When it comes to makeup storage i find it SO hard to find anywhere that has something suitable. I don’t know if thats because im too fussy..

I always look in stationary shops & just never have any success.
At the end of the day, if it’s your bedroom, you want it to look gorgeous :)

I accompanied my mum shopping today.
We went to TkMaxx (TJmaxx in america i think)
& the selection of storage is massive compared with anything i’ve seen before. They have SO many different styles , sizes & colours at the moment. I was actually torn between a few different things but i do not have the money to go all out and buy everything (even though i happily would have)
So i settled for this gorgeous set of silver draws.

The different drawers…I am SO pleased i found this. It’s perfect, it even has the different compartments.
Before i went into Tkmaxx, i went into the pound shop to buy some latex gloves for self tanning…can you believe they sell them as a 25 pack? 25? we have 2 hands…Surely an even number would make more sense?
I found these little plastic drawers for £1, i don’t think they are very pretty but they are very practical & inexpensive, & thinking i wouldnt find anything else, i picked up the last 2 they had.
So if you are on a bit of a budget, or are not too fussed with what your storage looks like i highly reccommend scouring the poundshop. :)

Also, in Tkmaxx they had these gorgeous little baskets. I wanted something like this to put all my body lotions/hairsprays/hair serums in.
They have SOO many different designs & sizes of these. Lots of cute floral ones for you Cath Kidston fans (even though these arent the real deal) & at £2.99 & £4.99 you can’t go wrong.
Now onto my Sunday Bootsale finds…

It wasn’t an overly successful trip, no makeup, no bath/body items. But some cute jewellery.

This necklace was 50p. It has a garden gnome, a fork & a little boot on it…SO cute, i love it.
This is how it hangs. Quite low, and don’t panick..i know it looks silly with my outfit, but i was just modelling the length for you because im nice like that :)

This one was also 50p.
I got this because it’s just damn cute.
Sorry for the boobylicious shot..but this is how it hangs. This one is quite alot shorter. I love it.
Then, i saw this book. & yes, i saw it & picked it up because it had my name on it, and then on further inspection i notice that it is infact all about everything i love & its such a fab book. There are so many tips & tricks that i’m thinking i will share with you all.
This was £1.
And before i end this post. I will share with you a pair of sunnies i also picked up in Tkmaxx (seriously ladies…tkmaxx sunnies are amazing)
These are Vivienne Westwood (one of my favourite designers) & i fell in love with them.
But do you know what made me love them even more?
they were £19.99!
I am usually SO fussy with sunglasses. If you havent noticed already, i am petite..which means that i find watches to be a mission (as my wrists are tiny) & i also find it hard to get shades to fit my head! haha I actually really like the shape of these & they feel so unbelievably comfy..maybe because i am used to cheap £2 ones from Primark.
I havent ever owned a decent pair. So these will be my special ones. haha
My mum also picked up some amazing roberto cavalli ones.

Have a goofy picture…
What do you use for storing your makeup & where do you buy it?
Hope you’re having a lovely evening ladies. How blummin amazing was the weather today? 30 degrees! Loving it but feeling a tad sticky.

  1. Anna

    Ohmigod everything you bought is just gorgeous!! I have that book too, it's one of my favourites, it covers lots and lots of things from styling yourself to styling your house! :) xoxo Anna

  2. oooo i have those baskets :D! i ♥ TK maxx i swear i could spend all day rummaging!
    Outfit looks gorgeous from what i can see of it too! xxx

  3. Laura

    I love you, I love your blog, and I LOVE your new storage :D I'd love to see a piccie of it all full up with your stash…that's a lot of love for one comment ;) xxxxxxxx

  4. Daisy

    £1 for that A to Zoe book is amazing! I bought it for like £15! It's really good :)

    I love them Cath Kidston style baskets- I'm going to have to buy some!

    I keep my make-up in a set of drawers from Laura Ashley at WHSmiths xoxox

  5. You found some vivs at tkmaxx!? No way! Mine only has shitty ones =( I love tkmaxx for interior stuff though, I'm going to go crazy in there when i move out =)

  6. omg i have those little white drawers for £1, i bought two sets and glued them together :) xx

  7. I love your little set of drawers, it's so cute! I just have a plain one from Ikea… The shades are fab too! xxx

  8. It looks like TKMaxx has much better stuff than T.J. Maxx in the United States! I am very jealous. <3

  9. I love those drawers from tk maxx!! Soo cute! I keep my make up in drawers from ikea that i decorated myself! :) xXx

  10. Sarah

    Amazing purchases – especially the set of silver draws and baskets!

    The gnome necklace is sooo cute <3

    I LOVE that book.

  11. very cute buys! and i love those shades on you!

  12. Love it all! particularly the baskets, sunnies and gold necklace, gorgeous! xx

  13. Louise

    loving everything youv'e got – you get some fab bargains!

