It was a lovely & sunny today so i thought i would wear my daisy headband :)

I kept the colours on my eyes quite neutral today. I used the Body Shop’s Shimmer Cubes that i got for 40p at the bootsale (Blogpost Here)
Hope you like it!


GOSH touch up concealer in no2
Clinique Airbrush concealer
Mac select cover up concealer
Bare Escentuals foundation in Medium
Bare Escentuals bronzer in Faux Tan
Mac Well Dressed blush
Mac MSF in Light Flush


Body Shop Brown Shimmer Cubes
2true liquid eyeliner
Lancome Hypnose Mascara (Pretty much gone & flaking :(..want more)


Mac Snob Lipstick


Thought i’d add a little extra to this post..About 3 months ago we were given some frogspawn, i excitedly kept them in a bucket & thought i’d watch them grow (something you do in primary school no doubt :D ) When they were big tadpoles we released them into our pond..& now look at them.
The cutest little things ever. I wish all frogs stayed this size. They are too adorable.
(Although i did try and hold one on my palm & they are so fast & skitty, it completely freaked me out, so i shall we watching from afar from now on)

[Click to enlarge :)]

The Mummy Frog! :)

  1. Zoe you are such a stunner, I can't tell you how jealous I am lol Those shimmer cubes go on really well! Woop woop we all love a bit of snob lipstick! Awww at the tadpoles ever those I hate froggies haha! Just like to say I LOVE YOUR BLOG I get excited when I see a new post! Love ya xxxx

  2. Danni

    My god, your eyes utterly look beautiful in these photos!

    Loving the baby froggies – we have little frogs and newts in our pond right now!


  3. Daisy

    Where's your hair-band from? It's extremely cute! Although it might look a bit too much if I wore it! haha x

  4. where is your headband from? love it!

  5. shimmer cube looks great! my boyfriend has a phobia of frogs lool

  6. Aww those frogs are so adorable! (that's something I thought I would never say!) Youre looking fab as always, the eyeshadow looks great!

  7. your headband is so cute!and ur hair is so lovely,looks so healthy :)

  8. So gorgeous! Loving the daisies! Youve got more, scuse my french, balls than me to pick on of those frogs up! I'd be terrified, i dont like touching anything slimy and yackkk! xx

  9. Ohh, I want a daisy headband, it is gorgeous, as are you lovely!
    I remember having a pond in primary school & we used to go to look at the tadpoles!

  10. Frogs = soo cute! xx

  11. Lush19

    So Pretty…. The shimmer cubes look so nice on your eyes!xx

  12. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww zoe!!!!! baby frogs are soooo sweet :D you look so GORGEOUS in these pics-im so jelous of you and your hair-your like too pretty!!!! love you loads girlie xxxxx

  13. GAHH! You're so gorgeous.

  14. zoe, your make up looks flawless!
    I love the lipstick color on you =)

  15. emily

    aww! baby frogs! eeeee! (and i always wished that we got to raise baby animals in primary school, the closest we got were crickets-ew!)

  16. Awww such a pretty look, you're just so pretty! – I ADORE your daisy headband as well ♥

  17. you look very pretty! and i love how you did your hair. i've always wanted to learn how to add volume on top but it always end up flat. :( you should do a hair tutorial. :)

  18. Anna

    Ohmigod…those frogs are SO adorable!!! Thanks so much for posting those pics! :) I think they're so sweet! You look absolutely beautiful, very pretty and fresh! :) xoxo Anna

  19. Laura

    aaaaah you're possibly the most gorgeous girl ever haha! your eyes look fab on these photos and i LOVE your headband! xoxoxo

  20. Daisy

    The hairband is lovely!!! The frogs are awesome too, im going to go and check the pond see if i can see any!

  21. Hannah

    you are so pretty :D
    all your pictures are so clear and look really good, what camera do you have?

  22. maya

    the eyeshadow looks awesome, and u're super cute as always :)

  23. Ellie

    You're so pretty Zoe! And I am seriously jelous of you hair, it's amazing! :)

  24. @daisy & littlemissmakeup – I'm affraid i made the headband. :( x

    @Hannah – atm im usuing the Nikon finepix S2 x

  25. aw, hunny, you're gorgeous. i love your make-up. :)

  26. Zoe! You are absolutely beautiful!! Okay so how did you get Snob to look so good? I just got it and it looks like I'm a PORN STAR! aah

  27. @courtney – Haha awee lovely! Im sure you did'nt! Try just dabbing on a little bit and smoothing it in. :) That's what i have to do with Saint Germain because that makes me look porn star too! lol xxx

  28. Luc

    Aww I like photgraphy cool pics. and i love the makeup look!

    I tagged you on the music tag on my blog

  29. Gorgeous! I'm definitely going to have to check out the rest of your blog! Xoxo

  30. WOW you are so so so so so pretty. i loved the look.

  31. Sabby

    Can you show us how you did the look with the body shop cubes coz i have then and it would be cool to recreate your look x

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  33. Ivy Green

    Cute! First to comment!

  34. David Taylor

    Definitely be trying these products