Some of you will know what i’m talking about when i say “Boot Sales”, some called them jumble sales i think. But anyways, It’s usually a gert field filled with car’s selling all their old junk.

My mum has dragged me to these since i was born pretty much & this morning when she came into my room at 7.15am i almost turned over and went back to sleep.


Nars Deep Throat Blusher

Nars Lipglosses “Boogie Nights” & “Bilitis”

Not my usual colours, but would look FAB on a night out!
And how much for all of these?
£1 (!!!!)

Bobbi Brown Lipliner in “Nude”

Cuteee Little Jars of highlighting powder! I don’t know the company but they’re just adorable & look gorgeous on the skin.
Benefit Lipgloss in “Didn’t Hear It From Me”

This beautilicious bunch only cost me
And then i found lots of Smashbox goodies…& we don’t have this brand in the UK. So i grabbed these…

Smashbox Eyeshadow’s “Ingenue” & “Wrap”
Smashbox Shadow Trio “Wide Angle” and Smashbox Cream Liner Duo in “Putty/Midnight Brown”

The Smashbox Goodies were
for the lot!!!

I cannot stress to you enough ladies…PLEASE go to bootsales. I was so chuffed with these finds & I want you to find some amazing things too. If you look through the junk you are bound to find something. It’s like searching for diamonds :)
I think this is the cheapest Haul ever & Is way better than Ebay.
and i know it’s early on a sunday morning…but so what? Look how much money i saved & It was so much fun.
If you look through your local paper, it will tell you where and when the sales happen. They are mostly every sunday :D

I also have some sugar sweet and barry m things to show you that i purchased on thursday, so look out for that post too.

  1. OMG! I love that blusher! I want it! But unfortunately NARS is not commercialised in my country…

    Bye! Lola

  2. That is sooooooooooo lucky!
    Good work!!!

  3. Olivia

    OMG that is like the bargain of the century aha!
    Can’t wait to see some FOTDs with these :)

  4. errmmm oh my god! i can imagine how excited you were when you found all these! xx

  5. I love boot sales! I went to one today and got a gorgeous wooden oriental jewellery box with metal detail. Love your finds, NARS for that cheap is worth getting up early for. xx

  6. I know aye! I kind of have a feeling to who did this to me and I would love to get my revenge but not 100% sure if it was them, still the evidence does point in that direction lol but I will find out and until then I will bottle up my anger and unleash it when I do find out.
    Thanks for the comment by the way love.

    I like nars but it’s funny how they name their products after sexual standards =/ lol like Nars orgasm eep! hahha
    But I love your collection that lip gloss looks nifty to use!


  7. wow wish we had bootsales here

  8. Sweet haul! Deep Throat blusher is beautiful! :)

  9. Omg that is so awesome! How fricken cheap! lol I'm jealous! We don't have those sales around here. Nars Deep Throat = my favorite Nars blush! ♥

  10. Great sale! I love the Nars blush & the highlighting powders are gorgeous!

  11. I love carboot sales its actually amazing what you can pick up! And they’re amazing finds! xx

  12. WOW I’m going to check them out! Thanks for the great post :D

  13. Meya

    great haul! everything is so pretty =]]

  14. Kerry

    I had kinda given up on bootsales but your finds have made me want to try again.
    I have a smashbox trio and cream liner too.
    I love my liner and use it almost everyday but i wasn’t very impressed with the pigmentation of the shadows.
    I’m not sure if it’s just the particular one i got so if you could offer your opinion that would be great.
    And just to let you know smashbox is avaliable in the UK but the only place i’ve seen it is QVC so if you like your stuff you know were to get more xx

  15. I agree with the comment above me – i had given up on my bootsales (in AUS they’re called garage sales:) but i’m willing to try again now.

    I’m seriously so jealous with what you got.
    And i have that benefit lipgloss, it’s really great.

  16. Hey girl~ Luving your cute blog and the lovely swatches. =) U looks so cute and I luv ur big beautiful eyes.

  17. oh my what a bargain!!! this is one of those days i wish i didn’t live in cali!!! great stuff and those are definitely gooodies!!!!

  18. wish we had those kind of bargains here :( great bargain!!

  19. Oh MY! Those are bargains! *drool* Nars!

  20. Gaby

    Those little highlighting powder jars look so gorgeous! We don’t have those kind of bargains here -_- You’re lucky!

  21. You are seriously lucky! Knowing my luck I’d only find doilies at a bootsale!

  22. i am so curious about bootsale, is like a garage sale excpet it has makeup? I never heard of anything like that in the usa. It's so interesting to read your blog, gosh I wish people in the US would do makeup garage sale to! you're so lucky, i envied you!

  23. katEE~

    what do you think of the smashbox eyeshadows? :)

  24. Effy

    Jealous! I really wish people had car boot sales in London! If you know of any.. Please contact me!

  25. Peach

    you are so lucky!!

  26. i have currently been going back and forth with nars deepthroat and nars irgasm whichare both very similar and absolutely GORGEOUS!unfortunatley i hit pan with orgasm so all im left with is deepthroat!
    not a problem though! i will probably write a review on it soon
    please check out my blog and let me know what you think

  27. Emma D

    o m g
    can't believe you found the nars products for a pound! that is actually ridiculous, im so jels!
    but im not that big a fan of deep throat, i dont get excited to use it like i do my other nars blushes!
    (also i apologise for this comment overload, i really am trying to avoid doing my job application and reading about this stuff is so much more exciting) – i only started following your blog last year…so obviously feel that it is vital to read from the beginning…you know…anything to avoid real life. lol xx

  28. I really wish that we had car boot sales here in New Zealand where i live, they sound amazing! I also just wanted to take the time to thank you for inspiring me create my own blog after reading yours and watching your youtube channel. I really had no idea how much time and effort people such as your self put in to their blogs, i now appreciate them so much more!
    Thanks again Anna xx

  29. Sucks that there is only one bootsale in my area, AND IT SUCKS! The same things every week :-(