  14. great post Zoe and great haul:D everything is fabulous, i am considering driving 20 miles to my nearest TX Maxx tmw for a good rummage……well it would be rude not to, in these recession times, we all have to our bit for the economy and if i just happen to benefit from it then so be it :D :D :D :D :D xx

  15. Suzi

    Cant believe u got the book for £1 thats fantastic! I paid like 18 or something pounds for it when it first came out eek, Rachel Zoe is one of my favourite stylists =)

    Great buys! Jealous! =)

  16. Emma

    i love that book
    great finds

  17. love the vivienne westwood sunnies! I've been surprised at what TKMaxx has in the glasses range bit never seen them!

    I also LOVE the bootsale blogs. I use to be such an avid bargain hunter but got a bit lazy recently. Will have to wake up early one Sunday and see what I can find but my dad did come back with some GHDs for £5 once!

  18. Those sunnies are amazing! I love Vivienne Westwood too.

    It'd be really great if you could share some of the tips in the book – it seems so good :)

  19. Moni

    I have the nearly the same nekleace as the kissing kids but in gold and without the printing:) I love it!!! I am hunting fr the Style A to Zoe book as Rachel Zoe look is so hot!!! I am lovign your blog missy!!

    I gave you little award on my blog so come and check it out!!! xxx

  20. MK

    haha 25 gloves? that's just too silly.

  21. Love, love, love those shades!
    Too cute!!! Looks like you found some great deals!
    Send some good shopping vibes my way!

  22. i love the baskets! im looking for a cute jewlerry box atm, i might just go check out tkmaxx. i barely even glance at it, but vivienne westwood shades! i think it might just become my new favourite shop! do share the tips from the book, i love beauty books!

  23. katie

    I have those white drawers and I agree they ain't pretty but their damn useful! I have 6 in total which means 18 different categories of make up…but I'll stop there 'cos I'm flaunting my OCD for all to see!

    Beautiful sun glasses :-)

  24. all of those boxes are SO cute!! id love to see pics of your makeup IN them.. im weird like that haha!! its fun to see others collections :) and i looooove that little outfit you have on! its adorable!

  25. Luc

    I need to get some drawers for storage because it's either in a big box under my bed, in a bag or out on my desk – when I'm trying to do my work. lol

  26. I've only just started reading your blog but I love it already! So glad to see I'm not the only person whose mum gets them up at 7am to treck around a field bargain hunting! Keep up the good work x

  27. miley

    haha, i love rachel zoe!

  28. I'm so jealous now! I purchased 3 storage units that are like yours, but they're pink. I bought them here in the US at Target and that's how I store my makeup. Love your blogs!

  29. I love the silver drawers!! I'm going to check to see if the tjmaxx near me has them! And I love the sunglasses as well :)

  30. Emilyy

    adore the sunnies, they have that vintage look about them (: the drawers are so fab, i need a new set. which tk maxx do you go to ? xoxo

  31. @Emily – I went to the one in Swindon – Wiltshire :)

  32. Janaka

    Great haul, look forward to heading to tk maxx! x

  33. Emma

    i went to Swindon the other day when visiting family, we got sooo lost trying to get home lol

  34. I love TK Maxx sunglasses, I have two pairs from there, both Cavalli!

  35. Lauren

    Thanks for following. I'm almost half way to 50 followers.
    I'll be having a HUGE contest when I get to 50 (or maybe before!)

  36. Anonymous

    I am 50..and i am checking out your blog….is that …weird…but i love fashion and makeup..and stuff…I am 23 at heart…!! thanks for sharing your beautiful collection…love your blog!

  37. ayuhmay

    It is TJMaxx here, when I first saw you mention Tkmaxx, I thought it was a typo, thats so odd how they're named differently haha.

  38. Hi Zoe! Woah this is so far back in time, no one has commented for over 4 years! And by the way don't take me as a stalker i need some inspiration. Anyway just wanted to say ive been a subscriber from the start and i love reading these blogs with you talking about wether you will or will not make a youtube and now we just celebrated 4 million subscribers! I just wanted to say, if youre reading this, that since the day i first watched one of your videos, youve been my idol, not only have you inspired me to 'just say yes' but i am also a different person to what i would have been without you. I cant thank you enough and i shall be one of your many subsribers till the end. <3
    P.S mine twitter is @suggalicous and my name is jemima :)

  39. oops meant 3 years!

  40. Hey Zoe!
    I was wondering but you say you are tiny..
    I thought you were 5 foot 4 ? Thought i heard you say that in a video
    I'm just wondering because i am 5 foot 2.5 (1.58 meters? lol)

    Also, I really like those baskets, I'm Trying to find almost those exact same baskets for my make up and hair stuff.