High end brands, such as Mac, Nars, Bobbi Brown, YSL have some Amazing nudes in their collections, but lets not forget that some little gems lie beneath the drugstore ranges.

Recently i have purchased these 4 lipsticks from Boots, Superdrug & a House Of Fraser Outlet.

From top to bottom: NYX India, Rimmel Foxy, Natural Collection Lotus & Natural Collection Apple Blossom

NYX in “India”
This Lipstick is best described as a pinky nude coral, perfect shade for summer. The consistency is really creamy and it goes on VERY pigmented. So much so that i have to be careful when applying it. This cost me about £4 in my nearest House of Fraser outlet. For any of you UK girls who want to try NYX i would search for your nearest outlet as there is a HUGGEE range in the one near me. Lipglosess, eyeshadow trio’s, blushes etc…

Rimmel Volume Booster Lipstick in “102 -Foxy”
I love this one. It’s definately a “my lips but better” shade. And the slight hint of pink makes it the perfect shade. Like a plumping lipgloss this has the same fuzzy feeling, i didn’t notice any plumping but the shade and consistency are gorgeous. This one was around £5 i think.

Natural Collection Sheer Natural in “LotusThis lipstick is VERY dissapointing…yes it’s £1.95…but you’d at least expect some sort of colour payoff? I suppose i miss-judged the “Sheer” title. Save yourself some pennies, and steer clear of the “Sheer” range in natural collection lipsticks…what poop.

Natural Collection Moisture Shine in “Apple Blossom”

Now this lipstick on the other hand…Is SO worth the money. This one is alot more creamy and much more pigmented. For £1.95 i don’t think you can go wrong. I had been looking for this colour for ages, as the tester looked so pretty (a dupe for GOSH Darling i think) and there was NEVER any to buy. So eventually i found one which had been put back in the wrong place. I love this lipstick, and for the price, i can just apply it all day and not feel guilty about it running out. I’m not a huge fan of the shape of the liptick itself, but it still applies the same :)

Rimmel Moisture Renew in Nude DelightNow i’ve had this pottering around for a while but thought it deserved an honourable mention in this post. Love love love this one. Comparable to Mac’s Creme D’nude. Is also around the £4-5 mark.

On a slight tangent, I have been watching Kandee’s Youtube channel alot recently (Shes amazing you should definately check her out) and i noticed how stunningly white her teeth were, and i am so envious of people in america who can get there hands on whitening products in there local drugstores. Don’t get me wrong…we have whitening treatments in ours too…but they are poop. I think i know at least 1 or 2 people who have tried everything the UK has to offer, and none with amazing results. If you want amazing glowy teeth here, you have to pay alot of moolah for it, and get it done in a surgery…so anyway, she uses Plus White, and i have heard of this before…and have just ordered some to try. I was just wandering if those of you that live in the US can reccommend this? Or maybe even one that works better?

  1. I heard that Crest Whitening strips are really good, so I’m tempted to try those.
    That NYX lippy is gorgeous!
    xo V

  2. Those lippys are lovely!!

  3. Great post! i love nude lips! Creme D’Nude is my fave. Have you tried GOSH Darling? I think you can get it at your boots or superdrug. I cant remember which store I picked it up in when I was in London. But its there, its FANTASTIC!

  4. those are gorgeous nude lippies.. nyx india looks pretty and rimmel foxy :D

  5. @belle du jour – Yess, i have creme d’nude and Gosh darling..i am just a lipstick addict and can’t stop buying all the same shades. :O

  6. I definately need to check out Nude Delight & Apple Blossom, they look beautiful. Have you ever tried pearl drops? They're around £6 and sold almost everywhere, I find they really do work, I recently had my braces off and there was a little discolouration in places and that stuffs made them all pearl white:)
    love the blog btw!

  7. oOOO LOVE all the lippies! i love nudes! you should get revlon’s matte “nude attitude” i love that lipstick!

  8. @mzkrystall – I don’t know if you can get those here in the UK, but i have been eyeing it up :(

  9. Crissy

    ahh I loooove Apple Blossom. Too bad it’s not available here! :[

    yes, the strips work with continued use. I can’t stand wearing them and my teeth have been stained far too much with braces to actually give me the results I want.. besides it’s expensive :[ I think people abuse those kits too much. Yellow teeth is healthly, white teeth is not. Worn down enamel, sensitivity to the gums. Not fun D:

  10. I LOOOVE apple blossom! It’s one of the few things that has stood the test of time for me and continued through from my childhood of buying cheap cosmetics! xx

  11. Those are very pretty nude lipsticks at a very affordable prices. Thanks for the review and swatches. I might hit the drugstore sometime and give them a try. =)

  12. Yay for nude lips :)

  13. Omg I love Kandee!! And I think I’m gonna buy the stuff she whitens her teeth with to see if it works! Her teeth are gorgeous!

