweet look darling.


  8. Dila

    wowwwww! love it! gorgeous! you look so cute hun :)

  9. I'm so jealous of your hair, it's in such good condition! You look gorgeous missus

  10. Grr I have serious hair envy!!xxx

  11. ZOE! You are SOO incredibly adorable and gorgeous! I'm super jealous! Love your posts! You should do more outfit posts though :)

  12. Kelly

    omg i absolutely LOVE this look, are they any dupes for the brash e/s its just gorgeous! xxx

  13. You are gorgeous and I'm super jealous of your hair!!! Love the look my have to try it myself with some dupes :) Ella xoxo

  14. em

    gorgeous! the quad is so great fo your eye colour. Love the glowy cheeks too!

  15. These photos are amazing of you. I adore that lipgloss and lipstick combo on you. I may have to investigate :P

  16. So cute! I recently got the quad too, but I'm nervous about the colors with pale skin. They compliment you so I'm gonna have to give it a try when I have time! =]

  17. C.

    girlie you look so pretty! i am loving the florabundance, and now i know how it looks on top of hue! thanks for the tip/pic of it!!

  18. You look adorable!!! Love your hair, makeup, outfit, and accessories!!! Can you do your hair tutorial? It's amazing!!

  19. Love the look. You look so cute in your pictures! How do you keep your hair so nice and long?

  20. Joanna

    awwh, that's a gorgeous look :)

  21. Hey girl~
    The makeup is so fresh and pretty looking. I luv the vintage chic look. =)

    P.S I have a summer look contest giveaway going on. Would be awesome if you'll enter. =)

  22. Such a pretty look, although I can't imagine anything looking bad on you. I have such hair envy… *sigh*♥

  23. mu lei

    I'm glad you've updated! I've been lurking on your blog for a long time but I think it's time to speak up. You really have the most gorgeous eyes and the cutest smile! I love reading your posts!

  24. adorable hair!!

  25. the whole look is gorgeous! The hair, top, accessories and MAKEUP! I totally missed out on the spiced chocolate quad!

  26. Ondine

    So cute!

    Can I ask how you keep your eyebrows so beautifully shaped and neat? Do you get them threaded or do them yourself?

  27. Very cute – you look so pretty :) I think I need Florabundence in my life!! x x

  28. I have hair envy like everyone else who commented lol! nice look! 've anted that quad for aaages!

    By the way,
    where did you get your top? it's so cute! :) xx

  29. you are so cute! love the funny pics :) your eyes look fab and i want your hair! haha

  30. Thankyou for all you're lovely comments ladies, i will do some sort of hair tutorial for those who liked this look. It's really easy :)

    @Kelly – I'm not too sure of a dupe for brash..maybe juiced but i haven't seen on close inspection. I will have a nosey next time i'm at mac :)

    @Ondine – I thought i had messy eyebrows haha. I just pluck them myself and shade them in with a mac eyebrow pencil!

    @Aisling – I got my top from New Look about half a year ago from one of the smaller brands they sometimes have in the larger stores. I'm not sure if you'll still be able to find it :(

  31. Mayumi

    You have such beautiful eyes! with or without make up (:
    I wish mine were blue :(

  32. Emma

    you have the nicest eyes i have ever seen
    and talk about hair envy

  33. Gosh, I looove your hair. You are just so cute!!!

  34. Gorgeous – I have now been inspired to use this quad today!

  35. Laura

    Young lady…you're too lovely for words :)

  36. I too would love to see some hair tuts from you! Looking as beautiful as always! :) x

  37. hey, your way to cute!
    please show us how you did your hair, its sooo cute :) im going to a wedding and that would go great with my dress

  38. also, can you do your skin care (like face wash, moisturizer…) b/c our skin is FLAWLESS!! thanks girly<3

  39. you look SOOOOOOO stunning hun! :D i loveee that combo on you!!! xxxxxx

  40. I just came across ur blog + I love it! Well done.
    Love the look, wish I had bought the Spiced Choc Quad! xxx

  41. you are too cute!! i love your blue eyes!! stay beautiful! =]

  42. you are way too gorgeous! I love the eye makeup

  43. you are gorggg!!!! I got Petticoat from my MAC Pro Store :) If you are really interested in one, let me know.

  44. Ah! I'm in love with your eyes. haha =]

  45. i love this look!

    you're so pretty =]

    & i love your blog, it's so cute!

  46. OMGoodness it's amazing how gorgeous and stunning you are!!

  47. Laurel

    You look so pretty, and the looks gorgeous.
    Loving the glowy cheeks specially, and your hair.


  48. I love this smokey eye! I'm tempted to do this tomorrow, even though I have nowhere to go! haha. You and your bf are cute :)

  49. u look stunning! i love ur hair :) hair envy lol

  50. SERIOUSLY, you have some of the prettiest eyes I have EVER seen :]

  51. Ouh… on the first picture you look like Lilly from How I Met Your Mother :D
    Absolutely cute & beautiful <3
    Love you!
    Greetings from Germany

  52. Ivy Green

    First to comment! Yay ZOELLA you look beautiful

  53. Sofia Arriagada

    Lovely eyeshadow work Zoe!