To cut a long boring story short, I really haven’t been feeling my usual bubbly, happy self lately..i have a shit job which i have been made redundant from…i dont know what i want to do with my life..and i really miss old days. (UH man..growing up sucks at the moment)
and i came home from work the other day, and on the table in front of me..was a LUSH package. I’m not sure if US LUSH packages are the same, but you know when its from lush because of the wrapping paper.

No, when i opened it there was a note on it that said “I love you Zozo xxxxxx (etc)”

Jack had ordered some goodies for me online to cheer me up. He’s lovely :D

Porridge Soap – In one word…YUM! I bought this about a week ago along with other goodies i’ll review in this post..and it is my absolutely FAVOURITE soap ever. I’m obsessed, hence why my boyfriend included it in his secret package. I over use this in the bath because i can’t get enough of it. I know alot of people find the oats a turn off..but i LOVE them because i suffer from dry skin so they are extremely beneficial and they are in no way abrasive. They dont clog up my bath or leave a mess. I also love that this soap seems to be alot more creamy and lathers so much easier than any of the soaps ive previously tried from lush. And it smells gorgeous.

Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic – We all know what this smells like…Yup..just amazing. My favourite bath bomb ever & i know i’m not alone in that one.

Yummy Yummy Yummy shower cream – This is also my favourite cream wash because it smells so tasty, and its really moisturising. Who doesn’t want to smell like strawberries and cream.

Sugar Babe Sugar Scrub – These are new from LUSH. I don’t know if anybody has tried one yet? This one smells absoloutely amazing. Not like anything i’ve smelt from lush before and i can’t for the life of me describe it. These are quite large, and when i went to use it in the bath, i was like “Oohh lovely” and i scrubbed away..when i looked back at the sugar scrub on the side of the was melting and running into the water. So i had to dash to it’s aid and stop it from dissolving in the water. Turns out AS SOON as these things get wet…its like a bomb waiting to go off. You have about a minute to completely scrub your whole body before it’s gone, which dissapointed me because i was hoping to use it a couple of times rather than all in one go. But it did smell nice and it made me skin SUPER soft. Maybe i’m using it wrong?

A week or so before this cute little surprise, i placed an order online myself…

Keep It Fluffy Guest Soap – I was interested to know what this smells like..It’s quite musty, and also floral…i think it smells alot like turkish delight, with a hint of soap-ness.

You wash my back – This is a limited edition soap, that i smelt a few times around valentines day, and i couldn’t work out if i liked the smell…Then valentines came and went, and i realised i actually really liked the smell, so i orderd online, and now i can see they dont have them there anymore so i’m glad i got it. It’s got quite a strong smell, and is quite chemically and musty..haha that sounds so bad. But it reminds me of something and i can’t think what. Although…as im writing this..and smelling it…it is starting to make me feel sick and headachey…not good.. *puts it away*

Babyface Cleanser – I can’t say enough good words about this. It’s sooo easy to use and leaves the skin so soft and feeling really fresh and clean. I prefer this to Ultrabland. You dampen the face and either rub the cleanser directly to your face or rub it between your hands and use your hands to apply it. Then, as you would with Ultrabland you take a dampened face cloth or cotton wool pad and wipe away the cleanser along with all the makeup. This has shea butter in it so if u suffer from dry skin it can do wonders for you like it did me.

Joy of Jelly shower jelly – Sex Bomb ballistic in a shower jelly form. These are easier to use than you’d think, and lather amazingly. I also loved that this left my skin smelling fab all day. Very refreshing and gorgeous smelling. If you love sex bomb, you’ll love this.

Ocean Salt facial scrub – I seriously just want to eat this. It smells so fruity and fresh. I also really like the blue colour..dont ask me why. makes a difference from angels on bare skin that’s a boring grassy colour. I like to use this twice a week, and it’s supppper exfoliating, i would be quite gentle with this or it could feel like you’re rubbing shards of glass on your face.

Fair Trade Foot Lotion – Its pink, smells minty and fresh, and i haven’t actually used it yet, so that was an extremely poop review of that. haha :D

Overall, I’m thouroughly impressed with porridge soap, babyface cleanser and ocean salt. Have you tried any of these & if so what are your thoughts and opinions?

