I had the idea to come up with a tag that helps us all get to know eachother a little better through the amazingness of photographs.

I don’t know about you but i’m one of those people who has a photo for every memory and every event, and i’m sure i have a fair few photographs to sum up who i am as a person.

So, it’s simple…Post 8 photos you feel are relevant in portraying who you are as a person or just photos from a memory or an event…anything! You can even be completely random and click anywhere in your photos and upload the ones u happen to click. It will be really interesting to see what photos people post & will also be lots of fun.

Join in with the tag everyone. :)

  1. aw your baby pic is so adorable!! and the photo with the bubble is fab, that was great whoever captured it! great tag xx

  2. Aw great tag! I love the bubble picture :D

  3. Aww how cute!! =] That bubble picture is so awesome! A lot of pictures from my younger days are packed away in boxes. I’ll try to dig some up, see what I can do. Such a cute tag — I’m excited to see who does it!

  4. Oooh i think I will do this on my next post it loosk interesting.. great pictures aswell! :) xxx

  5. too cute. haha i love the picture of your cat face :)

    very fun tag. definitely going to do this one

  6. ANGE

    you are too gorgeous!! xxx

  7. Laura

    You are soooo annoyingly gorgeous young lady!!! Love this, think I’ll have a go :) x x x

  8. very pretty :3 it shows you like to have fun ^_^ im gonna try this. *u*

  9. Amy

    Love it! I’m going to rummage through my photos and see what I come up with!

  10. Carly

    How pretty are you? ^_^

  11. Aw this is such a great idea, will deffo do thi tag :) It’s amazing how much you can pick up from someones personality just by looking at 8 photos. Your cat face is proper sweet haha!

  12. Posey

    cute post!
    I just tagged you on my blog!

  13. Gaby

    Hey! Thanks for the comment! Nice tag idea!

    For the Rose Romance collection, I’m especialy loving the lipstick in Way to Love, but the Rose Beauty Powder is so cute, too!

  14. Lovely pictures! Such a great idea! I have to do something like this on my blog too…thanks for the post, love: Evi

  15. awww lovely photos! and im one of those people too!! i love taking pictures… i have photos of every event, every memory! lol.

  16. Alice.

    You were so cute as a baby, angel curls (as my mother would say) ox

  17. Jackie

    zoe! i was going to write back to the comment on my blog but i wanted to make sure you got this so im writing it on here.

    i am SO EXCITED i got my package today!!!! i already tried the concealer and seriously love it so far. thank you so much and that nail polish is adorable! pink is my favorite color haha its like you know me so well :)

    i feel so bad because i wanted to write you a note then my bf was like joking around and made fun of me so i didnt, but now i wish i had. anyway we need to swap again soon, esp if you need any american makeup!

  18. Sarah

    Ohhh these photos are all so gorgeous! You are so adorable! Love them!!! I will have to give this a go too, such a fun idea! Thanks for the follow, your blog is fabulous : )

  19. cute pictures :) I’m following your blog !

  20. I love the photo with the bow, it’s gorgeous!

    Great idea for a post!

  21. I just found your blog a few days ago and have to admit I just sat for a few hours and read all your posts from the start ha! I just did this tag – love it!

  22. You're too cute for words as a child and now you're just a knockout! xxNadia

  23. Emma D

    awwwww this is really cute, you look so young in all the pics!! i think im gonna do this tag myself – but don't really know how im going to cut down to 8 photos!xx

  24. aaw you look so cute in every photo :3 you are ebeautiful!

  25. leah rose

    Reading back on all your posts! x

  26. Bella Legg

    Can you do a YouTube video on how you made your book and who helped you to design your book 😀

  27. Aly

    I love reading your old posts Zoe. Still the best girl <3 <3

  28. CuteSalad

    Reading all your old posts! CuteSalad x

  29. Ivy Green

    Over this half term I have been reading all od your posts Zoe from start to end