I frickin LOVE these things. They’re the reason i would never buy mac pigments. With pigments you’re paying £15 for something you will take years to use up. And whats to say you might change your mind and end up hating the colours you’ve bought? Personally, i think mac pigments are ALOT of money, and unless its an absolute MUST HAVE colour, that you will use everyday, I don’t think they’re worth it.

Dazzle Dusts however, have an amazing pigmentation, are the perfect size and are £4.50! They also have a massive range of colours. So you can try out 3 for the price of one MAC pigment. but also, they’re 3 for 2 most of the time… so..thats even better. :)

My first makeup item ever was the lilac dazzle dust. I was 13…And i still have loads of it left!

This is my collection

Front row left to right: 59 – Lilac, 11- Charcoal, 84 – Cherry Red, 44 – Bronze

Second Row L to R: 15, Aqua , 39 – Tan, 25 – Rust

Thrid Row L to R: 76 – Yellow (Seriously, what was i thinking?), 72 – Emerald,

Hhm, the other one is old, looks like its been discontinued as it says “17” underneath. But the current 17 is a different colour. Its the same with the the last one..This one is colour 6…and that too has dissapeared. It’s like Mac’s Vanilla aswell…unless they tweaked it up a bit and brought it out as a new colour?

Alot of these colours i don’t use too much as i bought them when i was about 13-15, i.e the crazy yellow. But they’re great for photography shoots or for doing something a bit more outrageous. For the price you can’t really complain. I want a few more neutral shades for wearing everyday.

Ah well. Thats my DD collection. Anyone else love these? How many do you have and are any colours as embarassing as my yellow one? :)

  1. Olivia

    I love barry m dazzle dust.

  2. I agree, the MAC pigments are too expensive and they give you too much! There’s no way I would go through a whole MAC pigment in my life haha

  3. i cant believe i live in the uk and have hmmm… no barry m dazzle dust (hangs head in shame) will be buying some soon

  4. @Sabrina – Once you have one, you can’t stop buying more. haha, especially when theyre 3 for 2.

  5. OOooh these look lovely! Hope to see you create some lovely eotd’s with them one day on your blog!!! – KT

  6. Hey, Only just saw your comment on my blog, thought I’d get an email!
    Loving your blog, just added you to follow

  7. tanya

    I could just start at these all day–such pretty colors!

  8. Anonymous

    ohmygosh! not only do I have the super bright yellow, I also have neon orange and neon green!? I was kinda going through a 'nu-rave' phase :S

    btw, I really love your blog! You're so so pretty and I want to be just like you when I'm older :) xoxo

  9. i love barry m dazzle dusts :)
    this post was super helpful for which colors to get nexts!!x

  10. es-jay

    I havent yet tried any Barry M dazzle dusts just because I find loose powders messy to deal with but I really want some now… any suggestions anyone?

  11. I only have two, the bright red one that you have as well, and also a bright green one. Very Christmassy colours. I don't know why the heck I bought them, as I don't wear such colours very often, but I think it was the excitement of being in London, England for the first time. (I live in the Netherlands. I do actually want to get some neutral colours to wear… we do have online shops to buy them from, but I'd just rather wait until I actually go to the UK on vacation again, as I go every year. :D

  12. i have about 6 mostly blues and a silver glitter which i wear a lot!! a couple of black/dark blue ones and then a neon pink one!!! why oh why did i buy neon pink??!!!

  13. Holly Poppy Matthews

    This is hilarious, Ive heard Zoella tell the story of her first dazzle dust so many times and its incredible to see how far she’s come since then. Im super ill and cant get out of bed so I’m going through the zoella blog archives and just as it did originally, its cheering me up unbelievably amounts.

    I wonder if we’d have told zoe in 2009 when this was written how amazing her life would be she’d believe us?!

    http://www.hollypopdoesbeauty.com xxxx