  1. We dont have Lush here but i have been listening and reading all about those products lately…They look sooo nice and fresh and yummy :)))

  2. aww thats so sweet of him to order stuff for you :) got a lovely bf there! wish mine would do the same lool :) xooxo

  3. Yummy LUSH stuffies :)

    Seems like UK has some LUSH stuff I’d like to check out !

  4. Laurel

    great review zoe.
    i think im gonna get porridge soap, although when i smelt it in the shop i didnt smell very appealing. hm, might change when its at home. as it did for rockstar(:

    baby face cleanser – i wear quite alot of mascara and i dont know wether when i wiping it off it’ll go all over my face, or does it just wipe off all makeup straight away?
    x x

  5. Laura

    Aww how sweet is he :) I am a bit of a Lush convert…the toner I LOVE as you know, I had samples of Ultra Bland and Ocean Salt, didn’t like either, but then I’m not used to cleaners like that, and the scrub REALLY does feel like rubbing glass on my face! I love exfoliators, but that felt wrong! I might try Babyface, and that Yummy wash sounds lush (ooo, see what I did there?!) Hehe :)

    Honey, I feel your pain on the job front. I was happily (ish) plodding along in my job, then BHAM, redundancy. Now I have less than a month to find something else, and it’s frustrating because I KNOW I’m competent, theres just no f’in jobs :( We’ll struggle through together though honey :)

    Woo…long comment :) x x x

  6. mann they look so good just by looking at the pics.. LOL. i really wanna try that ocean salt one!

  7. wAooo, those soaps look soo cute! :3
    and yummy… i should stay away from them, might end up eating them~~~ ^-^

  8. Thanks for the review! I’m off to order some lush things now!

  9. Jackie

    aw i am so sorry to hear that, ive been kind of going through the same thing when i took this semster off school to work full time… i seriously sometimes wish i could just go back to being like 15 years old again! but don’t worry, im sure you will get it all worked out just do whatever makes you happy in the long run!

    and that is so sweet of him!.. ive been dying to try that baby face soap. ive never used LUSH, but i definitaly want to check it out now :)

  10. Love Lush!

  11. I heard somewhere that you should cut the sugar scrub up into like 4 pieces so you can preserve it for longer. Your not doing anything wrong, it really does dissolve quickly like that! :) x

  12. I love how you have so much to say about soaps! I’m not much of a fan but i might start buying more goodies from lush just because the posts make them look amazzzing! :) x

  13. Aww how sweet- I love Lush! I’ve tagged you on my blog for ‘8 Things’ :)

  14. I bought the sugar scrub the other day. I asked her about whether it would just disolve… she said I should be able to get a few uses out of it. She said use on wet skin and not leave it in the water or under a running shower but I have yet to try it so not sure… I hope it does last longer than once o.O

  15. @Rebecca – Oh gawd,i just held it in a damp hand it dissolved away. Somebody mentioned cutting it into pieces, i would deffo reccommend that, then at least the same thing wont happen to you. :) x

  16. Lily

    ooh that is an awesome looking yin yang soap!

  17. I'd never even been into a LUSH shop until today, after reading your posts I felt I had to! I bought the Sweetie soap stack and the Joy of Jelly shower jelly – exciting times! xo

  18. Hey zoe :). I work at lush, and for the sugar scrub they way its meant to be used (which is how you used it) doesn't really do it justice, so we demo it different and it seems to work much better. Just cut it up into smaller pieces and then crumble those smaller bits in your hands and use it that way, it works much better and you get more use out of it and its much easier that way to. =].

  19. Annabel

    I love lush and the popcorn is such a cute idea, tried to eat it … tasted like soap :o

  20. Hi Zoellaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    I'm new to blogging and I have to admit I'm in love with your blog xxx

  21. Soph

    Awh that was so cute! Wich Jack? :)

  22. thanx for the review zoe :D

  23. Ivy Green

    I ❤ lush! I have a bath bomb every weekend! First to comment!