So, like most sundays, i was up bright & early with my mum & off we went to the bootsale.

It’s quite nice spending some time with my mum, & theres always something stupid to laugh at…like a man that only has 24p in change, wanting to buy a stupid china ornament that the lady wanted 30p for, & throwing the money into her hand saying
“Alls i gots is 24 pence change..lemme have it furr thaa”
haha, who goes to a bootsale, with 24p…only to find their dream china ornament is 30p
A huge golden labrador sitting on the roof of a van..& mum turns to me and says “My gosh..look at the dog sat up there all well behaved”, and me saying “Mum..that’s stuffed”. Her reply is then “No it’s’s moving”, and i then say “No mum..thats just the fur blowing in the wind”.
Yes…people sell stuffed dogs at bootsales…how weird is that?

Anyway…onto what i picked up. Not a massive amount of makeup this time..or a massive amount of anything really but i shall share anyway as i know some of you love my bootsale bargains.

Body Shop Shimmer Cubes
Yay… These were brand new and unopened. In the body shop i think they are £14 something.
I really, really like these.. The colours are gorgeous & alot like the Mac Spiced Choc quad but without any matte colours. So, if you are sad you missed that. I would pick this up as it has some pretty similar colours in it.
Super happy with that bargain!
I will be doing a full review of the shimmer cubes soon. So look out for that!

Lush Bath Ballistics & 1 Bubble Bar
70p & 80p

I do sometimes see Lush stuff at carboots..but i always go straight to the label for the expiry, and most of the will have expired. So i don’t buy it. But Bath Ballistics last for ages. Theres not really a time limit on these babies.
Yes they may become slightly discoloured but wont grow mould and turn your skin manky.
I think some of these are all holiday items.
I don’t know the names but i think 1 is called christmas party… :) & actually i think the bluey one is called Sakura (permanent) but it’s lost alot of it’s colour.
Enlighten me if you know! :D
I did actually use the one out of the bag the other night..& i can’t say i loved it much..well…at all.
It smelt like the dentist & was full of chunky glitter. I can’t ever imagine a scenario where i’d want to bathe in either of those. It wasnt a pleasant experience.
Oh well!

Dead Sea Bath Salts
I have dry skin..and i have never used dead sea products..i’m stupid right? It’s meant to be really good for dead skin cells & completely renewing the skin & relaxing muscles.
Sounds good! I’m going to use these tonight. It looks too cute to open though!

I also bought 3 HUGE bags of mini eggs for 50p each. The lady was selling loads of easter chocolate. I’m guessing she took them from Woolworths before it closed down?…or is a right fatty!
That’s about all for my carbooty booty.
Get to a carboot on sunday ladies!

  1. Laurel

    I would, if there was even a friggin car boot near me. There might be but i just dont know of it. Tbh, i want to sell some of my stuff there. Good post Zoe, love you hun xxx

  2. wow Im impressed with the shimmer cubes!Id never find anything as good as that at a car boot around here Im sure lol.x

  3. I wish i could go to those! sounds like so much fun :)and i love mini eggs wish i had bought some more eater time because i crave them now lol

  4. haha, 'or is a right fatty'.
    This sunday I'm going to go to the local carbooty, I'm always jealous of your finds!

  5. Where is this bloody carboot? its the carboot from hell by me-think stuff dogs are bad! pff!! great bargins xx

  6. Jen

    I have that shimmer cube…I love it!!!

  7. gosh i really wish we had these here in the US! im always so jealous of your finds :)

  8. sounds like a good car boot.. apart from the stuffed dog. gross & not cool!


  9. I really need to go to a carboot sale! haven't been to one in years but need to go to one after looking at your finds!

  10. You get some really good bargains, i bought that shimmer cube a month ago for alot more than 40p!!
    Your little story about the stuffed dog made me giggle :)

  11. Angela

    Very nice I really like that Body Shop Shimmer Cube. I don't own any but would like to!!!!! :D

  12. Daisy

    Ooo nice finds!

  13. fhen

    hello, this is the first time i came accros your blog. and i love it :)
    ooo the carboot sale you went seems nice. It is great to find that Body Shop shimmer cubes there.
    Sadly, we dont have car boot sale here in Jakarta, like seriouslyy.
    we only have bazaar, but all things are new and at high price as well.
    anyway, Have a fabulous summer! ;)


  14. Vik

    HI there love your blog :)
    now very inspired to you to a car boot sale and see what bargains i can find! Ps you make up photos are flawless!!!

  15. I went down to our local carboot with my mum last sunday.

    I got a MAC Cheekhue (da da delight), MAC pro pan eyeshadow (satellite dreams), Bodyshop spirit of moonflower bodyspray (discontinued) & a Bodyshop showergel all for £1. It was all brand new in box.

    25p each!! bargain.
    And loads of other stuff (bath & body works stuff for 50p) :D

  16. Lou*

    ooh ill have to go to one, you got some good stuff lady xx

  17. I don't think they have any car booty's near me :( You seem to always pick up some AMAZING bargains! Nicely done hun :) x

  18. OMG, u have found some great bargains at this car booty!! wenever i go to my local it does not sell mac, boddy shop nars etc!! sells old things and i just end up with more crap lol :/ i shall deffoo have 2 start gng and looking more carefully!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Emily

    you find such bargains! xx

  20. Wow! where is this bootfair? xx

  21. Jadey

    Love a carbooty ive been going for as long as i can remember buying and selling. Love the bargins you can pick up! But the ones closest to me are not very good and small so also end up driving miles to a better one. X

  22. Ivy Green

    I go to one most Sundays. You will not believe what you can find! First to comment