My Mum is the only person i know who has literally tried EVERY SINGLE mascara ever. She has short stubby eyelashes and she hates it. She doesn’t have the patience for fake lashes everyday, and has never found anything that promises a “false lash” effect to deliver such results.

So, after years of wasted money on mascara’s that do nothing for her lashes she decided to get Lash extensions.

This is my lovely Muv…

And these are her lashes…

[Short, Stubby and Sparce..sorry mummy, I know the picture’s not great, but i cropped it from the photo above]

And After…

Personally, I think they look UH-MAY-ZING. She has no mascara on her bottom lashes so you might say it looks slightly top heavy, but i think with a tiny bit of liner and mascara on the bottom they will look awesome.

I like that they look natural, unlike some false lashes. They last from between 5-6 weeks, and you can get them “re-balanced” like you would with false nails.

She is super happy with them and can’t stop fluttering them in the mirror. (Bless)

Has anybody else tried these? Or is anybody curious to try them? I’m sure my mummy would tell you that they are worth it, especially if you’re like her and got landed with cruddy eyelashes and have splashed out on so many mascaras it makes you sick.

  1. wow it looks gorgeous! was it expensive? x

  2. your mama is beautiful thats where you get your looks! ive been interested in lash extension but they are pricy!!! and you cant really rub your eyes or wear mascara is what i heard, is that true??

  3. @Natalia & Ekimura – They were £55, which i think it not that bad. You just have to be very careful like you would with nail extensions. There is a special mascara you can buy but you really wouldnt need it as they are jet black and thick. :)

  4. Hele

    wow they look so pretty!! can you still use eye makeup remover and things like that??X

  5. @Hele – Yes you can, as long as it is oil-free, so as not to loosen the glue. :)

  6. Those look amazing! A girl at my salon gets them consistently and they make such a difference. I’m happy your mom found something that works for her! They’re much more expensive here though. I remember I was just curious and she quoted some hundreds of dollars. I was like whaaaat.

  7. Kerry

    A girl is my beauty group is qualified in this and she makes a whole business from it! They’r brilliat and so popular! xx

  8. Tell your Mum I think she’s gorgeous! My mom has green eyes too :P…. Honestly when I first saw the after pic I thought Holy Sh%t! lol they look that good!

  9. wow they look crazy! Love it

  10. OMGSH they look amazing, i want them!!

  11. Sarah

    Wowzer they look FANTASTIC!! It’s amazing what a difference long lashes make. Your Mum is stunning!!!!

  12. i so want to try those! my lashes are straight, short and plain~ so im curios to know what it would be like :3
    and ur mum is gorgeous! ^_^

  13. i’ve had eyelash extensions done a couple of times but i’ve never gotten the results i’ve wanted.
    after a couple of days, they would fly in different directions and individual lashes would be falling off.
    i wear contact lenses and when my eyes got irritated, i could rub them at all! i honestly hated it and it is much much more expensive than nails as they need more constant infills!

  14. Emz

    Oh looks gorgeous! But haha, I love my mascara =)

  15. tiff

    They look amazing! 5-6 weeks is longer than I thought they’d last.

  16. First of all, your mom is gorgeous and I’m so digging her necklace!  The new lashes look awesome… I wish my natural lashes are full and thick like that. I’m glad she’s happy with the results. These aren’t permanent are they?

  17. I work with a girl who is addicted to the the lash extensions. We joke with her, because they are like her drug and every few weeks we hear on the phone making an apppointment with her “dealer” for a refresher.

    They work really well on your mom!

  18. they look great! my mum has short stubby eyelashes too but she hasn’t bothered to do much. she hasn’t even worn falsies. can’t wait to see some on her

  19. WOW those are amazing!!! I want mine doing :)

  20. loving the blog!!
    and wow these lashes really do work, im so impressed,
    definatley going to get some done!

  21. It looks so pretty. She should also try Rapidlash – I use that and it really makes a difference. My lashes are longer and thicker ;)

  22. I put on eyelash extensions a week ago and they're really good. Saves you some money on good mascaras and the only downside is that it's harder to apply eyeliner with them because they're so long! Love them though. :)

  23. Eyelash extensions reviews is a good solution for immediate result, but be aware that no matter what type of extension you get they will thin out your natural eyelashes. Other thing to keep in mind is the maintenance and restriction of having eyelash extension.

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