    And all those lippies are gorgeous. I probably don’t need anymore, but I’m tempted =]

  14. Holly

    India is the best lipstick ever, my absolute fave, I stocked up and bought 3 last time I went to HOF outlet!haha!xx

  15. thank you zoella :)
    and what a lovely post you and published


  16. Gemma

    I want to try some of these so badly! I am addicted to creme d’nude.
    When will project 10 pan be over!?!?

    Also, you have made me want the whitening gel..where did you order it from? Amazon? xxxx

  17. Amy

    I watch Kandee’s vids too and that is what inspired me to look into whitening options. After a lot of research I bought Crest Whitestrips (the supreme versions). They aren’t available in stores as the % of peroxide is too high or somthing, so they’re only available from the dentist or online. I bought mine off ebay and they are amazing! I’ll be doing a review of them soon I think. Would definitely recommend them! The only downside is the sensitivity it causes :( xx

  18. I lovve these colors! You have a wonderful taste in nude lippies. (:

  19. :O i have to get the Rimmel one!

    Oh and by the way, the Revlon Matte Collection should be coming within two weeks at the most.

  20. Alice

    I have the apple blossom :) suuper cheap but works great!x

  21. Sarah

    Oooh these are all such beautiful colours! I love it when you can find a just as good equivalent for half the price of high end brands! Gah, it’s the same here in aussie, teeth whitening is a very expensive process that you can only get half decent results from if you shell out heaps of cash to a dentist!! Last year I tried some whitening toothpaste that all the big Hollywood stars apparently “use” (haha, I’m such a sucker, AS IF they buy crappy old whitening toothpaste as their secret!) obv. it did nothing. I think half the products are a scam! But I hope you have some luck!!!! Btw, I would LURVE it if you entered my contest!!!!!! hope you do :)

  22. I want to try that Rimmel lippie in Nude Delight. It looks very very pretty! :) Great post!

  23. i wish that i had shiny white teeth :)
    mwahhaha thats a joke.
    x x x x x x x

  24. I love the lippies all the colors are really pretty!!!!

  25. Anonymous

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if you’d be interested in reviewing Schwarzkopf Professional’s Design Mix range for hair? My email address is: lisa@immediate-pr.com

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Lisa x

  26. Nudes are my absolute favorite. Oh, and browsing through this blog I must say, you have a KILLER fashion sense ;)

  27. Whit

    jeeez I didn’t know drugstores had such great nude lippies! thanks for this!

  28. Cathy

    hihi:) you’re pretty
    and about the nude lipstick!
    i have used one. cle de peau… pretty well!:) and very smooth ~
    looking forward to ur next blog!:P

  29. I love nude lipstick :-) I think i’ll get the Natural Collection “Apple Blossom” one and the Rimmel “Nude Delight” :-) They look great! This was really useful! I’m using MAC “Creme d’nude” at the mo but it’s totally melted all over the place and is in such a state now :-( so annoying! xxxx

  30. Joanna

    Good post! :) I love nude lipsticks.
    Revlon Nude Attitude is my favourite! :]

  31. ASIF, u can get the appple blossom to apply like that i think i must have got a dud. mine looks terrible on my lips i use to nudeyy-up a brighter lipstick. lol love your blog x

  32. I own both Creme d'Nude and Rimmel's Nude Delight and they don't compare at all =/

  33. plus white is great! most teeth whiteners in america cost 30,40,even 50 dollars..and thats way more than most people can afford.Ive been using plus white for the longest time and then i too saw kandees vlog on teeth whitening and was so happy to hear that other people find this product amazing aswell…i do the same thing as kandee..i use this product in the shower beacuse it taste pretty bad and it foams up excessively.
    for 5 dollars this product works wonders.i recommend you get it!
    please check out my blog its new but im really proud of it :)

  34. Lipstick is my favorite thing ever. There's just something about it that makes me feel put together when I wear it. At my school nobody wears lipstick (It's a small town in the country) so I only wear it for special occasions and it literally makes everything feel special. You have such an eye for good lipstick. I saw in a earlier post you were looking for the perfect red, and I was like "I can help!" hahaha red is my favorite! Though I do go a bit more on the bright side which you wanted to stay away from… oh well! ha I think bright red lipstick looks great with really pale skin, which I have, so I tend to go with that. Anyways, I love your blog! It's so relevant and has helped me a lot when it comes to choosing makeup. I've always been more into clothes, but your blog has influenced my love for makeup. Now if only I could apply it like you…..

  35. From This Height

    Just catching up on all your old posts :) you really inspire me to put my love of beauty & fashion online…a little daunting though as there are so many talented people out there and my fortay is really acting…but I think its okay to branch out, right? give it a go lol but thank you for being you!