Phewphh what a long day. I do hate working on saturdays, it means my weekend is cut short.

Blog time…
I’m affraid there’s negative feedback on a few products i’ve got recently…which makes me sad…and kindof angry.


Chanel Pro Lumiere

So i was in House of Fraser…and i thought, right…liquid foundations…where the fook do i start? Then i remembered that there had been an awful lot of amazing raves and reviews on Chanel Pro/Matt Lumiere. So i strolled on over to the Chanel Counter..and there was nobody MA..nobody. So i sortof tested a few of the foundations hoping somebody would realise i needed assistance..but no. So at that point i though “MEH, i’m going to walk away” when a blonde lady with an orange face appeared (She had been over at another counter chatting) and she said “Are you okay?” and i said “Um..Id quite like a new foundation” so she sat me down in a hurry and said “Okay well, this looks like it could be your colour” and she smeared it on my jawline. It was orange. I said this…and she said “OH um..oh yes so it is” so she brought back a slightly lighter one…and said “Oh yes, this is deffo your colour” So i purchased it…got it home and put it on only to find it was WAY too dark for my skin. Was this woman on crack or just blind? I did alot of blending and bronzing on the neck as i wanted to see if it was a good foundation.
Sadly, i did not get on with this at all. It made my skin dry and look incredibly flakey…and by about 3 o clock i looked in the mirror and i had weird patches, and all my blemishes were orange and standing out? I was going to the cinema with my boyfriend and i actually “lick-damped” a tissue and wiped it all off as it looked SO bad, i would rather have exposed my natural skin than keep that on, and that is saying something…i also would NEVER lick my foundation off? WTF lol

Oh Chanel…how i wanted to love you but ohhh you are going straight back. Maybe it was because the shade wasn’t right? But that wouldnt mean it would make my dry patches any less visible? Oh well. I’m glad it works amazingly for most people but my skin refused to co-operate.
And for £28.30 I don’t think it’s worth it.

LUSH’s Chox Away Soap

Never have i felt so sick from using soap…Seriously guys…I had to get out of the bath because i was almost gagging. (nice image for you there ;)) Now usually, I love Lush products…and what makes it even more stupid is that i smelt it before buying it and though “Oh that smells nice”. Chocolate scent? What’s not to love? I washed with it…and the longer it stayed next to me in the bath the more sickly, and disgusting it became. It’s a smell i never want up my nose again. I even had to ask my boyfriend to remove it from the bathroom before i went back in. I sound like im pregnant and im going through some weird nausea stage. haha. Some of you may like it and think “WTF is this girl on about? Its soap that smells like chocolate? YUM” but for some reason..i absolutely hate it & I am going to hide it until i can stomach the smell enough to give it to someone or sell it on ebay. :D

LUSH’s The Soft Touch Body Butter

I loove this body butter. It seriously does leave your skin silky smooth. I think Body butters are amazing full stop. Buffy is one of my absolute Favourite Lush products. Although it makes me sad how quickly it dissolves :( And i know that some people find it a little too invigorating , so this would be the perfect substitute. No harsh grains but leaves the same smooth skin. The smell is nice too! I would highly reccommend this and will be using it alorra lot. I would also like to point out that it certainly is not this colour. It’s more a salmon pink. :)

I’m also seriously loving my NARS purchases. Nothing bad to say about those. The quality is amazing. I have a feeling Laguna is going to be a staple bronzer from now on & I absolutely LOVE Ondine eyeshadow. It’s fab for those of you who don’t go crazy with colour and like to keep eye colour neutral like me. It’s a colour i haven’t really seen before and i would reccomend all of you who like similar colours to go check this one out. (Check my “Birthday Treats” post for photo’s)

So there we go, the main things I’m loving and hating this week.

Anybody else had any similar results with any of the products i mentioned. Am i only one who doesn’t get along with Chanel foundation? haha

  1. Laura

    Hehe, your comments about the lush soap made me laugh! I smelt that yesterday and found it super sickly…you could always put it on (my website?) x x x

  2. thanks for the review :) i recently bought the new dior liquid foundation & it's no good either, i still think my RMK one is the best :)

    (ps have you received your giveaway from the Etsy seller?)

  3. Ahh I was actually thinking about trying the Chanel foundation..i think ill stay away from it haha, thanks for the reviews :)

  4. Thankyou so much for telling my about the chanel fdtn.

    Also, I bought the Lancome Hypnose mascara from your recommendation – i loveeee it!

  5. As far as Chanel goes, Mat Lumiere is my FAVORITE! I’ve heard that people who tried both Mat and Pro said Mat was better. And I hate people that sell makeup and have NO clue how to match you! That’s happened to me plenty of times. I would bring it back and ask for the Mat Lumiere — IN THE RIGHT SHADE! Lol I think you’ll like it!

    I think you just talked me into finally buying Ondine eyeshadow as well. =]

  6. I hate runny liquid foundations even though it’s Chanel or Dior. I go for the MAC paste foundation it’s so much better and easier to apply.

    P.S love your blog :)

  7. I haven’t tried that Chanel found. but I do know that even though my skin is combo. any ‘mat’ found. dries my skin out horribly!

  8. I could swap with you for the Chox Away soap if you haven’t thrown it away or anything and if you’re interested! I have a bunch of Lush products and I’d be willing to swap one for the soap: 17 Cherry Tree Lane (with only a tiny, tiny slice missing), Keep It Fluffy (also with a tiny slice missing), a never used and still wrapped Snake Oil scalp treatment bar, or a big chunk of Reincarnate retro solid shampoo with only a tiny piece missing and I could throw in a few samples too! Email me if you’re interested! if you don’t still have it.

  9. OMG – Your description about the Chanel counter lady made me laugh out loud – I’ve got this foundation in a lighter shade and I think its actually quite nice. I def think getting a decent colour match helps a lot xxx

  10. Have you tried the Chanel Lift Lumiere foundation? I've sampled a little of it, and I really like it. I'm in the US, so I'm not sure if I want to shell out 65USD for the bottle.

  11. Kate

    hey honey! now i think im the only chanel foundation lover there is, you should try the Teinte innocence one, the colours go slightly lighters than the pro lum/matt and doesnt give me patches! its coverage is nicer <3

  12. Ive heard the Chanel Mat/Pro Lumiere are better for oily skins because it absorbs oil and mattifies the skin, I would recommend you get the Chanel Vita Lumiere as its more for dry skins..I just strated using the Mat Lumiere foundation and my friends were asking me how I got my skin to look so good! :)

  13. Hiya Im a new blogger and I just wanted to know if you would recommend the NARS bronzer for nw25 skin tones? Just because someone said to me that it doesn't show well? I'm also tempted by the eyeshadows… I'm already NARS biggest blusher fan :)

    Thanks for your help and your review, I've been temped with the mat but with combination skin I think it's a no no!


  14. heyy I live in germany and I love your videos and your blog!!!

  15. Elicia

    i tried the channel foundation to , im always in there and didnt buy it but the lady behind the counter gave me 7 days worth of a tester i hated it , it also made my skin patchey like it was on some parts and not others ? i also found it made my skin very very dry feeling and looking , there best foundation HAS TO BE the vita aqua which fleaur uses its amazing have you tried it ? x

  16. thats exactly what happened with me, when i tried the max factor all day flawless