Yikes..I went shopping again. Almost all from Boots or superdrug though so it’s not too bad.

First, I went into Mac and got the pink fish lip conditioner. I like this, although i did think it would be a bit more “conditioning”. Then in Superdrug whilst i was purchasing items for my lucky charm swap, i also picked up the 101 lipstick and a dazzle dust in 88 (Wild berry). In Barry M at the mo, it’s buy any 2 items and get an eye kohl free..so as i bought 4 barry m items (including my dd’s for the swap) i got 2 free pencils, one in grey and one in white.

Everything in the neutrogena visibly clear range is by 2 for £5 so i picked up this face wash/mask as i’d previously seen lollipop26 talk about it and wanted to try it out. I also picked up a moisturiser for my boyfriend, but that isn’t very exciting. I get him good gifts (?!) Then everything in the AUSSIE range was buy 2 for £6 so i got curl definition serum and a deep conditioning treatment. The treatment smells vile…I hope it works.

This was the most exciting. Everything in the soap & glory range was reduced by as much as £5 on some items! So as u can see, i took advantage slightly? Top left is a body scrub..this smells SO nice, i can’t quite put my finger on the smell, Fruity..kindof.. but nice none the less. :) Second is a body butter, I think my mum is going to steal this as she loved it so much. This is my favourite smell of all the items. It smells fresh. Theeennn i got a facial scrub (I know..another one?) I can’t help it, i just want to try everything.

The two things at the front are an underye concealer (I’m ALWAYS trying these, and i had no idea soap and glory did one?) and a motherpucker lipgloss set which was reduced by £5 and there was one left. It was practically screaming at me. I’m so glad i bought these, i had forgotten how amazing they were. My mum had one years ago and i stole it (and lost it..oops) They taste like chocolate and i put some on my lips about 3 hours ago…and its still going strong,even through munching and drinking. Look at the packaging…It’s worth buying just for that!

From Top to bottom: Half Naked, Baby Doll, Plum Juice.

From Lef to Right: Plum Juice, Baby Doll, Half Naked.


Almost forgot, my O.P.I (Sally’s) purchases.

From Left to Right: “I’m Indi-a mood for love”, “Feelin’ Hot-hot-hot!”, “Aphrodite’s pink nightie”, “Done out in Deco” and a boring old black. :)

I will post colour swatches when i apply each colour to my nails, apart from the black, because we all know what that looks like.

Let me know if you want any reviews guys.


  1. wow all this this great! I love sexy motherpucker, I just find the name hilarious and they taste sooo good!

  2. i love soap & glory

  3. Olivia

    Lovely haul. Never tried soap and glory!
    What do you think i should get as my first one ?
    Opi = love

  4. @Olivia- Do u mean out of the lipglosses or in general? My fave lipgloss is the half naked one, I think this is the most popular. But i’d also check out the body butters because they are gorgeous. x

  5. Laura

    Fabulous haul :) I LOVE Soap & Glory, and the lipglosses are to die for aren't they :) I got that set for £5 last year, was amazed! Let me know how you get on with the concealer, am interested to try it out too :) x x x

  6. I love the look of ‘Aphrodite’s pink nightie’ I can’t wait to see your swatches for all of them though!


  8. i like this post!!! get to see all your goodies! by the way thank you for joining my blog! :)

  9. love your haul!! i would really like to see the nail polishes reviews!

  10. Wow great shopping and nice post! I love everything, especially those motherpucker lip glosses…the colours are just amazing!

  11. Posey

    Wow awesome haul! love the polishes!

  12. Sofee

    great haul..those l/g and nail polishes are amazing!!!! btw I loved ur blog its so kute and girly

  13. oooooh such a great haul !!! <3

  14. god this is a GREAT haul.

  15. aww i love these “in my purse” posts. so classic and cutee! mine would be like “some scrunched up bills, oh look some tissues, a mitten, this ring i havent seen in 12 years…” xx

  16. Anonymous

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  17. I love those OPIs… That India color is gorgeous. Let us know how it turns out on your hand!

  18. Oo i’m jealous.
    I’ve been lemming the HK pink fish and 101 lip paint for agessss now.


  19. Hey, please can you let me know what you think of the “Scrub Your Nose In It” and the Neutrogena face mask? Starting to get acne again euurrghgh xx thank you xx

  20. Laura

    @LottieB: The Srcub Your Nose In It is a fabulous scrub, although perhaps not the best for acne sufferers, you probably need something with more salicylic acid in to try and clear up those pesky spots…

  21. Emma

    I bought my sister £40's worth of Soap & Glory products for her birthday. I may have to steal some…
    I also have the 'Scrub Your Nose In It' facial scrub. I feel like it only makes a slight bit of difference but I don't use it religiously so maybe that's why. Is it any good for you?

  22. OMG! I think that is the cutest and sweetest thing to do to your bf! Gosh, you're so cute yourself and you seem to be so sweet someone who I would get along with! Love the hair cut too! This is a response to all of the blogs in march! Just thought I let you know…heheh

  23. Nicole M 💖

    I love this post
    It seems so long ago! X ☺💄💖